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Four get 50-year terms in Honduras for activist murder

Tegucigalpa - A court in Honduras on Monday sentenced four men to 50 years in prison for the 2016 murder of high-profile environmental activist Berta Caceres -- a slaying that sparked international outrage.

Indigenous leaders urge EU to protect forest homeland

Paris - Brazilian indigenous leaders pleaded Tuesday with European lawmakers to protect the Amazon and the communities living there, warning that the West's insatiable appetite was risking the health of the planet.

Outrage over killing of 'forest guardian' in Brazil's Amazon

S - Activists expressed outrage Sunday at the killing of an indigenous "guardian of the forest" in Brazil's Amazon and called on the government to thwart illegal loggers in the region.

Celebrations at Uluru after climbers permanently banned

Indigenous Australians performed songs and traditional dance as the sun set over Uluru on Sunday, capping a weekend of celebrations to mark the historic ban on climbing the sacred site.

Ecuador resumes oil exports curbed by protests

Quito - Ecuador on Sunday said it had resumed crude oil exports curbed by violent protests that forced several wells in the Amazon to halt operations.

Colombia's indigenous on guard against armed groups

Torib - Luis Acosta talks softly but carries a big stick -- it's the way of the jungle paths of his native Colombia -- and though his word holds weight in his indigenous community, his stick, a tasseled staff, is purely symbolic.

Tourists surge at Uluru before Australia bans climb

Sydney - Large numbers of tourists are rushing to scale Uluru -- also known as Ayers Rock -- ahead of a looming ban on climbing a site sacred to indigenous Australians.

Clashes at protests in Ecuador over fuel price hike, oil facilities seized

Machachi - Protesters clashed with Ecuadoran forces Monday as they marched toward the capital to demonstrate against soaring fuel prices, with the government announcing three oil facilities had been seized, slashing production by 12 percent.

Clashes as indigenous march on Ecuador capital over fuel price hike

Machachi - Hundreds of indigenous people and farmers clashed with Ecuadoran security forces Monday as they marched toward the capital Quito to protest against rising fuel prices.

Britain's 'regret' at Maori killings when Cook landed

Wellington - Britain's top diplomat in New Zealand made a low-key "expression of regret" to Maori on Wednesday over deadly clashes that occurred when Captain James Cook's arrived in New Zealand 250 years ago.

Climate change threatens first peoples, body and soul

Paris - When global warming swallows up the postage stamp island of Warraber, forcing its 300 residents to find a new home, "it will not just be the loss of our land, but also a piece of us that is washed away," says Kabay Tamu.

Brazil tribal chief Raoni rejects Bolsonaro's criticism

Bras - Brazilian tribal chief Raoni on Wednesday hit back at President Jair Bolsonaro's criticism of him at the United Nations, saying the far-right leader should leave "before something serious happens.

Civil rights pioneer Chief Standing Bear honored in US Capitol

Washington - Chief Standing Bear, the courageous Ponca leader whose 19th century defense of Native American equality made him a civil rights hero, was honored Wednesday with a statue in the US Capitol.

Review: TIFF 2019: ‘Kuessipan’ is about the strength of female friendship Special

‘Kuessipan’ is the story of two young women whose lifelong friendship is tested by new relationships and diverging futures.

Tribal leaders in Brazil call for legalization of wildcat mining

Members of an indigenous tribe in the Amazon in northern Brazil on Friday called for wildcat miners to be allowed to prospect for gold on their land, saying it was a source of income.

Aztec ballgame returns to Mexico City after 500 years

Mexico - Five centuries ago, newly arrived in what is now Mexico, the Spanish conquistadors banned an indigenous game involving a heavy ball, circular stone goals and human sacrifice.

Brazil tribal chief Raoni slams Bolsonaro over Amazon fires

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's legendary indigenous chief Raoni on Friday accused President Jair Bolsonaro of wanting to destroy the Amazon rainforest and called for international help to put out fires raging in the region.

Brazil tribal women protest Bolsonaro's 'genocidal policies'

Bras - Thousands of tribal women decorated with feathers and body paint marched on Brazil's capital Tuesday denouncing the "genocidal policies" of President Jair Bolsonaro, who faces growing criticism over destruction of the Amazon.

Brazil tribal chief's body to be exhumed for autopsy: official

Rio De Janeiro - The body of a tribal chief allegedly murdered deep inside the Amazon in northern Brazil will be exhumed for an autopsy, officials said Wednesday, following international outcry over his death.

UN condemns killing of Brazil tribal chief amid doubts over murder

Rio De Janeiro - The United Nations on Monday condemned the "reprehensible" murder of a tribal chief in northern Brazil, even as President Jair Bolsonaro and investigators cast doubt on whether the killing was deliberate.

Bolsonaro says 'no strong evidence' tribal chief was murdered

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro said Monday there is no "strong evidence" that a tribal chief found dead in the Amazon was murdered, as police probe the killing in the remote region.

Brazil police probe tribal leader's killing, village invasion

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil deployed police to a remote Amazon village on Sunday after reports it had been overrun by armed miners following the murder of an indigenous leader, officials and tribal chiefs said.

Lobster fishing in Honduras: a poisoned chalice

Puerto Lempira - Diving for lobsters in the Caribbean waters around Honduras provides a vital source of income for the local indigenous population in La Mosquitia, but it's an extremely hazardous occupation.

Australian Aboriginal site gains World Heritage recognition

Sydney - An Aboriginal settlement older than the pyramids that provides evidence that indigenous Australians developed sophisticated aquaculture thousands of years ago has been granted World Heritage status, the UN has announced.

British visit Easter Island to discuss returning sacred monolith

Santiago - A team from the British Museum arrived Tuesday on Easter Island to meet with local Polynesian people seeking the return from London of one of the most spiritually important of the Chilean island's stone monoliths.

Indigenous Australians take government to UN over climate change

Sydney - Indigenous residents of low-lying islands off northern Australia will submit a landmark complaint with the United Nations on Monday accusing the government of violating their human rights by failing to tackle climate change.

Brazil indigenous chief Raoni goes to Europe in defense of Amazon

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's legendary indigenous chief Raoni headed to Paris Sunday for the start of a three-week tour across Europe where he will meet heads of state, celebrities and the Pope to highlight growing threats to the Amazon.

Ecuador to appeal Amazon oil exploration ruling

Quito - The Ecuadoran government announced Saturday it will appeal a ruling won by the country's Waorani indigenous tribe that blocks oil companies' entry onto ancestral Amazonian lands for exploration activities.

Mapuche rappers fight for indigenous rights in Chile

Santiago - With songs like "We'll Beat the State," Chilean rappers Wechekeche Ni Trawun are on a mission to support the Mapuche indigenous people's fight for justice and land rights.

Ecuador's Waorani tribe vows to protect life in Amazon

- Spears and poisoned blowguns at hand, the Waorani people say they are ready to strike down invaders of their Amazon homelands, just like their forefathers did.
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Indigenous Image

The film  Birdwatchers  highlights the plight of the
Guarani Kaiowá Indians in Brazil.  © M. Hipp...
The film 'Birdwatchers' highlights the plight of the Guarani Kaiowá Indians in Brazil. © M. Hippenmeyer
Bishop Erwin Kräutler (centre) marches against
the Belo Monte dam. ©Prelazia do Xingu
Bishop Erwin Kräutler (centre) marches against the Belo Monte dam. ©Prelazia do Xingu
Visitors to Wilderness Safaris  CKGR lodge bathe
in this pool – but the government bans  Bushmen
Visitors to Wilderness Safaris' CKGR lodge bathe in this pool – but the government bans Bushmen living nearby from using a water borehole. ©Survival
The Nukak need  special attention  to survive  according to the report. ©D Hill/ Survival
The Nukak need 'special attention' to survive, according to the report. ©D Hill/ Survival
Singer Casey Donovan (the youngest ever winner of Australian Idol when she won the second series at ...
Singer Casey Donovan (the youngest ever winner of Australian Idol when she won the second series at the age of sixteen) at the launch of NAIDOC Week 2012.
Tommy Watson Masterpiece.
Tommy Watson Masterpiece.
Adam Knight - Tommy Watson Masterpiece
Kings Cross rally to protest against shooting of aboriginal teens.
Kings Cross rally to protest against shooting of aboriginal teens.
As a result of this pre-industrial lifestyle  the Tsimané have hardly any hardening of the arteries...
As a result of this pre-industrial lifestyle, the Tsimané have hardly any hardening of the arteries.
By Likestofish
NAIDOC Week 2012 Hyde Park launch event - dancing.
NAIDOC Week 2012 Hyde Park launch event - dancing.
Protestors along Darlingurst Road  Kings Cross.
Protestors along Darlingurst Road, Kings Cross.
Indigenous people.
Indigenous people.
Australian Aboriginals at a tribal ceremony  2013
Australian Aboriginals at a tribal ceremony, 2013

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