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Incest News

Review: Soulpepper’s ‘August: Osage County’ is a must-see powerhouse Special

Toronto - Now this is why we go to live theatre. Soulpepper’s explosive new production of Tracy Letts’ “August: Osage County” makes you feel as if you’re being smacked on the head a hundred times with the Frying Pan of Truth. In the best way.

Mother and son willing to go to jail for sexual relationship

Clovis - A mother and son who are in a sexual relationship with one another have been ordered to stay away from each other. The pair says they are madly in love and nothing can tear them apart.

Man who tried to start 'incest family' jailed for 10 years

West Palm Beach - The 44-year-old Florida man received the sentence on Wednesday after earlier pleading guilty after attempting to meet a woman and her supposed two young daughters so they could be an "incest family."

U.S. brother and sister jailed for having sex together in tractor

A brother and sister in Savannah, Georgia have been charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling. Police there say the two admitted to having sex with one another in a tractor trailer parked in a Effingham County church parking lot.

German monkey stud to be moved to Czech zoo after 50 babies

Leipzig - Purus, a 10-year-old squirrel monkey, has been the only breeding male available for the 53 females at Halle Zoo near Leipzig. After siring 50 babies, the zoo says enough is enough, and he is being moved to a Czech zoo to prevent possible incest.

Op-Ed: Victims of alleged child sexual abuse punished in court Special

Ancaster - Two sisters from Ancaster, Ontario, now in their 30's, claimed they had been sexually abused by their uncle back in the 80's when they were just 4 and 6 years old. Now, an Ontario judge has decided they, not their uncle, are the ones guilty of a crime.

Cleveland kidnaps: A perspective from earlier lengthy abductions

Cleveland - The release of three Ohio women, kidnapped, then unlawfully imprisoned for nearly 10 years, has made headlines recently. But the ordeal of the Ohio three is only the latest in a series of long-term kidnapping cases.

Half-siblings charged with incest, exposing baby to meth

Lake Stevens - A Washington couple who are also half-siblings have been arrested and charged with incest and child endangerment for allegedly smoking methamphetamine in their car and exposing a 1-year-old child to second-hand meth smoke.

Woman learns husband was actually her father

Doylestown - A Doylestown, Ohio woman has learned that her now deceased husband and father of her three children was actually her father.

W. Virginia man allegedly fathered 3 children with teen daughter

A West Virginia man has been arrested and charged with fathering three children with his own daughter, who was only 14 when she gave birth to the first baby.

'Sex with my daughter was consensual,' German father tells court

Nuremberg - A Nuremberg court jailed a 69-year-old man, Adolf Bergbauer, two years and eight months for an incestuous relationship with his daughter over a period of 30 years. The court dismissed charges of rape against him, saying the evidence was insufficient.

Expectant South African couple discover they are siblings

Bushbuckridge - A South African couple who met and fell in love at university have shockingly discovered they are brother and sister. The couple, who were about to marry, are expecting a child.

Op-Ed: Casey Anthony trial – defense expert witness eviscerated

Orlando - A report on proceedings Thursday and Friday in the trial of Florida mother Casey Anthony for the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee.

US politician says women might lie about rape to get abortion

A US politician's suggestion that women might lie about rape and incest in order to get an abortion has resulted in controversy, and a video of his remarks has gone viral on YouTube.

Michigan mom sentenced to prison for having sex with teen son

Waterford - A mother from Waterford, Michigan will face at least nine years behind bars for having sex with her teen son, whom she earlier gave up for adoption. Aimee L. Sword says she can't understand why she wanted a romantic relationship with her son.

Woman declares she's in love with her grandson, having a baby

Pearl Carter, from Indiana, has a brand new boyfriend -- her grandson. She is also using her pension to pay $54,000 to a surrogate mother so they can have a child.

Danial Rinehart found guilty of incest and murder

Danial Rinehart impregnated one of his daughters four times and caused the death of one of the babies. He is now facing life in prison.

Republican Huckabee: Gay marriage like incest, polygamy

Former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee says allowing gay people to marry is akin to legalizing incest, drug use, and polygamy.

Absent Father Uses Facebook To Proposition Teen Daughter

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of using the social media network Facebook to sexually proposition his young teen daughter, 13.

Actress Mackenzie Phillips Alleges Incest in New Book

Mackenzie Phillips has claimed that her father raped her in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that will air Wednesday. The claims were also written down in Phillip's memoir.

Op-Ed: Incest, France and the world’s dirty little secret

Liberation carries an article today on the fact that much-needed legislation on incest has been delayed, again, in order to make time to vote a bill on internet copyright, viewed as being more important. Let’s hope it isn’t delayed much longer.

Monster of Colombia, Arcebio Alvarez

Arcebio Alvarez has been accused of fathering 8 children with his daughter in Colombia. It's being said that the relationship with the woman now in her thirties begin when she was a mere ten years old.

Final Page Turned As Josef Fritzl Pleads Guilty On All Charges

The final page in the horrendous ordeal known as the Fritzl scandal has been turned as Josef Fritzl has plead guilty to all charges. He was on trial for imprisoning his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years.

Josef Fritzl wants to sell house, life story for millions

The incestuous dad kept his daughter imprisoned for 24 years and had seven children with her, and he now wants to sell his home and life story for millions of euros. The 74-year-old man will likely be released in 10 years.

Father Sires Children with Daughter Aided by Wife

A Missouri father had four children with his daughter, and is charged with killing two and perhaps three of them. Also, researchers say that only half of the offspring of incestuous relationships develop properly.

Incest Used for Comedy Skits No Joke

It isn’t funny, but comedians think it is. That’s why they use incest in stand-up comedy. They also put together skits so they can showcase their ideas.

YouTube Offers Incest Videos?

If you were making love to your brother or sister, would you advertise it publicly? If you were a father making out with your own daughter, would you put out a website to show yourself doing it, then write an article about it?

Santa Gets Note from Abused Child: Make Him Stop Hurting Me

A nine-year-old child in Texas in the United States wants nothing more than neither she nor her sister to be molested anymore. She wrote her letter to Santa, just as children do, making a wish.

In Britain, It's A Repeat of the 'Josef Fritzl' Case

2008 could possibly be the year of incest stories. In Britain, a case similar to Austria’s Josef Fritzl case has emerged.

Josef Fritzl To Be Charged With Death of Infant

Josef Fritzl, who became famous after the notorious incest case, is being charged with the death of Elisabeth Fritzl’s infant child.
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Monica Mares
Monica Mares
Curry County Detention
Brother and sister arrested for having sex with one another in a Kenworth tractor trailer.
Brother and sister arrested for having sex with one another in a Kenworth tractor trailer.
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