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Ice cream News

Traces of weedkiller found in Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Ben & Jerry's, a national brand known for its quality and eco-friendly practices, has come under fire after traces of the pesticide glyphosate was found in 10 out of 11 ice cream samples tested.

Slow-melting ice-cream invented

Edinburgh - Summer is often synonymous with ice cream, especially walking through a park with a cone. The trouble is, it melts quickly often leading to sticky fingers. Not for much longer.

Review: A Denver couple goes West to pursue dream of Ice Cream Special

Sonoma - It's not everyday that a young couple would move over 765 miles just to follow a dream to open an ice cream shop. Yet that is what Joe and Ramie Hencmann did, leaving their well-established lives in Denver to venture to a place unknown, like Sonoma.

Unusual ice cream recalls raise questions over food safety

Major recalls from two popular ice cream companies have raised a number of important questions about how Listeria bacteria could have gotten into the manufacturing plants, and if the two could be related.

Dairy Queen giving away free ice cream on Monday

Customers who go to a participating Dairy Queen and DQ Grills & Chills on Monday can get themselves some free ice cream.

Breyers says 'No' to artificial growth hormones

Unilever has announced it is reformulating its Breyers brand of ice cream, making the decision to not use milk or cream from cows treated with the controversial growth hormone rBST.

Two different companies recall ice cream products

Two U.S. manufacturers of ice cream have announced product recalls due to food poisoning risks in successive days. Both of the cases relate to Listeria.

Häagen-Dazs Japan releases gold and silver ice cream

Would you believe that Häagen-Dazs Japan's releases for December 9 include in their ingredients Ashirai silver foil, wine from Bordeaux, and specks of gold leaf?

The science of ice-cream (video)

Ever wondered about the science behind ice-cream? The American Chemical Society has issued a interesting video, and one appropriate for the summer months.

Ice cream shop shares its space for new crepe business Special

Sonoma - Thanks to some very neighborly help and some wise merchant ingenuity, one local family business is helping another, get its start in the community.

HTC Nexus 9 Volantis rumored to pack some serious specifications

While no word if another Nexus smartphone will make its way to the market, the Nexus 9 tablet seems to be a sure bet. The source image was leaked with a series of speculated specs.

New 'arousing' ice cream contains low dose of Viagra

A new treat invented by "edible inventor" Charlie Harry Francis may help initiate after-dinner activities, but the aphrodisiac is not available for just anyone.

Raise a spoon America, Yuengling's Ice Cream is back

Pottsville - Yes, I said Yuengling's Ice Cream. After a 30-year hiatus, the company that shares its name with the popular Pennsylvania brewery has revived its ice cream production.

Ice cream truck drivers duke it out over Manhattan turf

New York - Food trucks are some of the most popular attractions in the streets of New York City, and every food truck owner knows that location is everything. And some drivers are willing to fight for the best spot.

Photo Essay: Survey says, 'You can't have a bad time in Savannah' Special

Savannah - Condé Nast Traveler announced the winners of its Readers' Choice Awards and Savannah, Georgia was rated one of the "friendliest" cities in the United States. One reader noted that, simply put, "you can't have a bad time in Savannah."

National Ice Cream Day in America's Best City for Ice Cream Special

Savannah - Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine ranked Savannah as the best city for ice cream and Leopold's Ice Cream is the main reason why the city got the top spot. Many celebrated National Ice Cream Day by stopping-in at Leopold's for a tasty scoop, or two.

Employers cooling as ice cream workers go on strike in Spain

Madrid - Just as Spain's hot summer weather finally kicks off, workers at Spanish ice cream factories downed tools on Friday as negotiations freeze with the industry's employer body.

Ben & Jerry's vow to go GMO-free by end of 2013

Ben & Jerry's has come forward and said that the company will be going GMO-free by the end of the year. Already a proponent for foods containing GMOs to be labeled, the company is now planning to exclude all GMOs in its products

Israeli Prime Minister cancels his annual 'ice cream budget'

Jerusalem - Revelations that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had an annual ice cream budget have some Israelis criticizing the leader.

Photo Essay: January in Coastal Georgia Special

Much of the United States is experiencing snow and icy roads that come with the winter season, but this time of the year is much different in sub-tropical areas where Camellia trees are blooming and ice only comes in the form of ice cream.

Why Libyans love ice cream suddenly

Tripoli - Libyan people were freed from an unelected regime by the 2011 revolution. Gelato or ice cream has suddenly become a newly found love, in post Gaddafi Libya, but why?

Carnival At Our Lady Of Angels In West Park, Ohio Special

Cleveland - Perhaps one of the most favorite memories of childhood is going to the carnival. Then again, its pretty magical for us big kids as well.

Photo Essay — Leopold’s Ice Cream hosts 93rd birthday block party Special

Savannah - Leopold's has been a Savannah tradition since 1919, and on Saturday the owners held a birthday block party to celebrate the ice cream parlor's 93rd birthday.

Robert Pattinson speaks out for 1st time since breakup with KStew

Robert Pattinson has given his first TV interview since his split with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, smiling and joking with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. And there are new reports suggesting he's ready to meet face-to-face with his ex.

Op-Ed: New Little Baby's Ice Cream commercial will give you nightmares

A new ad for Philadelphia's Little Baby's Ice Cream isn't the kind of spot you'd expect from such an innocently-named company. The video will make you scream for ice cream for all the wrong reasons.

Op-Ed: Baskin-Robbins to close Peterborough plant as demand increases

Peterborough - The hot summer has increased demand for the ice cream products of Baskin-Robbins. Nevertheless the company plans to close a plant in Peterborough Ontario that will result in 80 workers being laid off.

Baskin-Robbins to shut down production plant in Peterborough

Peterborough - In this exhaustive heat, who wouldn't want an ice cream, especially from the world-renowned Baskin-Robbins? The company announced that it will be shutting down a production plant in eastern Ontario that will leave nearly eight dozen people out of work.

Time to scream for ice cream at Six Flags

It is a simple question but not a simple answer, perhaps. Do people still scream for ice cream? One way to find out is listen on July 15 when it is Ice Cream Day - officially.

Leopold's Ice Cream: A family tradition in Savannah Special

Savannah - Ice cream maker and Hollywood film producer Stratton Leopold and his wife Mary carry on a family tradition of making the "VeriBest" one-of-a-kind ice cream in Savannah.

Free ice cream in Newtown, Sydney Special

Sydney - On April 14 between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Gelatissimo of 278 King Street, in Newtown handed out free ice cream to the public. Triple M radio station was present at the event.
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Tomas Fano
Wholesome Farms brand Vanilla Sundae Cup recalled.
Wholesome Farms brand Vanilla Sundae Cup recalled.
Ice cream truck
Ice cream truck
On Highway 12 in Sonoma on the way towards Agua Caliente is Michoacana Ice Cream Shop. They offer fr...
On Highway 12 in Sonoma on the way towards Agua Caliente is Michoacana Ice Cream Shop. They offer fresh made ice cream creations inspired by the foods of Mexico, like tequila, lime and fresh corn off the cob flavors. Yummy!
Michoacana Ice Cream on Highway 12 in Sonoma near Agua Caliente offers the freshest and most unique ...
Michoacana Ice Cream on Highway 12 in Sonoma near Agua Caliente offers the freshest and most unique ice cream flavor creations, inspired by Mexican food and traditions.
Italian ice cream
Italian ice cream
Alessio Damato
Bill Walsh
A Dairy Queen restaurant
A Dairy Queen restaurant
Via Dairy Queen
Interior of the London store Icecreamists
Interior of the London store Icecreamists
From Icecreamists
A photograph from the Galeteria De Luca.
A photograph from the Galeteria De Luca.
Tartufo from Pizzo: Chocolate gelato with a core of vanilla gelato  and covered in chocolate and syr...
Tartufo from Pizzo: Chocolate gelato with a core of vanilla gelato, and covered in chocolate and syrup.
Anna Fox
Ben & Jerry s new  I Dough  I Dough  brand.
Ben & Jerry's new "I Dough, I Dough" brand.
Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry’s on Washington Street in Hoboken  New Jersey
Ben & Jerry’s on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey
Three people died after eating Blue Bell ice cream products at a single hospital in Kansas. (screen ...
Three people died after eating Blue Bell ice cream products at a single hospital in Kansas. (screen grab)
USA Today
A photograph from the Galeteria De Luca; another happy customer.
A photograph from the Galeteria De Luca; another happy customer.
Chocolate syrup - shown topping ice cream
Chocolate syrup - shown topping ice cream

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