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Algorithm can identify a person by looking at their dance style

A new study finds that each of us responds to music, if we elect to dance or shuffle, in a movement that is almost the same and characteristic of the individual. Now computers can identify the dancer with pinpoint accuracy.

ForgeRock partners Accenture for AI-powered identity governance

ForgeRock announced new artificial intelligence powered governance capabilities to help simplify and speed deployment and management. These solutions are designed to solve critical issues connected with data governance.

Painting of naked Zapata stirs uproar in Mexico

Mexico - A controversial painting of Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata has pitted his family and supporters against the work's artist and the LGBT community in a contentious dispute that erupted in heated protests Tuesday.

Q&A: 2020 predictions: Biometrics to identify verification Special

What does 2020 have in store for technological developments? The trajectory is that technology will continue to permeate deep into different aspects of society and culture, as two leading experts explain to Digital Journal readers.

Q&A: Experian's 2019 Global Identity & Fraud Report Special

Experian released its annual Global Identity & Fraud Report. The report found that 70 percent of consumers said they are willing to share more personal data with online retailers. To explain why, Steve Pulley, of Experian delves deep into current trends.

Q&A: Vibrational biometric system for identity recognition Special

Neurophysiologist Martin Zizi has invented a new form of biometric technology that is almost impossible to crack or hack. The system uses the human nervous system as its method of authentication.

Blockchain-ready adhesive ID tag to stop device theft

A new, prototype adhesive identification tag has been developed, with the aim of ensuring that valuable goods are protected from theft and in a way that does not reveal the location of the items being protected.

Growth of facial recognition software in China

Of all the counties in the word, China appears to be making the greatest use of facial recognition software, both in the public and private spheres. A new report charts the growth of image scanning systems that aim to improve security.

Interview: Ross Nodurft, former White House Cyber Chief Special

Ross Nodurft, former Chief of the Cyber and National Security team in the White House OMB has taken up a new role as Vice President of Risk Management at OWI. He talks with Digital Journal about cybersecurity and related subjects.

World Bank: 1.1 bn people 'invisible', lacking official identity

Washington - Over 1.1 billion people mainly in Asia and Africa lack official proof of identity that would get them access to public health care, education and finance, according to the World Bank.

Puerto Rico, a US cousin, mulls its status and identity

San Juan - "How pretty is the flag, is the flag of Puerto Rico!

Interview: Colton Dixon discusses new album 'Identity' and future Special

Christian recording artist Colton Dixon chatted with Digital Journal about his new studio album "Identity," and future plans.

France truck attacker 'formally identified'

Nice - The driver of the truck that smashed into a crowd watching fireworks in the French Riviera city of Nice, killing at least 84, has been formally identified, police sources said Friday.

Trans teen in Chicago: From surviving to thriving

Chicago - Sixteen-year-old Arthur Brown is finishing his second year in high school in a suburb of Chicago.

Being transgender: Facts, myths and rights

Washington - Transgender people live under dramatically varying circumstances around the world -- often facing violent repression, but also conquering crucial new rights most notably in Europe and the United States.

Are brainwaves unique to each person?

People can be differentiated through their fingerprints and retinal scans. However, what about brainwaves? Binghamton University neuroscientists seem to think so.

Brussels bombers 'named as brothers linked to Paris suspect'

Brussels - Two suicide bombers who blew themselves up in Brussels are believed to be brothers who were being sought for links with Salah Abdeslam, the prime suspect in the Paris attacks, RTBF television reported Wednesday, citing police sources.

Cops accuse man of stealing ID to get illegal prescription drugs

Brooklyn - New York Cops are looking for a man they say stole a 55-year-old woman's identity to obtain prescription drugs illegally.

Apple's TouchID fingerprint scanner hacked by Chaos Computer Club

Just 48 hours after getting their hands on the new iPhone 5S, hackers over at Chaos Computer Club in Europe have found a way to bypass Apple's TouchID fingerprint security scanner.

Cyber-bullying victim wins partial victory, can remain anonymous

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a 15-year old girl can pursue her cyber-bullies, without having to give up her identity. The court decided unanimously, the girl deserves to be protected from further victimization by having her name released.

Review: Jobriath — Fairy, Icon, Groundbreaker Special

The story of glam rock icon Jobriath Boone is one of the most fascinating and tragic tales of the latter 20th century. A new documentary captures the man behind the masks, exploring his creative genius as well as his personal demons.

German officials still seeking identity of 'Forest Boy'

Berlin - German officials are actively seeking the identity of a boy that showed up in Berlin after he'd wandered out of a forest.

German officials still seeking identity of 'Forest Boy'

Berlin - German officials are actively seeking the identity of a boy that showed up in Berlin after he'd wandered out of a forest.

Unidentified man wakes up on beach, alledgedly with amnesia

Kent - Police in Kent, England are making a public plea for anyone with information on the identity of a mystery man, said to be suffering with severe amnesia, to contact them.

Jon Venables may receive another new ID

A report on the ongoing case of convicted murderer Jon Venables, and more generally the creation of false identities by the British state.

Obama planning 'identity ecosystems' for American internet users

As cybersecurity concerns among the federal government have become more elevated, President Obama is now exploring internet IDs for American users.

The Stig battling BBC over revealing his identity

The Stig, a character on the BBC TV show Top Gear, wants to write his autobiography. That would mean revealing his identity, and that is something the BBC does not want to happen.

ATMs could make you a victim of identity theft

You could find yourself to be a victim of identity theft simply by using an ATM. Second-hand ATMs have been showing up on Craigslist and Ebay and one person was able to get 1,000 credit card numbers from it.

Mistaken identity fear as eight people are forced to flee fire

There are fears, that eight people, including three children and a small baby, who were forced to flee their home in the early hours of Sunday morning were the victims of mistaken identity.

France considers obligatory state-controlled web user names

No, today is not April Fool’s day. The French Law Commission is considering ways of obliging internet users to register their pseudonyms, or ‘handles,’ with a government agency in order to control “abuse.” Details were presented yesterday.
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Facial recognition technology  from a contamination control event in Slovenia.
Facial recognition technology, from a contamination control event in Slovenia.

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