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gTLD Registry Operators Not Monitoring for Security Threats Commissioned

Registry operators that want to ensure the security of their domains on offer and in use can quickly assess these for the presence of threats with the aid of a domain reputation checker.

Warning issued over attacks on internet infrastructure

San Francisco - Key parts of the internet infrastructure face large-scale attacks that threaten the global system of web traffic, the internet's address keeper warned Friday.

Web security upgrade delayed over fears 60m could lose connection

A major security upgrade to infrastructure that supports the entire Internet has been delayed over fears it could knock 60 million people offline. ICANN was preparing to change cryptographic keys to boost security but has put the plans on hold until 2018.

US cuts cord on internet oversight

Washington - The US government on Saturday ended its formal oversight role over the internet, handing over management of the online address system to a global non-profit entity.

US to 'hand over' the system that controls the internet

The United States has announced it is ready to concede control of the internet's Domain Naming System (DNS), a vital component of the web that maps human-readable web addresses to numerical IP addresses. A non-profit organisation will now control DNS.

Op-Ed: Fixing a flawed domain name registration system

The process of registering any domain you wish is far too simple, way too easy to manipulate and has potentially left thousands of individuals broke, homeless and out of business. Sounds far-fetched, but it's true.

ICANN has spent $7M trying to get control of DNS from U.S. gov

Domain directory manager ICANN is reported to have spent nearly $7 million trying to gain complete control of the global DNS registries from the U.S. government in a bid to dominate how web address are allocated online.

ICANN investigates inappropiate usage of .sucks domain name

ICANN is investigating a Canadian domain registrar that is using the ".sucks" domain to get sums of up to $2,500 from celebrities and brands who are eager to protect themselves from the domain being used to negatively portray their company.

Google pays $25 million to acquire the '.app' domain

Google has acquired exclusive rights to the new top-level domain ".app" in a deal with ICANN worth $25 million. One of several that the tech giant has applied for in recent years, it is currently unknown how the company will use the domain.

Hackers trick way into ICANN computers

San Francisco - The private agency that acts as a gatekeeper for the Internet said that hackers tricked their way into its computers.

States and corporations grab for reins of the Internet

San Francisco - As the US steps back from overseeing the group entrusted to essentially run the Internet, states and corporations are grabbing for the reins.

Powerful body that runs Internet backbone mulls future

London - Some came in suits, some came in stilettos, and some came in sci-fi t-shirts, but together they could shape the future of the Internet.

New York City joins others with own Internet web address: .nyc

Forget .com or .net or any of the generic web addresses, they're now passe for businesses and other organizations in New York City. As of today New Yorkers can apply to have an '.nyc' web address.

Web conference in Brazil calls for multistakeholder approach

Braz - Delegates to an international conference on how the Internet should be governed called for a transparent, multi-stakeholder approach.

Internet co-creator Cerf debunks 'myth' that U.S. runs it

Braz - The Google executive considered to be one of the fathers of the Internet on Thursday debunked what he called the "myth" that it is controlled by the United States.

Internet lords keep .wine bottled for now

San Francisco - Internet overseers are keeping .WINE and .

Global support for reduction in govt control of web domain names

Singapore - A plan to give control of the Internet's technical operations to a diverse range of groups, including governments and businesses, instead allowing the state sole power, is gathering international support.

Singapore talks on Internet's future hear plea for freedom

Singapore - Control of the Internet should be handed from US supervision to a diverse group of stakeholders, and not to governments that could limit freedoms, a meeting on the web's future heard Monday.Organisers also said that a US decision to relinquish control ...

Op-Ed: Why letting go of ICANN is a bad idea

Right now, an invisible war is waging in cyberspace. It is happening right under our noses and it will affect the way the Internet is governed for years to come – quite possibly for the remainder of our lives and well beyond.

U.S. Government to Release Control of ICANN

United States officials announced Friday plans that would lead to the relinquishment of control over Internet administration by the federal government.

U.S. senator attacks '.sucks' web address plans

Washington - A high-ranking US senator urged Internet regulators Wednesday to pull the plug on a proposed online neighborhood for website addresses ending in ".sucks."Senator John (Jay) Rockefeller argued in a letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names a...

U.S. senator rejects 'sucks' as online neighborhood

Washington - A high-ranking US senator urged Internet regulators Wednesday to pull the plug on a proposed online neighborhood for website addresses ending in ".sucks."Senator John (Jay) Rockefeller argued in a letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names a...

Web gets new neighborhoods with '.guru' and more

San Francisco - New online neighborhoods open Wednesday when a US company starts offering Web addresses ending in ".guru," ".bike" -- and even ".singles."Donuts Inc.

London to become an Internet domain

London - Got your own website? Sure you have. How would you like a .london domain for it? Or .paris? These are already in the pipeline.

Search.XXX – The red-light district for Internet porn searches

Palm Beach Gardens - ICM Registry will officially launch Thursday a new pornography search engine: Search.XXX. For porn connoisseurs and enthusiasts in the world, searches will be much more secure, narrow and categorical.

New internet domain names set for 2013

In 2013, the Internet's familiar domain names, like .com and .net, will be expanded to include a host of new domain names as the net 'opens up'. The process is being run by Icann, who have, this week, announced a new CEO.

U.S. Government Loosens Grip on Internet

The U.S. government has loosened its grip on the Internet after it granted autonomous status to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), a non-profit organization it created in 1998.

The ICANN allows all Internet Domains Names

The 32nd international meeting of the ICANN, which took place in Paris, came to an end on June 30. We learned some days ago the future availability of extensions names of personalized domains.

ICANN rejects .xxx domains

ICANN rejected the application for .xxx domains for the third time after its received the flak from Government bodies and religious leaders

ICANN Termination of RegisterFly

ICANN officially discredited today...
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