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In world first, France bans breast implants linked to rare cancer

Paris - France on Thursday became the first country to ban a type of breast implant that has been linked to a rare form of cancer.The ban covers certain types of implants with a textured surface or polyurethane coating.

France to ban popular breast implants over cancer risk: media

Paris - France is to ban a popular type of breast implant which has been linked to a rare form of cancer, Le Monde newspaper and French public radio reported Wednesday, citing a letter from health authorities to implant manufacturers.

Challenges for developing brain implant material

Brain implants promise many applications, from medical to the control of remote devices. One thing hampering progress is suitable material, which will last for a long period of time and retain its functionality.

Early success for fractal-based retinal implants

A step-forward has been made with retinal implants, based on computer simulations of electrical charges. These are based on fractal geometry and the process has been developed at the University of Oregon.

New generation of implants from additive printing

A new 3D printing process from Duke University has allowed for the creation of a new range of medical devices. These biomedical devices have been manufactured using a titanium 3D metal printer.

Powering medical implants with solar cells

Solar power technology is being tested to see how effectively it works with medical implants. The idea is to allow implants to become self-charging, avoiding the risk of breakdown or the need for invasive replacements.

Researchers warn hackers could turn off medical implants

Security researchers have warned that some medical implants contain flaws that could prove fatal if exploited by attackers. The implants can communicate data to devices outside the body and accept commands in return, letting hackers turn them off.

Skull implant breakthrough helps with brain disorders

A novel transparent skull implant has been created. The device will allow laser-based treatments for brain disorders to be conducted. Disorders that could be treated include brain cancers, traumatic brain injuries, neurodegenerative diseases and stroke.

Metal implants in new safety risk

Metal implants have been implicated in a new concern where metal is placed on metal. Specifically, metal-on-metal hips can cause bone loss.

Google plans smart eye implants

Google is working with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop so-called "smart eye" implants. This represents a continuation of Google’s medical device innovations.

Bone-like material makes for improved medical devices

Scientists have created an approach for fitting medical devices in a better way with biological systems. For this the researchers were inspired by the way bone interfaces with tissues in the human body.

Microchips designed to slow-release drugs over years

Medical technologists have developed an implantable device that can be placed at a specific body site to allow for the slow release of targeted medications.

French court rules 'no error' by German safety body in implants scandal

Marseille - A French appeals court on Thursday found German safety standards body TUV had "fulfilled its obligations" in certifying breast implants that were found to be faulty and sparked a worldwide scare.

Close to the bone: Avoiding infections with nanotech

Sheffield - Researchers have harnessed nanotechnology in order to avoid deep bone infections, where infections stem from bacteria and fungi. These types of infections can occur following dentistry.

Nanotechnology leads to improved retinal implants

Tel Aviv - Researchers have developed a new light-sensitive nanotube-based film. The technology could pave the way to more flexible and durable retinal implants.

Bone implants used to protect body from germs

A research team has developed bone implants that control microorganisms and which could prevent infection after an operation.

Wireless charger could charge implants

Stamford - New technology could enable tiny electronics to be charged from a distance, perhaps powering devices deeply embedded within tissue, like pacemakers, to be re-charged.

Will we all become cyborgs?

Has the cyborg era started? While we are a long way from building a RoboCop, an increasing array of complex medical implants are available. Some scientists have peered into a crystal ball to predict the future of technology.

No breast implants please, Brazil samba school tells recruits

Rio De Janeiro - Two months before Rio's famed Carnival gets under way, a samba school said it was looking for dancers "without silicone breast implants" and would offer a free costume in exchange.

Barcelona: Woman busted with 3 lbs of cocaine in breasts

Barcelona - Wednesday, Spanish border police who arrested a Panamanian woman for smuggling cocaine at the Barcelona airport found 3 pounds of cocaine in her breasts.

Breast implants can be won in a raffle in Venezuela

Caracas - A Venezuelan politician is offering people an opportunity to win breast implants in a raffle. For less than $6 a ticket they have a chance to have the costly surgery done at no charge.

Palin denies breast implant rumors

Sources close to former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin responded to rumors recently that she had gotten breast implants.

Sagging Breasts Need A Lift? Cup&Up To The Rescue!

Soon, you will be able to have your sagging breasts lifted on your lunch hour! An Israeli company, (Minimally Invasive Mastopexy) has developed a two-hole breast lift procedure to insert what amounts to a permanent push-up bra under your breasts.

Stem Cells And Boobs ... Now You Can Grow Your Own

The latest, and most prodigious breakthrough in stem cells research is revealed ... BREAKING NEWS ... all of us udderly breast-challenged women can now grow our own!

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