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Ikea News

Ikea to pay workers in the UK more than the living wage in 2016

Ikea, the Swedish firm, is set to become the first national retailer in the United Kingdom to pay staff above the government's National Living Wage.

Op-Ed: Home sweet clicks? Not really, Hemnet Home is grim indeed

Stockholm - The new thing in Sweden is a house designed entirely statistically on an analysis of features clicked on an architecture site. It’s called the Hemnet Home, or House of Clicks. It’s also a great proof of reasons not to design by groupthink.

Ikea drops lifestyle website in Russia over 'gay propaganda' fears

Moscow - Ikea said Friday it was closing its lifestyle website in Russia over fears it could flout a controversial law banning promotion of gay values to minors.

Wirelessly charge your phone on your desk with new IKEA furniture

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea has announced that it is launching a new range of household furniture items with wireless charging functionality built in, making it easy to add power to your devices.

Ikea set to raise U.S. minimum pay to 'living wage' levels

Ikea, the Swedish home furnishings giant, will announce today that the minimum starting wage for its U.S. workers will rise an average of 17 percent to $10.76 per hour.

Op-Ed: IKEA lawyers punish pro-IKEA blogger after 8 years of promotion

In business you want people doing additional, cool things with your products. It drives word of mouth. IKEA lawyers however do not want to risk their name being used to get this and shut down the "IKEAHackers" site.

What’s next for Ikea? A museum

Swedish furnishings giant Ikea, with a long list of innovations to its credit, has yet another up its sleeve. The king of flat-pack, self-assembled furniture wants to turn its first store into a museum dedicated to the company’s history.

Ikea says annual profit growth slows

Stockholm - Swedish furniture giant Ikea reported on Tuesday sharply slower profit growth for the 2012-2013 fiscal year compared to performance in previous years but did not reveal the cause of the slowdown.Net profits increased by 3.1 percent to 3.

IKEA matching lonely strangers for Christmas via online profile

Will there be any extra chairs at your dinner table this Christmas Eve? IKEA wants to change that with their new "No Empty Chairs" campaign in Switzerland.

IKEA stuffed toy Lufsig becomes symbol of solidarity and protest

Hong Kong - Lufsig, an IKEA stuffed toy wolf, has become a best-seller and symbol of solidarity and protest after being thrown as a sign of dissent at Hong Kong's territorial leader Leung Chun-ying.

Cats cats cats—100 cats filmed running around IKEA store at night

London - Without any real cat plan in mind, IKEA placed animal handling teams and five film crews in a London store overnight and set free 100 house cats and recorded their actions.

Ikea Spain server crashed by too many Spanish job seekers

Alfafar - The popular Swedish retail company Ikea is about to open yet another store, this time in Alfafar in the Valencian community of Spain. They have 400 jobs on offer, but received applications from 20,000 people, crashing their server capacity.

Many US new homes come with solar panels built in

Solar panels are now a standard option for new homes in some US markets. The panels are especially popular in California with two California towns actually mandating installations.

Ikea developing new refugee housing

Swedish home furnishings giant Ikea announced this week it is developing housing designed for refugee camps modeled after its economical flat-packed products such as bookcases.

Ikea hopes to sell horsemeat-tainted meatballs

Ikea is hoping to either sell or give away the stash of stored horsemeat-tainted meatballs withdrawn from sale in February. The company's other option is to use the meatballs as biogas.

Ikea withdraws moose lasagne after finding pork content

Just in case you thought the food drama at Ikea was over, now pork has been found in their moose lasagne and they have stopped selling the product.

Ikea recalls fecal matter-contaminated cakes in 23 countries

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea was found to include a special something to its culinary offerings. First it was horse-meat meatballs, now it is chocolate almond cake with coliform bacteria commonly found in fecal matter.

After scandals, is America planning to open a horse meat factory?

For the first time since 2007 the USDA may allow the opening of a horse meat slaughtering house. If it is approved the factory would process and make available horse meat for human consumption.

Ikea in Europe withdraws wiener sausages due to horsemeat

Recently Ikea in Europe withdrew its stock of Swedish meatballs, after tests found horsemeat content. Now it seems their wiener sausages are also suspect.

Horsemeat scandal widens as Ikea's meatballs test positive

While initially found in Ikea's meatballs in the Czech Republic, IKEA withdrew sales of meatballs in 14 European countries after tests found traces of horsemeat in a batch made in Sweden. Then there was the pasta and more "beef" burgers.

Ikea's unusual Valentine's Day offer Special

Nestled in among all the usual Valentine’s Day promotions, Ikea stores in Perth and Adelaide, Australia, made the unusual offer of a free crib to any mother who gives birth on November 14, 2013, exactly 9 months from Valentine’s Day.

The 'IKEA Monkey' to spend Christmas in animal sanctuary (videos)

Toronto - The well-dressed 'IKEA Monkey', seen ambling around the Toronto IKEA parking lot earlier in December, won't be spending Christmas with his family. Despite his owner's best efforts, he will remain behind bars.

Stylish Simian spotted monkeying around Toronto Ikea parking lot

Toronto - A monkey dressed in a miniature shearling coat and a diaper was spotted wandering around the parking lot of a Toronto Ikea store on Sunday afternoon.

Women airbrushed from Saudi IKEA catalog

In the rest of the world, the IKEA catalog stays pretty much the same, except the language, of course. However, in Saudi Arabia, it was decided no women are allowed.

Ikea to establish 100 budget designer hotels across Europe

Delft - Ikea, the multi-national home decor and products company, is now expanding its business model from bookshelves and meatballs to hotels. The Scandinavian chain is looking to open up a series of budget-friendly hotels in Europe.

Ikea introduces Uppleva furniture with built-in LED HDTV, Blu-ray

Stockholm - Instead of finding new Swedish meatball dishes or easy-to-construct furniture pieces, the world's largest furniture maker has introduced the Ikea Uppleva: a mixture of furniture, HDTV, Blu-ray player and Wi-Fi ready.

IKEA plans move to consumer electronics market

Sweden’s furniture giant Ikea is expanding its reach still farther with a line of home electronics built into their furniture. A home entertainment system will go on sale in five countries this summer, then extended to the rest of the world next year.

Ikea 'paid police' for files on customers who complained

Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant, reportedly paid private investigators for illegal access to police files in order to illegally monitor 'complaining' customers and 'suspicious' staff at stores in France.

IKEA latest to be hit by Chinese copycats

Kunming - In one of the latest attempts at product marketing, a new furniture store in the southern district of China is drawing comparisons to Swedish-based IKEA and has touched off the newest firestorm on the issue of intellectual property (IP) theft.

Alarm clocks explode at European IKEA shops

Alarm clocks blew up at IKEA locations in France Belgium and the Netherlands late on Monday, with two workers suffering minor injuries.
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You Tube screen capture
Ikea China
Ikea China
Shoppers shopping at Ikea
Shoppers shopping at Ikea
Ikea pencils photographed in IKEA store
Ikea pencils photographed in IKEA store
With permission by Reuters / Michael Dalder
IKEA is launching a new furniture range with integrated Qi wireless charging
IKEA is launching a new furniture range with integrated Qi wireless charging
A YouTube screenshot of Ikea s brand new Uppleva.
A YouTube screenshot of Ikea's brand new Uppleva.
YouTube/Ikea screengrab
A picture of a Swedish IKEA. Some lawyers for the company are setting a bad precedent.
A picture of a Swedish IKEA. Some lawyers for the company are setting a bad precedent.
Sbotig, via Wikimedia
A side-by-side comparison of the Saudi IKEA catalog showing women airbrushed from the catalog (right...
A side-by-side comparison of the Saudi IKEA catalog showing women airbrushed from the catalog (right)