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Canadians cast their ballots today, polls show Conservative lead

Today, Canadians will head to the polls to vote in a race between two parties many thought would not go head-to-head this year: the New Democrats is six points behind the leading Conservative Party, according to a recent Nanos Research poll.

Everything you need to know about the Canadian election

Digital Journal presents an overview of the major parties vying for electoral wins in this upcoming Canadian election, set for May 2. Find out each party's pet issues , the bios of the leaders and recent news.

Op-Ed: Michael Ignatieff woos BC immigrants

Vancouver - Canada's next election scheduled for May 2, 2011 is not going to be a joy ride for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the incumbent leader of the country, if one takes into consideration the fighting spirit demonstrated by the main opposition leaders.

Op-Ed: Harper, Ignatieff fear reefer madness

Ottawa - In a YouTube question period with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the four most popular questions concerned legalization of pot. Not to be outdone, Michael Ignatieff also warned about marijuana use and said there are no plans to legalize it.

Ignatieff, Harper agree to one-on-one meeting

With a growing rift between the conservatives and liberals over how the Canadian minority government is handling the current economic problems, the two party leaders agreed to have a face-to-face meeting, with the threat of an election looming over them.

Op-Ed: Harper Eats The Liberal’s Deficit

As Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper puts a positive face on the $50 billion deficit for the current fiscal year, he should take a moment to thank the coalition, and the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in particular.

Ignatieff to Harper: Accept proposed reforms or face consequences

Newly elected Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff says he will introduce reforms to employment insurance that the Prime Minister can choose to accept or face the consequences.

Canadians React Differently to Ignatieff Musings about Taxes

Harris-Decima poll shows in Quebec, his comments appear to produce more political benefits, but among crucial NDP, Green voters, comments do more harm than good.

Canada: Poll Says Conservatives, Liberals Tied

The recent Strategic Counsel poll shows that the Conservatives and Liberals are locked in a dead heat and that teh Conservatives have experienced a drop in popular support.

Liberals set conditions to support Harper budget

Opposition leader Ignatieff said the Liberals will support the federal budget if certain conditions are met, signalling the survival of the Conservative government for at least a few more months.

Op-Ed: Ignatieff Rants On Harper

Who is Ignatieff working for? His ego or Canadian taxpayers? Are his announcements any indication of what he really wants or believes? Can he get any more confusing?

Op-Ed: Harper’s Fiscal 180 Degree Turn

Harper promised not be seduced by the sirens of deficit spending. Now it appears he will cave-in to the threats of the illustrious coalition. Canada will sink deep under the surface with $64 billion in deficits over the next two years.

Ignatieff Tells Caucus Budget Vote Threat Alive

The leader of the Federal Liberal party, Michael Ignatieff opened the Liberal caucus meeting by saying the threat to vote against the Government's budge is still alive.

Canada: Poll Says Liberals, Conservatives Tied

A new poll by Nanos research suggest the Liberals are the Conservatives are in a virtual tie with Liberal support just one point up on Conservatives.

Op-Ed: In Answer To Harper’s Prorogued Economic Dilemma

Michael Ignatieff recently flexed some artificially inflated coalition muscles, sending a warning to Stephen Harper who awaits return from a prorogued Parliament.

New Liberal Leader Prepared to Form Coalition in Canada

Interim Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he is ready to vote out the Conservatives and join a coalition with the NDP if January's budget is not in the country's interests.

Rae Steps Aside, Lets Ignatieff Take Canadian Liberal Leadership

Leadership hopeful Bob Rae took one for the team and stepped out of the race for the head of the Liberal Party, allowing Michael Ignatieff to claim title.

Canadian Liberal Party Need New Leader Now, Rae and Ignatieff Announce

Both Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff say the Liberal Party needs a new leader before the Canadian Parliament resumes sitting in January 2009.

Liberals agree on leader in Canadian Coalition

The three contenders for the Liberal leadership race have put aside their differences and agreed that Stephane Dion will be the leader of any newly-formed coalition.

Op-Ed: Ignatieff’s Big Mistake

Rampaging egos are a dangerous thing. Ignatieff just could not ignore the siren song. He is gallantly deigning to wear the crown that will be placed on his head by the Liberals, BQ and NDP.

Michael Ignatieff May Get Big Boost in Canadian Liberal Leadership Race

Michael Ignatieff is likely to get a big boost in the race for the leader of the federal Liberal party as four top Liberals are anticipate to give him their support.

Ignatieff Named Deputy Leader

In a show of solidarity, Liberal Stephane Dion named Michael Ignatieff the deputy leader of the opposition. Ignatieff was the front runner in the recently contested Liberal leadership convention. Ignatieff eventually lost to Dion on the 4th ballot.

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