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Impeachment News

Crowds march against 'coup' targeting Brazil's president

S - Supporters of embattled President Dilma Rousseff marched across Brazil on Wednesday protesting what they say is a "coup" aimed at toppling the leftist leader by impeachment."There will be no coup!

Author of Brazil's last presidential impeachment defends Rousseff

Bras - The lawyer who initiated Brazil's last impeachment of a president, in 1992, on Sunday attacked what he said was the politicized and unfair push to impeach President Dilma Rousseff today.

Impeachment sends Brazil's economy into storm winds

S - Strong winds are forecast for Brazil's already turbulent economy and there's no chance of sunshine before resolution of President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment battle, market observers say.

Rousseff 'calm' amid impeachment fight

Bras - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said Saturday she was "calm" about defeating an impeachment bid and convinced that a key ally will not desert her, despite reports of cracks in her coalition.

Brazilian president rejects impeachment 'coup'

Bras - A defiant Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Friday branded impeachment proceedings a "coup" and vowed to fight for her political life by every means possible.

How low can sinking Brazil go?

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil already resembled a sinking ship, and now with impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff, the crew has declared a mutiny against its captain.

Brazil president's allies warn of impeachment 'storm'

Bras - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's allies appealed Thursday to the Supreme Court to block impeachment proceedings, warning of a political "storm" in Latin America's biggest country.

Brazil's Rousseff, an ex-guerrilla fighting for political life

Rio De Janeiro - When she was being tortured under Brazil's military dictatorship, Dilma Rousseff could never have imagined becoming the country's first female president.

Brazil president's nemesis wounded but dangerous

S - The key figure in the impeachment process launched against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday is in trouble of his own -- facing allegations of corruption and lying to Congress.

Brazil impeachment: The laws, votes, and popular pressure in play

Rio De Janeiro - The launching of impeachment proceedings Wednesday against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ends lengthy behind-the-scenes intrigue, but even now the complex legal process could take months, with the outcome far from certain.

Brazil speaker launches impeachment procedure against president

Bras - Brazil's lower house speaker triggered impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday, plunging Latin America's biggest country into its deepest crisis in decades.

New impeachment request filed against Brazil's president

Bras - Brazil's opposition filed a new impeachment petition against President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday, accusing her of illegal accounting practices.

Key Brazil impeachment figure accused of hiding $16 mn

Bras - A key figure in the push to impeach Brazil's president hid nearly $16 million in illegal funds, prosecutors said Friday in a new twist to the political battle gripping Latin America's biggest country.

Rousseff nemesis vows no let-up in Brazil impeachment bid

Bras - The controversial central figure in attempts to impeach Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said Wednesday he will appeal a Supreme Court decision putting the brakes on the opposition's push to unseat her.

Brazil president gets temporary impeachment reprieve

Bras - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff won a temporary reprieve Tuesday from threatened impeachment thanks to a Supreme Court intervention and her principal opponent's decision to hold off for now on opening proceedings.

Brazilian president fights for political life

Rio De Janeiro - President Dilma Rousseff claims to detect a glimmer at the end of the tunnel in Brazil's political crisis, but what she really may be seeing, analysts say, are the headlights of an oncoming train.

Impeaching Rousseff could imperil Brazilian democracy

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilians clamoring for President Dilma Rousseff's overthrow should think twice, analysts say, warning that the trauma of impeachment could undermine 20 years of building democracy in the Latin American giant.

Op-Ed: Why impeaching Obama is impossible but useful for politicians

Very few Americans, even ones who are in his party, are very happy with Obama now. At the same time history has shown that it is tremendously difficult to impeach a president. Many officials have reasons to call for it anyway.

Op-Ed: GOP flubs Obama impeachment by fumbling Congress' August recess

In a blow to the Republican drive to impeach President Barack Obama for alleged abuse of the executive order, Republicans in the House of Representatives have failed to pass vital legislation and are calling for Obama to use the...executive order.

South Dakota calls for impeachment of president

Sioux Falls - Republicans at the GOP convention in Rapid City, North Dakota on Saturday voted 191-176 in favor of a resolution impeaching President Barack Obama because they claim Obama "violated his oath of office in numerous ways."

Alternative media planning Twitter 'bomb' #ImpeachTheGovernment

At a time when approval for the United States government is historically low, a "Twitter bomb" featuring hashtag "impeach the government" is planned for later today.

Impeachment, Electoral College on latest White House petitions

Washington - The White House is starting to be petitioned for several changes in Washington. Thousands of individuals have already signed on to support impeachment of President Barack Obama, eliminate the Electoral College and allow Austin to secede from Texas.

Former Democrat Rocky Anderson Running Against Obama Special

In 2007, Rocky Anderson prepared a compelling case for the impeachment of President Bush. Today, he claims President Obama's crimes are even "more frightening," and he urges voters to organize and make a stand against tyranny.

Ron Paul: Drone attack could make impeachment 'possible'

In the wake of the US military's drone strike against American-born Anwar Al-Awlaki in Yemen on Friday, Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul suggested the possibility of impeachment over the matter.

Obama rejects bipartisan debt plan, spurs impeachment planning

Washington - As the debt ceiling crisis spooked global markets and reports surfaced of President Obama's rejection of a bipartisan plan, talk of impeachment is circulating among congressional circles.

Op-Ed: Why participating in Libya's civil war is an American outrage

Over the course of a month, what was originally billed as a humanitarian mission in Libya to protect civilians through the implementation of a no-fly zone has openly changed to a military intervention in a sovereign nation's civil war.

Libertarian lawyer drafts articles of impeachment against Obama

A Libertarian constitutional lawyer, who crafted an article of impeachment against President Bill Clinton and against President George W Bush, has drafted a formal article of impeachment against President Obama over his actions in Libya.

Kucinich: Obama could be impeached over Libya action

President Obama faced increased scrutiny on the war in Libya over the weekend, with voices in his own political party expressing outrage over the military action. Ohio Rep Dennis Kucinich said the recent U.S. missiles attacks should be impeachable.

White House facing possible impeachment charges

Congressman Joe Sestak has come forward saying he was contacted by the White House to drop out of the Pennsylvania primary against Senator Arlen Spector in exchange for a high level White House position.

Panel Tosses Out Some Charges Against Sanford

The political battle in South Carolina has moved to an impeachment hearing. Today the panel decided to toss out some of the charges against embattled Governor Mark Sanford
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