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Immune System News

How statins may reduce cancer risk in humans

Cambridge - Cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins may reduce cancer risk in humans through a pathway unrelated to cholesterol, according to new research published in the journal eLife.

Llama antibodies may hold the key to a universal flu vaccine

Besides their soulful eyes, long, graceful necks and beautiful coats, llamas have another feature that is far less appreciated. Llamas make an array of immune system antibodies so tiny, they can fit into the crevices on the surface of invading viruses.

How the intestinal microbiome influences metabolism

The body’s intestinal microbiome influences our metabolism, through interacting with the immune system. A new study demonstrates how 'good’ (or beneficial) bacteria keep the body metabolically fit and how an imbalance can cause ill-health effects.

10 warning signs for immunodeficiency

Working with the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, Immunodeficiency Canada has brought the internationally recognized 10 ‘warning signs for immunodeficiency’ to Canada. The aim is to help educate parents.

Rise in immunosuppressed U.S. population raises medical concerns

Washington - The proportion of the U.S. population who are immunosuppressed (that is, with weak or compromised immune systems) is growing.

From jungle to city, the move affects the immune system

The move from living in rural settings to cities altered human exposure to certain microorganisms. In turn this residential shift appears to have impacted upon immune function.

Devising biological sensors to kill a range of cancer cells

Scientists are investigating the use of biological sensors to trigger the body's own immune cells to seek out, locate and destroy a range of different cancerous cells.

Parasitic intestinal worms boost the immune system

While parasitic intestinal works cause a range of diseases and are responsible for widespread infection worldwide, a new study has found that some worms, through protecting themselves in the human body, indirectly aid the immune system.

Does an ancient bacterium hold the key to eternal life?

Injecting yourself with a bacterium that's 3.5 million years old is either the dumbest thing a person could do, or it's brilliant. But that is exactly what a Russian scientist has done, in a quest to see if Bacillus F has the answer to eternal life.

Time in nature fights depression, diabetes, ADHD, cancer and more

Urbana - After reviewing hundreds of clinical studies, scientists have found that simply spending time in nature has "huge, broad effects on health" and the immune system.

Mysterious illness kills Atlanta mother of two after day at pool

Atlanta - She was just out for a day of fun with her two young daughters at a local pool in mid-July, but the next morning, Stefanie Ballard woke up with nausea, fever, and a headache. She began losing muscle control and fell. Then partial paralysis set in.

Scientists discover how deadly fungus evades immune system

Scientists have always thought that Candida albicans, a single-celled fungus, spread by changing from a single cell to a long line or filament of cells. But new studies may lead to better treatment of infections caused by this deadly fungus.

Find out how breastfeeding boosts the immune system

Scientists have demonstrated that breastfeeding, along with other factors, beneficially influences a baby's immune system development. It also reduces susceptibility to allergies and asthma.

Newly identified risk of antibiotic overuse

Scientists are warning that some antibiotics can have an unintended impact on the microorganisms that live in an animal's gut. Ultimately this can affect the immune system, glucose metabolism, food absorption, obesity, stress and behavior.

Alligator blood contains powerful germ fighters

Alligator blood contains powerful anti-bacterial materials. This is part of the natural defense system of alligators. The creatures live in bacteria-filled environments and dine on carrion.

Environment affects immunity more than genetics

A new study into twins reveals that environmental factors play a greater role in shaping individual immunity than genetic ones.

Study: A 10-second kiss could transfer 80 million bacteria

Amsterdam - According to a new study, kissing for only 10 seconds could transfer up to 80 million bacteria. However gross that might sound, scientists believe that sharing bacteria through kissing helps us stay healthy by boosting the immune system.

Body's own enzymes unleashed to combat parasites

A common type of enzyme, found in the human body, has the potential to fight parasitic diseases like sleeping sickness. In a new study, scientists found that by blocking the activity of the enzyme kills a range of parasites.

Hookworms used to treat celiac disease

In a ground breaking study Australian scientists have successfully used hookworms to alleviate the symptoms of celiac disease.

Nanoparticles may be 'alarm clock' body needs to fight cancer

Lebanon - Researches looking for ways to jump start the immune system so it can recognize and attack cancer cells believe nanoparticles may be the "alarm clock" our body needs to fight cancer.

Tobacco smoking impairs immune system in HIV-infected people

Smoking and being HIV infected further compromises the immune system presenting the worst immune profile, say researchers in the first study of its kind.

How does the immune system protect children from malaria?

Some children who live in regions of the world where malaria is common can mount an immune response to infection with malaria parasites. Scientists have investigated why this response takes place.

Antibiotics may harm newborn children

Bacteria from the mother are said to help "kickstart" a baby’s immune system. However, antibiotics used by the mother to fight bacterial infection may have the reverse effect and could interrupt immune system development for the infant.

Does sleep help you fight diseases?

When you get sick, does it help to get some extra sleep? By looking at fruit flies, researchers have shown that sleep enhances immune system response and recovery to infection.

New gene therapy treatment raises hope for HIV cure

A new gene therapy designed to combat HIV using genetically modified cells has been trialed and the initial results are promising following the first human clinical trial.

Could lung transplant rates improve?

Organ transplant patients routinely receive drugs that stop their immune systems from attacking newly implanted hearts, livers, kidneys or lungs, which the body sees as foreign. However, the drugs used might actually trigger the organ rejections.

How our bodies fight off viruses

With the flu season in full swing, some folks don't realize how our bodies protect us from the flu virus, as well as other viral infections. Our bodies have an amazing system of defenses against viral infections, almost like "first responders."

Health officials say the flu vaccine is safe during pregnancy

The flu season is here, and most people have already received their flu shot. Many pregnant women are unsure of taking the flu vaccine, but the CDC is saying the flu shot will protect the mother and the baby, up to 6 months of age, and is perfectly safe.

Nightshift work affects the immune system

Dallas - The body clock can go out of sync when a person works the night shift. Such disruptions evidently cause extreme tiredness, but a new study suggests that this can also lead to immune system disorders.

How hepatitis damages the liver

Viral infections are the primary cause of liver inflammation or hepatitis. These infections, which use the body's own immune system, can cause permanent damage to the liver.
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Mammoth Mountain in Siberia s Sakha Republic.
Mammoth Mountain in Siberia's Sakha Republic.
Key facts about Primary Immunodeficiency Week  on display at BPL  Elstree  U.K.
Key facts about Primary Immunodeficiency Week, on display at BPL, Elstree, U.K.
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A healthy T cell
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