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Identity theft News

Q&A: Consumers concerned about interacting with businesses online Special

Experian released its annual Global Identity & Fraud Report providing an insight into areas of fraud and identity theft impacting on consumers and businesses in the digital age.

Q&A: Conquering identity and access challenges amid the IoT boom Special

Managing identities and access during digital transformation is the key. However, the challenges for identity-driven security across all devices creates complex challenges, according to Ben Goodman of ForgeRock.

Q&A: Experian's 2019 Global Identity & Fraud Report Special

Experian released its annual Global Identity & Fraud Report. The report found that 70 percent of consumers said they are willing to share more personal data with online retailers. To explain why, Steve Pulley, of Experian delves deep into current trends.

New report into the extent of identity fraud released

Financial analysts Experian have released their annual “Global Identity & Fraud Report”. As well as highlighting concerns, the report indicates that consumers are willing to share more data with companies if this means enhanced security.

Q&A: Where is biometric technology heading next? Special

Facial recognition has its supporters and detractors. Is facial recognition as force for good in solving crimes or a violation of human rights? Are other types of biometrics better suited? Martin Zizi of NeuroPrint weighs in.

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are part of a bigger problem

From helping to successfully sway the Brexit vote in the UK, to aiding President Donald Trump's election campaign by the use of false statements and anti-Muslim messages to spread fear and hatred, Cambridge Analytica has changed how we view social media.

Biometrics algorithm will increase security and ID recognition Special

AU10TIX, an industry leader in ID authentication technologies, announced its release of the new Advanced Deep-Learning Beta software that will further increase security with forensic level authentication and smart face comparison.

Hyatt hotel users hit by malware

The Hyatt hotel group has issued a warning to visitors of a security breach in its customer payment system. This is due to malware found on the company's internal systems.

Identity theft: Why you need to worry beyond data breaches

Data breaches are an obvious problem these days, however, these massive exploits aren't all people need to worry about. While all eyes are on the big exploits, often the small-time criminals are also quietly raking in the cash.

FBI catch fugitive using advanced biometrics

The FBI captured fugitive Neil Stammer, who has been on the run for 15 years, thanks to the agency’s new biometric facial-recognition system.

Woman charged with posing as a doctor, giving truckers physicals

Carlisle - A Pennsylvania woman faces three charges after it was alleged she posed as a medical doctor and gave truck drivers physical exams they needed to take to keep their commercial drivers licenses.

Op-Ed: Synthetic ID theft is fastest growing cybercrime, seniors at risk

Consumers, especially seniors, should brace themselves for synthetic identity theft which is the fastest growing form of ID theft, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It's estimated to comprise of 80 to 85 percent of all identity fraud.

Child identity theft — A little known silent and growing epidemic

Children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults. When an unused Social Security number is linked to a different name, the theft will be discovered when children use their ID for the first time, often with dire consequences.

Cops accuse man of stealing ID to get illegal prescription drugs

Brooklyn - New York Cops are looking for a man they say stole a 55-year-old woman's identity to obtain prescription drugs illegally.

Op-Ed: The time bomb in your wallet

Every once in a while, those reminders of the march of time arrive. Before turning 50, it was invitations to join AARP. Now, approaching 65, it is the incessant mail about Medicare supplement programs.

With data breaches hitting SnapChat, a new rival emerges in Wickr

As security issues continue to plague the SnapChat mobile photo sharing application, a rival service appears ready to exploit the weakness.

Miami cop found guilty of identity theft, fraud

Fort Lauderdale - It wasn't the most difficult crime to commit. The 28-year-old officer just sat at his laptop and retrieved names and other information from the police database. He then submitted false income tax returns and obtained refunds.

Wisconsin man arrested, posed as neighbour in Craigslist sex ad

Waterford - It was a joke. But neither the neighbour who had men coming to her door seeking sex or the Waterford, Wisconsin police saw the humour in it.

Report: One new identity theft victim every 3 seconds in U.S.

A recently released report says in 2012 there was one new victim of identity theft every three seconds in the United States. The thefts accounted for billions of dollars.

Are passwords on the way out? EyeVerify uses 'eyeprint' security Special

Today people rely on passwords to protect digital information. For years, these strings of code have been the "keys" to access digital property. As 2013 arrives, will passwords be enough to protect valuable personal information?

Study: Offline schemes are top causes of identity fraud

A new study conducted by an insurance company says, despite the increased use of the Internet being used to conduct business, that offline schemes are the top known causes of identity fraud.

Authorities warn of Election Day identity theft related scams

Authorities in several regions across the U.S. are warning the public about Election Day-related scams. Over the past several weeks different types of scams have emerged that appear to take aim at identity theft or voter fraud.

Identity theft ring busted near San Francisco Airport Special

South San Francisco - This high-tech digital age we live in provides us with so many conveniences, especially when traveling, communicating with friends and family or shopping. Yet Identity theft and scams of all kinds is a very real danger.

Op-Ed: Australia’s proposed Internet tracking laws won’t work

Sydney - The proposal to store the data of all Australian users for 2 years has drawn a storm of outrage. Now it’s starting to look like it can’t even do the job it’s supposed to do. There are some serious weaknesses from the point of view of law enforcement

Op-Ed: Forget tax hikes and stop tax fraud

Woo hoo, Boo Boo! Houston just made another Top 5 list! Okay, maybe we should say “boo hoo” instead, because it's the list of US cities most likely to have big-time identity thieves stealing billions of dollars by filing fraudulent tax returns.

Anyone with a SSN is at risk of becoming a 'credit zombie'

Zombies are all over the news this week, but there is another very real type of zombie walking amongst us. Everyday, people are being turned into "credit zombies".

7-year-old boy's identity stolen, child ID theft on the rise

Today's society is seeing an increased occurrence of identity thefts. It is bad enough when it happens to an adult, but what about the children whose identities are being claimed by thieves at an alarmingly growing rate?

Authorities warn of rental property scams listed on Craigslist

Providence - If you're searching online for a rental property, beware of what you may encounter. Identity thieves are always looking for savvy ways to trick people.

Op-Ed: California's prisoner release continues to fail

AB 109 is an abject and utter failure, it provides for the release of prisoners from State prisons and returns them to their respective county of origin. It has failed again

Family drama exposes security hole for corporate identity theft Special

Vancouver - Can anyone with the right password hack into the Corporate Registry and erase you from your own company? A War of the Roses unfolding in Vancouver reveals there's no government protection against corporate identity theft or predatory lawyers.
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Joann Elizabeth Wingate  56
Joann Elizabeth Wingate, 56
Pennsylvania State Police
This chart shows that although 4 311 identities used by someone other than the child is used for mul...
This chart shows that although 4,311 identities used by someone other than the child is used for multiple purposes due to the longer time the identity thief can use the ID before being discovered. So when the real owner of the ID tries to use it for the first time, the consequences can be dire.
Illustration Courtesy Carnegie Mellon CyLab
Srgt. Bruce McPhillips of the South San Francisco Police Dept. said that identity theft is a major p...
Srgt. Bruce McPhillips of the South San Francisco Police Dept. said that identity theft is a major problem. "People must be extra careful these days."
Erased from his company s government records
Erased from his company's government records

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