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Ibuprofen News

Short-term use of ibuprofen raises heart health concerns

A new Canadian study suggests the use of ibuprofen, and other common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), increases the risk of a person suffering from a heart attack. The risk is greatest during the first week of use.

Some common pain relievers increase the risk of cardiac arrest

Copenhagen - A new study published this month by cardiologists in Denmark has found that some pain relief medications are linked to an increase in episodes of cardiac arrest.

Ibuprofen may lower cancer risk in smokers

A new study indicates that regular use of ibuprofen could lower the risk of developing lung cancer among high-risk groups of cigarette smokers. This is based on observational data involving 10,000 people.

Serious health warning about NSAID medication

London - A study by published by the British Medical Journal has found that people who had taken any NSAID in the previous 14 days had a 19 percent elevated risk of heart failure.

Ibuprofen and a cancer drug stop Ebola

London - The anti-cancer drug toremifene and long-standing painkiller ibuprofen appear effective against the Ebola virus, according to a new study.

Op-Ed: Reckitt Benckiser misled public on Nurofen's contents, court says

An Australian court has ordered drug manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser to yank several of its Nurofen pain relief products off the shelves, saying Monday the British company misled consumers because it marketed identical products for several types of pain.

FDA give NSAIDs a health warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has toughened up the warning relating to non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is in relation to heart attacks and strokes.

Op-Ed: Can ibuprofen really extend life?

The over-the-counter drug ibuprofen increases life span in yeast, nematode worms, and fruit flies, a study shows. Would this effect really translate if taken by people?

Study: Ibuprofen could add 12 extra years of healthy life span

Sacramento - A new study finds that Ibuprofen, a common over-the-counter drug taken by millions, could significantly extend health and life span. According to the study, regular doses of the drug could have broad anti-ageing properties.

Ibuprofen and Oxcarbazepine tablets mislabelled

American Health Packaging (AHP) has recalled Ibuprofen tablets because they may contain individual blistered doses labeled as Oxcarbazepine tablets. This warning comes via the U.S. FDA.

Girl wins $109 million after ibuprofen leaves her brain damaged

A jury has awarded a $109 million payout to a teenage girl Samantha Reckis who suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction to children's ibuprofen Motrin which left her brain-damaged.

Ibuprofen linked to kidney damage in children

A new study suggests that ibuprofen, along with similar painkillers called NSAIDs, could cause kidney damage in young children, especially if taken when children are dehydrated.

Ibuprofen Best Painkiller for Kids

Deciding which medicine to give a child in pain just got easier: The first head-to-head study of three common painkillers found that ibuprofen works best, at least for kids with broken bones, bruises and sprains.

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