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Sudan protesters hold night gatherings to rekindle movement

Khartoum - As night fell, residents of a southern district in Khartoum briskly moved to set the stage for Sudanese protest leaders giving a brief on the movement's latest updates.

Meet the female founders of US 'unicorns'

There are 134 US "unicorns" — aka VC-backed companies worth $1 billion or more — and of those companies, only 15 have female founders and/or co-founders.

Bounce house flies in air and injures three children

Three children playing inside a bounce house were injured when a waterspout came onshore and lifted it in the air in Fort Lauderdale.

Hawking: Zayn from One Direction still in band in other universe

World-renowned physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking said that, Zayn Malik — who recently left the pop group One Direction — could still be a member of the band in another universe.

Leafs' Lupul takes flight in 4-3 Overtime win over Philadelphia Special

The Toronto Maple Leafs narrowly escaped a third period collapse Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre when the Philadelphia Flyers tied it up on separate occasions late in the game.

Games you can't play in front of your girlfriend

well, that is if you...actually have one, if not, play away.

In frozen yards, it's still looking a lot like Christmas

Pissed off homeowners associations in Boulder have extended the deadline for removing Christmas decorations again to March 1st. "One thing that's helped is they've turned the lights off"

Cholesterol may play role in Type 2 diabetes

" Cholesterol may not just be bad for your heart. A study suggests problems with cholesterol regulation in the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas may be responsible for the development of Type 2 (formerly known as late onset) diabetes. The work,...

Police Make Arrest in Williamsburg Sex Abuse of Girl, 7

A 7-year-old girl in Williamsburg was sexually assaulted by a man who asked for help in holding open a door to an alleyway in October of 2006. Police finally arrested someone.

Two Youth Football Coaches Arrested in Connecticut

Two Youth football coaches arrested on felony child endangerment for giving diuretic pills to two young players.

26 employees in trouble for e-mails

26 Pierce County employees disciplined after a 3 month investigation showed misuse of the county's email system.

Google hits setback in copyright case

A copyright lawsuit filed by Copiepresse last year over the publishing of articles, images, and links to Belgium newspaper websites will not only see the material removed, but will also cost Google in fines.

A man found dead in front of his TV a year after his death

A man's body was found in his home more than a year after his death, with the television still on and his features preserved by dry conditions.

Seven charged in Atlanta for eBay fraud scheme

4 men out of 7 were arraigned in court charged with wire fraud and conspiring to commit wire fraud related to a scheme in Atlanta to post non-existent items for sale on eBay. They cashed in with over half million bucks.

Update: Arrest made in teen's ecstasy overdose death

A 19 year old has been arrested in the death of Danielle McCarthy,16.

Anna Nicole's Belongings Turned in to Sheriff's Station

Items stolen from Anna Nicole Smiths home was turned into a South Carolina Sheriff's Office.

Nurses won’t lose jobs in case of elder abuse

Two Nova Scotian nurses who taped the mouth of an elderly New Glasgow nursing home resident and then drew a happy face on it have been disciplined but will keep their jobs.

Wal-Mart greeter punched in face

A Wal-Mart worker in Vaughan, Ontario was attacked by a man trying to walk out with cart full of baby formula.

Body found in back of truck

A truck was impounded and held for 11 days before the body was found in the back of it.

Crysis, Fight Koreans and Aliens in pretty-looking foliage

The guy who looks like Spider-Man dipped in tar, packing a handheld tank is the special-ops type you play in Crysis. You are tasked with saving the world from aggressive extra-terrestrials, who've ploughed a pretty big asteroid into a Pacific island's cou

In Japan, Gadgets To Keep An Eye On Kids

Ever hear of the shoes that have the GPS devices in them? Now, Mobile-Phone And Security Companies In This Safe Asian Nation Sell Phones And School Bags With GPS Devices To Help Parents Overcome Fears.

16 in Chinese Wedding Die in Accident

A truck meant to carry 4 people actually had 32 people in it when it went over a cliff.

Did sex play role in ferry crash?

The Transportation Safety Board confirmed yesterday it has investigated the possibility that sex was taking place on the bridge of B.C. ferry, Queen of the North, when it sank last year.

Update: Police make an arrest in the rape of the 11 year old girl

Olympia, WA, Police have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the rape of an 11-year-old Olympia girl.

14 days in a Civic

Some guys are trying to outdo the Nissan Sentra comercials (living seven days in a nissan sentra), by living 14 days in a Honda civic.

Van Stolen With Child Inside In Oakville

Never leave your car and unchild unattended while your warming your van.

Two More Canadians Shot In Mexico

Two more Ontario residents were shot in an Acapulco hotel Saturday night.

Police chase ends in crash, suspect driver shoots himself

Seattle police were involved in a car chase and the driver shot himself.

Young couple in India killed on the orders of village council

Villagers in northern India beat a young couple to death and burned their dismembered remains after a local council ordered the killing.
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Owners and staff of the Tal-y Tara Tea & Polo Shop of San Francisco at Rededication Ceremony of the ...
Owners and staff of the Tal-y Tara Tea & Polo Shop of San Francisco at Rededication Ceremony of the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park (2010)

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