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Inequality News

No end to pandemic without equal vaccine access: experts

Paris - Developing new Covid-19 vaccines will fail to end the pandemic unless all countries receive doses in a fast and fair manner, disease experts warned Saturday.

Richest 1%'s emissions twice that of poorest 50%: analysis

Paris - The richest one percent of people are responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the poorest half of the world's population -- 3.1 billion people -- new research showed Monday.

Coronavirus, race and income: how the virus discriminates

Paris - After COVID-19 first appeared in China late last year, doctors quickly realised what made some patients more vulnerable to the virus than others: age, gender and underlying health problems all played a part.

Disney heiress says income inequality has created a 'superclass'

Disney heiress and film director Abigail Disney said wealth inequality has made it impossible to achieve the American dream, like her great uncle Walt Disney did,in a June 24 interview on "CNN Tonight."

World's 26 richest own same as poorest half of humanity: Oxfam

Davos - The world's 26 richest people now own the same wealth as the poorest half of humanity, Oxfam said Monday, warning that "out of control" inequality is stoking popular anger and threatening democracies.

France's Hollande lashes Macron in tell-all book

Paris - Former French president Francois Hollande accuses his successor Emmanuel Macron of deepening inequality with his pro-business reforms, in the memoirs of his five years in power which go on sale Wednesday.

Richest one percent made 82% of wealth created last year: Oxfam

Paris - The world's richest one percent raked in 82 percent of the wealth created last year while the poorest half of the population received none, Oxfam said Monday, as the world's elite prepared to mingle at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Dreams of a fairer future on hurricane-hit St Martin

Orl - The Caribbean island of St Martin was a place of spectacular inequalities before Hurricane Irma flattened rich and poor neighbourhoods alike -- but some residents now dream of a fresh start.

Hong Kong wealth gap hits 46-year high

Hong Kong - Hong Kong's wealth gap was on Friday revealed to be at its highest in nearly 50 years, with living conditions fuelling discontent in the city as it prepares to mark two decades under Chinese rule.

Silicon Valley's 'prosperity paradox'

Silicon Valley is a land of extremes. At one end are California's wealthy and super-wealthy — the 76,000 millionaires and billionaires who call Santa Clara and San Mateo counties home.

The gap between rich and poor reaches new milestone: Report

The wealth gap between the top one percent and the rest of us is shocking, and if the trend continues, it will only get worse, according to a new study published by Credit Suisse.

Man jailed for being apparent domestic violence victim

Aliquippa - A Pennsylvania man has been been arrested by local police for being the apparent victim, not perpetrator, of domestic violence.

Op-Ed: Detroit's water shutoffs — The crisis overlooked by the media

Detroit - When Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed a bankruptcy lawyer as Detroit's manager in 2013, the "motor-city" was seemingly at the end of its rope. Bogged down in high-crime, high unemployment and a distrustful citizenry, what was going to happen next?

U.S. schools still biased in disciplining black students

According to the 2011-2012 Civil Rights Data Collection, released Friday by the Department of Education, black students in the U.S. are getting more punishments and less educational opportunities than their white peers.

'Blacks for Sale' ad in Brazil created by 15-year old

Rio De Janeiro - Almost half of Brazil's 200 million population is of African descent, and in total numbers, only Nigeria has more Black people in their population. Yet racial equality issues in Brazil have been mixed, at times. Brazil didn't abolish slavery until 1888.

That top 1% yet again

Last year the top 1% of American earners grew richer, and the wealth gap widened yet again. This is a never ending story. So what?

Monkey throws tantrum at unfair treatment and inequality

Atlanta - An experiment shows what happens when two monkeys receive unequal rewards for their efforts. Further experiments show that monkeys understand how to cooperate at the same levels as humans as long as language skills are not involved.

Congress: Bottom 50% of US households hold just 1% of wealth

Washington - A new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reveals that economic inequality is growing in the United States, with the bottom half of all households holding just 1 percent of all wealth.

UNICEF releases 1st report card on inequality in rich nations

Florence - UNICEF has released its first report card that answers the question, 'how far behind are children being allowed to fall?' The report focuses on the world's 24 richest nations, the OECD countries.

Report Says Gap Between Rich and Poor Has Grown

The gap between rich and poor has grown in more than three-quarters of OECD countries over the past two decades, according to a new OECD report.

U-Mass Student Leaders Call for 2-Day Strike

Fuelled by what they feel is pure inequality, student leaders are asking students to refrain from attending classes and work on November 15 and 16 in an effort to have their collective voices heard by the administration.

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