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Ice age News

Alabama's ancient underwater cypress forest giving up its secrets

Off the coast of Alabama, in the Gulf of Mexico, lies a relic from our planet's past. Submerged under 60 feet of water is an ancient cypress forest, about 60,000 years-old, preserved in place — the trees still rooted in the dirt from millennia ago.

Mysterious change in European population at end of last Ice Age

Europe's population changed rapidly thousands of years ago. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany revealed this after studying DNA samples from different regions of the continent.

Yukon fossil bones provide DNA, shakeup camel family tree

Ice age camel bones, discovered in the Yukon, are rearranging the camel family tree. Until their extinction around 13,000, western camels were quite common in western North America.

Carbon release contributed to end of last Ice Age

Southampton - Carbon dioxide released from the ocean deeps contributed to ending the last Ice Age, it’s emerged from a new study led by the UK's University of Southampton.

Study: Don't blame humans for Mastodon extinction - blame weather

The mastadon, a cousin of the elephant and the ancient wooly mammoth, has been a focus of attention for researchers in the Yukon Paleontology Program of late. The researchers have discovered the creatures lived in a different time than has been thought.

TopFinds: Inside the Taiji dolphin massacre, mini Ice Age coming?

What you need to know about the recent dolphin killings in Taiji, Japan. Is a mini Ice Age on the way? Cadbury wants to block Nestlé from trademarking the shape of KitKat bars. Learn more in this week's TopFinds.

Canada's Caribou habitat endangered because of climate change

The North American caribou, and in particular, the Woodland caribou found in the southern Canadian Rockies and northern America are already an endangered species. Now, there is concern over their specialized habitat disappearing, perhaps forever.

Op-Ed: Top 5 snow-flavoured films

Winter is coming. For many of us, that means snow. Here in Canada, it’s inevitable. This time of year, Christmas-themed films are taking over television, but what about the films that allows us to embrace winter, without the yuletide?

Preserved mammoth found in Siberia, blood intact

Apparently the first adult female to be found, the fully-grown, one-ton mammoth had blood and well-preserved muscle tissue when found in the Siberian ice. This discovery comes amidst debates on whether extinct species should be resurrected using DNA.

British museum hosts world's oldest portait

London - A 26,000 year-old carving, made on the ivory tusk of a woolly mammoth and representing the face of a person, will shortly be exhibited in London. This is probably the world's oldest portrait.

New study says modern humans, not Ice Age, killed Neanderthals

New evidence in the longstanding debate over what caused extinction of Neanderthals suggests that competition with early members of modern human species who migrated from Africa and not major climate changes caused extinction of Neanderthals.

Op-Ed: Green energy or just green money?

Al Gore has raked in millions on what was Global Warming, and is now known simply as Global Climate Change. James Lovelock, the god-father of global-warming however, has a different view.

Higher science scores lead to less climate change concern

Indications from a recent test of 1,540 respondents posits the idea that higher scientific literacy leads to a lessened concern in relation to climate change.

Human carbon dioxide emissions could prevent next Ice Age

A team of scientists say that high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could prevent the next Ice Age. The scientists say that even if carbon emissions stopped today, enough has accumulated in the atmosphere to prevent the next Ice Age glaciation.

Ice Age remains found in Britain

Nottingham - Archaeological remains from the Ice Age have been found near Nottinghamshire by workmen widening the A46 to turn it into a dual carriageway.

Debate ends on central cause of earth's cooling and warming

As the carbon dioxide management bill - aka cap and trade - looms in Congress, a new study emerges that ends the scientific debate on the central causes of ice ages and warming periods on Earth.

Plants saved the Earth from an icy doom

Fifty million years ago, the North and South Poles were ice-free and crocodiles roamed the Arctic. Since then, a long-term decrease in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has cooled the Earth.

13,000 Year-Old Mammoth Etching Could Be America's Oldest Art

The oldest known artist in North America may have been a hunter during the Ice Age. An anthropologist is making that claim after examining an etching on a 13,000-year-old bone found near Vero Beach, Florida.

Study: Post-pandemic Reforestation in New World Helped Trigger Little Ice Age

There has been growing evidence for the hypothesis that the effect of the pandemics in the Americas wasn't confined to killing indigenous peoples. Global climate appears to have been altered as well.

Lack of Sunspot Activity Equals Ice Age

No observable sunspots in the month of August correlates to a paper by two astronomers refused in 2005 by the journal Science for being too controversial. And is a possible signal of an Ice Age on the way. Not global warming!

Little Ice Age On The Way?

A researcher at the Institute of Geophysics has made the incredible assertion of an Ice Age not Global Warming as the next planetary weather event,

Ice Age Art In Jeopardy

In the Dordogne region of southwest France, lies a cave that houses Ice Age art dating back some 17,000 years ago. The walls and the art on them are now being consumed by bacteria and an unidentified black fungus.

Ice age 3 - Scratty discovers time machine

Scrat discovers a time machine and uses it ! Enjoy !

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Ice age Image

University of Calgary archaeologist Sonia Zarrillo (right) is pictured here at a research site in a ...
University of Calgary archaeologist Sonia Zarrillo (right) is pictured here at a research site in a Peruvian rock shelter. She is accompanied by Peter Leach, one of her co-authors for a new paper to be published in the Oct. 24 edition of the academic journal Science.
Walter Beckwith
Yuka  a remarkably well preserved mammoth  shows signs of lion attacks and human scavenging.
Yuka, a remarkably well preserved mammoth, shows signs of lion attacks and human scavenging.
F Latreille/Mammuthus/MCE
Several hundred craters were documented in the area  of which around one hundred were up to one kilo...
Several hundred craters were documented in the area, of which around one hundred were up to one kilometer wide.
Karin Andreassen
The Canadian ice age: being notes on the pleistocene geology of Canada  with especial reference to t...
The Canadian ice age: being notes on the pleistocene geology of Canada, with especial reference to the life of the period and its climatal conditions.
Dawson, John William
Working on entering the new cavern
Working on entering the new cavern
Société québécoise de spéléologie
Stunning image shows methane seeping up from seafloor.
Stunning image shows methane seeping up from seafloor.
Andreia Plaza Faverola
A bird flies as sun is partially eclipsed in Sidon  southern Lebanon
A bird flies as sun is partially eclipsed in Sidon, southern Lebanon
With permission by Reuters / Abdel-Halim Shahaby

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