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Illusion News

Karl Wolf talks new Illusion EP, digital transformation of music Special

Canadian music star Karl Wolf chatted with Digital Journal about his new EP "Illusion." Wolf also opened up about the digital transformation of the music scene.

Review: Eight-year-old magician Issy Simpson dazzles on T-shirt illusion Special

8-year-old prodigy magician Issy Simpson performed the entire version of her magic trick that made her famous on "Britain's Got Talent."

Review: Magician James More amazing on brand new steel illusion Special

World renowned magician James More is back with his newest magic demonstration, the Steel Illusion and he performs it perfectly.

Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past

An experiment by Australian scientists has proven that what happens to particles in the past is only decided when they are observed and measured in the future. Until such time, reality is just an abstraction.

#thedress web sensation becomes powerful Salvation Army campaign

The furious Internet debate late last month around the perceived colour of a dress is now being used by charity the Salvation Army in a powerful new campaign about violence against women, saying "Why is it so hard to see black and blue?"

British magician James More is a master of illusion

James More is a world renowned magician and illusionist, who rose to prominence thanks to the competition "Britain's Got Talent."

This parrot is actually a woman posing in bodypaint

What looks exactly like a parrot perched on a stump is really the work of artist Johannes Stoetter, who lives in Italy. He spent four hours painting the woman's body using special breathable paint.

Video: 'Screengrab' — Mind-bending photographic illusions

An interesting concept to try and get your mind around, as clever camera tricks and a whole load of photos are used in a mind-bending way. This experimental short by Willie Witte, titled “Screengrab” contains absolutely no computer-generated effects.

Video: 'Raf's perfect girlfriend' beach kissing illusion

The set-up looks just right, a beachfront, ahh! the perfect place for romance, so everybody say "awwwww!" as this perfect couple snuggle up to each other for a kiss.

Derren Brown — The experiments: 'The Guilt Trip' (video)

Derren Brown has run a number of experiments, dabbling in illusion, magic and suggestion. In this episode he gets a really nice, very well-liked man to confess to a murder he did not commit.

Tricking the mind: the zero-gravity illusions of Denis Darzacq

French photographer Denis Darzacq creates amazing images of people flying through air as if there was no gravity on our planet. His work, real photographs without PhotoShop trickery, can be seen in New York, yet only for two more weeks.

The economy of debt: The illusion there's money to spend

With the Greek economy and its problems in the news often, this article takes a look at other countries in the Euro zone and compares their situation with that of Canada, Great Britain and the US.

An Event You Can't Miss: Saturday's Moon Illusion

This Saturday night, June 30th, while looking at the sunset, you will notice a giant moon rising in the east. It will look like the Earth's moon, with all of the craters, but it will be inflated. What you might experience is Moon Illusion.

Criss Angel teaches you a bar trick!

Criss Angel gives up a secret?!?!

Chriss Angel Makes Girl Dissappear

chriss angel makes a girl dissappear right in front of your eyes. AMAZING how does he do it!

How to create your own optical illusion

If you're a fan of optical illusions, you'll love this simple how-to tutorial from the maker of the infamous Spanish castle illusion above, John Sadowski.

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Illusion Image

Jody  victim in an experiment on guilt and mind-control.
Jody, victim in an experiment on guilt and mind-control.
Video screen capture
Raf s perfect girlfriend
Raf's perfect girlfriend
Mind-bending photographic illusions by Willie Witte
Mind-bending photographic illusions by Willie Witte
Book cover photo of Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges
Book cover photo of Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges
An art piece by bodypainter Johannes Stoetter
An art piece by bodypainter Johannes Stoetter
Johannes Stoetter
Raf s perfect girlfriend
Raf's perfect girlfriend

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