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Review: Ada Vox and Patti LaBelle steal Idol finale with 'Lady Marmalade' Special

At this year's "American Idol" season finale, Ada Vox and R&B queen Patti LaBelle had the best performance of the night with a soul classic.

Op-Ed: Jessica Sanchez in spotlight with American Idol winners

Jessica Sanchez' rise to musical stardom started when she auditioned to American Idol on July 8, 2011 in her hometown of San Diego, California.

David Archuleta Releases Autobiography

Pop star and American Idol contestant David Archuleta has released an autobiographical book about his life as a teen pop star.

Patti Labelle lashes out at Idol judges

American Idol fever has struck again, and in this report, an interview with singing legend Patti Labelle has her criticising the show and its judges.

Simon Cowell calling it quits after this season of American Idol

On Monday Simon Cowell announced that he will no longer be on the hit show 'American Idol' after the current season ends.

Adam Lambert's New Album 'halfway done'

Adam Lambert, runner up of American Idol, Season 8 has opened up about his much anticipated new album, saying that it's "about halfway done."

American Idol Judges Finally Served: Apologies to the South

Now in season eight, American Idol is still out rating every other show on TV, including President Obama. With the judges being a little nicer these days, a recent audition turned bad when the judges perceived a regional salutation to be a threat.

Best Talent Ever On American Idol: Only Four Contestants Remaining

In a show that embodies true singing talent geared for the mainstream American genre of music listeners, this season's American Idol has been Solid Gold as far as talent. With only four fantastic voices and performers remaining, who will it be?

Is This American Idol’s Best Season Yet?

Ryan Seacrest has called this season’s contestants of American Idol the most talented yet. The singers definitely seem to have more ability than in the last few seasons. Could this be explained by the fact that many of them are already professionals?

Finding the Next Great American Band: An Entertaining Challenge

Tonight marks the premiere of Fox’s new reality series, [i]The Search for the Next Great American Band[/i]. Based on the [i]American Idol[/i] concept and produced by Idol’s Nigel Lythgoe, the show is one big audition to find the next big music act.

China orders strict curbs on 'Idol-style' TV shows

China has now ordered strict curbs on "American Idol"-style television shows, including a ban on voting through the Internet, telephone or text messages, state media reported Saturday.

Melinda Doolittle Goes Home

Makes me wonder whether or not contest is truly fixed! Melinda Doolittle, the best of the three singers, is out!

American Idol Finalist Arrested on Felony Charges

A former American Idol finalist was busted for assault Sunday... but more trouble followed after arriving at the police station.

Can 'Idol' live without Sanjaya?

Will anyone watch a Sanjaya-less "American Idol" now, or has the fascination with the faltering karaoke show finally been choked?

Don't Cry for Me, My Name's Sanjaya: Teen Looks to a Bright Future

Despite all the negative reaction to Sanjaya's performances on American Idol, the 17-year-old remains positive about the future and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

American Idol Veteran Gets New Recording Deal

A star is born every minute on American Idol. Now another is rising to the top.

Singing Without Scandal? Chinese American Idol Gives It a Go

Would American Idol still be popular if it weren't for the rude comments, wacky hairstyles and freedom of fashion among contestants? China is giving it a go.

Amazing Video of Arab "American Idol"

Arab American Idol looks surprisingly like the American version. The first video is of the Iraqi woman who won the contest. The audience really loves her! (Lyrics are below.) The second video is of other contestants from different countries performing.

Iraqi Woman Wins Arab American Idol

Can an Arab version of American Idol help unite the Middle East?

American Idol Shocker: Ratings Geniuses Send Another Great Singer Home

Labeled early in the competition as one of the ones to beat, Stephanie Edwards says her good-byes in another Idol shocker.

American Idol's Sanjaya Malakar and the Little Girl who Loves him

Simon Cowell says that he will quit the show if Sanjaya wins.

American Idol Judge Paula Abdul Says She Was "Abducted By Aliens"

On the Late Show With David Letterman, Paula Abdul blamed her unusual behavior on little green men.

Fallen 'American Idol' Accused of 'Masturbating' in Front of Male Employee

"American Idol" finalist Mario Vasquez is facing accusations that he tried to masturbate in front of a male employee in a bathroom on the set of the hit show in February. Shortly after, Vasquez mysteriously dropped out of "Idol," for personal reasons.

American Idol Beauty Antonella Barba Admits Photos Were Hers

Publicists cut off questions from reporters about the photo scandal, but not before Barba admitted they were hers.

American Idol Castoff Sundance Head Gets Tragic Family News

It was a tough night for American Idol contestant, Sundance Head, but being kicked off the show was the least of his concerns.

Rosie Slams "Idol" as Racist, Weightist

Rosie O'Donnell does it again, when will a day past without her saying something that gets her in the news?

Topless Photos Don't Fool Friends of American Idol Beauty Anontella Barba

Funny how we are constantly reminded by Simon Cowell that American Idol is a "singing competition." Yet, the most famous of this year's contestants could be the least talented, thanks to some questionable photos.

A Toast To American Idol's Antonella Barba: Ebay Auction Goes Too Far!

As controversial American Idol contestant Antonella Barba teeters on the brink of American Idol fame or infamy, fans wonder how long the Jersey beauty can hang on. Hoping to make a quick buck, someone on Ebay has posted a piece of toast in her honor. Ha

Producers Of 'American Idol' To Open Summer Camp

How can you spend your summer vacation, if you're 12 to 15: Go to "American Idol" camp.

American Idol Singer Bucky Covington & Wife Split

Bucky Covington and his Wife Crystal separate after 7 years of Marriage
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China s top pop idol LAY releases  Jade
China's top pop idol LAY releases 'Jade'
Courtesy of Zhang Yixing Studio
X-Ray fluorescence revealed the idol was once painted in three colors  red  yellow  and white.
X-Ray fluorescence revealed the idol was once painted in three colors, red, yellow, and white.
Marcela Sepúlveda
The red arrows indicate where red pigments containing mercury were found  a sure sign this was cinna...
The red arrows indicate where red pigments containing mercury were found, a sure sign this was cinnabar,
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