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Breaking down Harry and Meghan's bid for 'financial independence'

London - Following their newly-forged agreement with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and Meghan hope their departure from the royal family will give them "financial independence".

Gandhi vows basic income for millions of India's poorest if PM

New Delhi - Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday vowed a "final assault on poverty" in India if elected prime minister in May, promising a minimum income for tens of millions of the country's poorest.

Indian state to embark on universal basic income experiment

Gangtok - A small state in India is to embark on an economic experiment by introducing universal basic income. While the state of Sikkim is small, the concept is attracting global interest.

US household income hit new high in 2017, poverty rate almost static

New York - US median household income rose 1.8 percent in 2017 to $61,372, according to census data released Wednesday, though the poverty rate fell only marginally.

Behavior in high school predicts life chances

A new sociological study suggests that behavior in high school is a predictor of income and occupational success later in life. The data related to a study that ran for fifty years.

Brazilian town embraces universal income experiment

Maric - Does being handed money every month -- no strings attached -- sound attractive? The residents of a small town in Brazil are finding out.

Star French economist backs campaign call for universal income

Paris - A proposal by leftwing French presidential candidate Benoit Hamon for a universal basic income received the seal of approval from star French economist Thomas Piketty on Wednesday.

Scotland may try a basic universal income

Officials in Scotland have discussed trailing a scheme that would replace benefits with a universal basic income, or one flat-rate payment.

Finland to test out basic income scheme

Helsinki - Switzerland may have voted against the controversial idea of paying all its citizens a guaranteed income, but Finland indicated Thursday it plans to try out a monthly basic payment of 560 euros ($600).

Class divide: Dietary gap between rich and poor in the U.S.

Income affects the choices available in terms of food: cheaper fast-food or more expensive health food. This distinction is affecting the health of the U.S. population in very different directions depending on household income.

Swiss say 'no thanks' to basic income for all

Geneva - The Swiss on Sunday flatly rejected a radical proposal to provide the entire population with a basic income. Final results in the referendum showed 76.

Swiss minimum income campaigners set 'Guinness' record with poster

Geneva - Campaigners for a minimum income in Switzerland set a Guinness Record for the world's largest poster on Saturday, as they sought support for the controversial proposal ahead of a referendum next month.

Study: Short men and overweight women get raw deal in life

A study has revealed that short men and overweight women get a raw deal in life, in jobs and in income. Short men are not the only ones getting a raw deal, as the study shows overweight women are too.

Op-Ed: Leeching kids, sapped parents & the parable of the financial cave

The latest ‘poll’ feasted upon by Canadian media has to do with young adults who remain partially dependent on their parents after high school and in many cases after post-secondary education.

Make the most of your tax refund

If you're among the lucky folks getting money back from the feds, here are a few ways to ensure you get the biggest bang out of those bucks.

US incomes, spending rise in February; inflation low

Washington - US consumer incomes and spending gained for the second straight month in February, while inflation pressure remained subdued, the Commerce Department reported Friday.

US consumer spending rises more than income in January

Washington - US consumer spending rose more than personal income in January, government data released Monday showed. ....................... ....................... ....................... ......................

U.K. study finds more sex may lead to more money - or vice versa

A study from Anglia Ruskin Univ. in the U.K. finds that people who have the most sex make the most money. The study, which didn't include people having sex for a living, found those who have sex more than 4 times weekly earn, on average, higher wages.

Review: Five fantastic apps to help you manage your business Commissioned

When you're a road warrior managing your own business or overseeing how your finances are savvily organized, you should consider getting useful apps to help organize your money management.

Poll finds 6 in 10 Americans want wealth redistribution

Only 33 percent of Americans surveyed in a new poll think the current distribution of wealth in the United States is fair. Around 52 percent think it should be redistributed and 45 percent disagree.

Canada's top one percent paid 21.2% of all federal, prov. taxes

Ottawa - The top one percent in Canada paid 21.2 percent of all federal and provincial/territorial taxes, while accounting for 10.6 percent of the nation’s total income, a new Statistics Canada report released Monday found.

NFL: Quarterback Michael Vick blew through $29 million in 4 Years

Michael Vick, the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback who landed in jail on dog-fighting charges, has reportedly spent over $29 million since filing for bankruptcy in 2008, TMZ reports. He's now the QB for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Op-Ed: Drowning in debt — American arithmetic

The debt crisis has taken on a very personal face for the average American family. This piece takes a critical look at the situation faced by an average household every month, and the situation faced by a nation drowning in its own debt.

Canada's household debt climbs amid stagnant incomes

Ottawa - Canadian households are drowning in debt. According to a new report released Tuesday, Canada's household debt has reached a record high in part to stagnant income and individuals taking on more debt.

Op-Ed: Tax benefits for direct oil and gas Investments

Investing in oil and gas specifically can entitle you to a number of tax benefits. All these benefits can range from tax credits for prospecting and beginning of specified formations, to large in advance discounts for intangible drilling expenses (IDC).

Changes halted to Canadian seniors' income support

Ottawa - The Federal government withdraws changes to a plan that would cut a portion of income support for Canadian seniors announced Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources in Parliament on Friday.

Average wage in the U.S. lowers to $39, 269

The average wage in America slipped to $39,269, down $243 or .6 percent, according to recent data from the Social Security Administration.

Census reveals largest gap between rich and poor in US since 1967

According to the census statistics released Tuesday average household incomes fell about 4 percent overall since the beginning of the recession in 2007.

White House reports President Obama's 2009 income

Washington - Today, the White House released the 2009 tax returns of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden.

U.S. to get more Chinese students

An annual report issued by the Institute of International Education shows a growing number of Chinese students are choosing American universities as the destination for their further education.
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