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Impaired driving News

Explosion in London, Ontario destroys home, damages seven others

A woman has been charged with impaired driving after a vehicle slammed into a home in London, Ontario and hit a gas line, causing a major explosion that injured six first responders and one civilian and sent residents fleeing from their homes.

Ontario: Distracted driving twice as deadly as driving drunk

Orillia - According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), twice as many people will die on the province's roads as a result of distracted driving than will lose their lives because of someone driving while impaired.

Quebec coroner recommends making texting while driving a crime

After conducting an inquest into the death of a 28-year-old man, a Quebec coroner has recommended use of a cellphone while driving be made a crime similar to drunk driving.

Manitoba ice resurfacer driver is charged with impaired driving

Steinbach - A Manitoba driver of an ice-resurfacer or Zamboni has been charged with impaired driving and also resisting arrest after he crashed into the boards that line the ice rink in Ste Anne Manitoba near Winnipeg.

ReadTheNorth: RCMP in B.C. taking aim against drunk drivers

In Canada the fight against drunk drivers is something police forces take seriously and the RCMP in B.C. have set the bar for the country's holiday season. Last Friday night they hit the streets with province-wide checkpoints and got impressive results.

Fewer drivers on alcohol but more using marijuana and driving

A study released last week shows that the campaign in the U.S. against drinking and driving has been effective, but another danger on the roads — driving while under the influence of marijuana — is increasing.

Defence of necessity: Nova Scotia drunk driver found not guilty

Amherst - Although Roger Pleau admitted he drove while drunk, he was found not guilty after a judge found he believed his friend would die if he did not drive him to a hospital.

German driver caught on underground train track after drink binge

Bochum - A 27-year-old German driver was caught driving up an underground train track in Bochum after a night out. He was three times over the legal alcohol limit and followed tram lines which led to an underground tube station where his car got stuck on rails.

Drowsy driving is impaired driving

Almost every driver has done it at least once, many without even knowing they were driving while sleeping. Drowsy driving is impaired driving and is one of the leading causes of accidents in the US.

Alberta's tough new drunk driving law to be challenged

Edmonton - An Edmonton lawyer is preparing a constitutional challenge to the provision in Alberta's Traffic Safety Act that mandates indefinite license suspensions for those awaiting trial on drunk driving charges.

Op-Ed: Toronto City Councillor Ana Bailao charged with impaired driving

Toronto - In the early morning hours Tuesday Toronto City Councillor Ana Bailao was pulled over by the police for not having on her headlights. By the time it was over Bailao was charged with impaired driving.

Two DUI's in 24 hours

Sonora - Anyone who has had a drink too many can get pulled over for driving under the influence, but twice in twenty-four hours?

Alberta man fleeing police runs to police station

Leduc - The driver took off after being stopped by an RCMP officer for having tinted windows on his vehicle. He eventually ran to the rear of the Leduc detachment of the RCMP where officers going out the door arrested him.

Police see increase in drinking and driving on Ontario roads

Aurora - During their annual holiday crackdown on drinking and driving, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) saw a dramatic increase in the number of people charged with impaired driving.

Marijuana DUI standard has first hearing in Colorado Senate

Denver - A new bill that would set the standard for driving under the influence of pot has entered the Colorado Senate for a preliminary hearing on Monday.

York Regional Police dedicate 2010 Festive Season to 2007 victim

Toronto - On November 29, 2006 Terri Callaway was killed by an impaired driver. Her memory is being dedicated with the The 2010 Festive Season Enhanced R.I.D.E.

Survey: 27 percent of Canadian drivers admit to driving impaired

Canadians may say that it is a social no-no to get behind the wheel after drinking but 27 percent polled for the CAA's Traffic Safety Culture survey admitted to doing just that at least once in the past year.

Impaired driving serious holiday season issue

With the holiday season comes parties and the chance of a young person making the wrong choice when it comes to getting home. Drug use was a factor in over 13 per cent of traffic fatalities in Canada in 2006.

Toronto bus driver busted for impaired driving

Toronto - A driver, 47, on a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in North York was charged Wednesday night for driving while impaired. The incident took place about 7 p.m. near Senlac Road on Finch Avenue West.

Two drunks do not make a right in Ontario

A London, Ontario man knew he was drunk, and did not want to break the law by driving home. So, he did the next best thing.

Vancouver RCMP officer charged with drunk driving, again

A Vancouver RCMP officer has been charged with impaired driving for a second time in just over four weeks. Vancouver Police arrested him on Oct. 3 when he slammed his car into a bridge. Now, cops have picked him against for driving while impaired.

RCMP corporal who ordered tasering suspended since fatal crash

Benjamin Robinson was the commanding officer when Robert Dziekanski was tasered at Vancouver Airport in Oct 2007. It can now be revealed that Robinson has been suspended since Oct 2008 due to his involvement in an accident when a motorcyclist was killed.

New Ontario Impaired-Driving Law Nabs First Offender

It only took police one day to start using the new drunk driving laws in Ontario. The first man nabbed was in South Simcoe.

Impaired Driving Laws Are Changing In Ontario

If you are caught in Ontario driving impaired on Friday the laws will be stricter than they are today. If you value your licence be wise, don't drink and drive.

Manitoba Police Release Names of People Charged with Impaired Driving

At the end of last month, the police in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba launched a website that listed the names of all persons who had been charged with impaired driving in the city. There are 15 names now public.

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