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Immunology News

Q&A: Blood purification can effectively treat COVID-19 patients Special

A cytokine storm can occur in some COVID-19 patients, leading to severe inflammation, rapidly progressive shock, respiratory failure, organ failure and death. A novel treatment has been devised to address this concern.

Latest epidemiology, immunology and COVID-19 research

From finding ways to stop the coronavirus in its tracks (by blocking spike proteins) to a new therapeutic intervention to address symptoms, new COVID-19 research shows how the science community are responding to the challenges that the virus poses.

Is there a connection between coronavirus and strokes?

As each week progresses, more science news about the coronavirus appears. The latest round-up from Digital Journal looks at the link between COVID-19 and stroke and the way the virus attacks immune cells.

Op-Ed: 'Herd immunity' is a dangerous, inappropriate, idea

Stockholm - The theory of “herd immunity”, that wonderful expression equating humans with animals, is controversial with good reason. The theory says that those who recover are immune. There are a lot of holes in it.

Op-Ed: Markets and global GDP crash as coronavirus hysteria continues

Sydney - Look out, world. The Australian stock market crashed by 5% today in a true reflection of the sheer chaos caused by coronavirus. For decades, epidemiologists have predicted a major outbreak. Nothing was done. This is the result.

Owning a dog as a child lowers the risk of schizophrenia

It seems that growing up with a dog in the household could have a benefit in later life, for early-exposure to dogs appears to lower the risk of developing schizophrenia. The same effect is, interestingly, not present with early-exposure to cats.

Health technology to deliver novel T cell therapies

Vineti's digital software platform for advanced cell therapy management is leading to standardization in cell and gene therapy clinical trials. The technology has been developed in partnership with Autolus Therapeutics.

'Sticky' nanoparticles help boost body's cancer defenses

Following cancer treatment the immune system will start to track down and kill cancerous cells. To enhance this process researchers have experimented with nanoparticles, designed to enhance cancer treatment.

New insight into bacterial pathogens in the body

Researchers have gained a new insight as to how some pathogenic bacteria are carried around the human body quickly. This is by attaching themselves to the body’s immune cells.

HIV continues to grow despite treatment

Liverpool - HIV is adept at avoiding treatment by hiding out in blood cells. This occurs even when a patient is responding well to treatment, according to a new research study.

Immunology pioneer dies

Gerald Edelman, who broke new ground in two distinct fields of life science: immunology and neurology, has passed away at age 84.

Being ‘happy’ makes for good health, it's all in the genes

According to a new study, a good state of mind affects your health. The study looked at how positive psychology impacts upon immune cells and the body’s ability to fight disease.

Op-Ed: New health findings cause rethink of immune and allergy issues

Sydney - Folklore is turning into fact. The suspicion that antibacterial agents are responsible for allergies now appears confirmed. A new finding also indicates that commensal bacteria are responsible for a healthy immune system.

Op-Ed: AIDS evolving faster than humans, exploiting gene variants

The AIDS epidemic is developing a few of the characteristics of a genetic weapon. It targets variable genes in humans, and different strains are showing up in different places in the world. That’s incredibly fast evolution, in a few decades.

New discovery finds switch for immune system to fight cancer, viruses

A protein called HS1 has been found to be the trigger for a range of immune cells called Natural Killer (NK) cells. The protein may be able to control immune responses to disease. It’s also potentially useful for autoimmune diseases, including diabetes.

Vaccination by tattoo? Yep, it also works better

Tats look good, but now they’re good for your health, too. German research has discovered DNA vaccines are much better than the old style intramuscular injections. DNA vaccinations are new big thing, and until now, delivery has been poor.

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