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Meet the 'world's fastest' AI supercomputer

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been working with IBM to create what they are claiming to be the world's most powerful scientific supercomputer.

Intellect and IBM present new digital solutions for finance

Intellect and IBM are to jointly issue a range of new digital solutions designed for corporate banking clients. These packages will be available via the IBM Cloud.

Veridium teams with IBM and Stellar on carbon credit blockchain

Veridium Labs is collaborating with IBM to help transform the carbon credit market using IBM blockchain technology with the goal of making it easier for companies to offset their environmental footprints.

Workers banned from using memory sticks

In an attempt to tackle security potential security threats, IBM has banned its employees from using portable data capture devices like USB sticks, SD cards and flash drives.

This grocery chain hopes to improve food safety using blockchain

Carrefour SA, the big France-based hyper grocery chain wants its customers to know if that chicken they purchased led a good life, and was treated humanely. To that end, your purchase will come with its very own story, thanks to blockchain.

IBM launches Watson data kits for enterprise AI adoption

IBM has launched Watson data kits to help accelerate enterprise artificial intelligence adoption. The news was delivered at the inaugural THINK conference.

IBM evolves Watson to create intelligent enterprise assistant

IBM has announced it will transform its Watson computing platform into an intelligent assistant for enterprises. The company said it will deliver conversational interfaces that combine AI and the cloud, helping businesses "transform customer experiences."

IBM's Private Cloud for Data simplifies enterprise data science

IBM has announced the launch of a new cloud to help businesses integrate AI into their solutions. The company's new Cloud Private for Data is a dedicated application layer built using containerisation. It hosts microservices for data science and AI.

IBM is launching a flying 'robotic brain' into space

An 11-pound, artificially intelligent orb is launching to the International Space Station. The robot, called the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON), will have an animated face, talk, and fly around.

IAmI taps IBM Cloud to defend enterprise networks against attack

IAmI Authentications, a B2B cybersecurity provider, has developed a real-time protection system to defend enterprise networks against intrusion attacks using stolen login credentials. IAmI can issue alerts when an ID is being used without authorisation.

IBM and Maersk form blockchain joint venture for global trade

IBM and Maersk have announced a new joint venture to develop a digitized global trade platform built around blockchain tech. The two firms said they will improve efficiency and transparency in cross-border trade by digitally transforming the industry.

IBM launches new POWER9 servers designed for AI

IBM's announced the launch of its first POWER9 server, a dual-socket system aimed at AI. The company's underlying chip can be configured with up to 44 cores and is designed to accelerate machine learning. It's claimed to be faster than Intel's platforms.

IBM transforms FlashSystem to reduce data costs

IBM has updated its all-flash storage solutions and software in order to reduce the costs of data and provide new solutions for hybrid and private cloud environments.

10th anniversary of CIX summit puts focus on AI

This year’s Canadian Innovation Exchange brought together business leaders and innovators to celebrate the unique opportunities present in Canada. Unsurprisingly, artificial intelligence was at the forefront of a lot of the conversations that took place

IBM and MIT partnering to develop artificial intelligence lab

Cambridge - IBM will spend $240 million over 10 years to develop an artificial intelligence research lab with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

IBM to use tech behind bitcoin to prevent foodborne outbreaks

Some of the world's largest food companies are making a bet that blockchain technology, the digital ledger system that underlies bitcoin, can help improve food safety.

IBM and Sony store 330TB of uncompressed data on a single tape

IBM and Sony have announced a new world record for data storage, successfully cramming 330TB of uncompressed files onto a single tape drive. The breakthrough makes tape a viable solution for the cold storage of cloud archives.

Machine learning assists with healthcare cancer screening

IBM’s supercomputer Watson, which is capable of complex artificial intelligence, has made progress in the scanning and detection of cancer. This development is set to aid the healthcare community and its an example of the digitization of healthcare.

Thinner semiconductors from IBM help with the digital revolution

Researchers are developing a new method for creating thinner semiconductors through modifications to crystals. This promises to help ease in new generation of solar power.

IBM's CEO on how blockchain will change the world

IBM has received more patents than any other company for the past 24 years. First it was cloud computing, then artificial intelligence. Now, the software giant wants to stay on top for a 25th year with blockchain.

IBM's new quantum processor is its most powerful yet

IBM has announced a new quantum processor that runs at 17-qubits, a notable performance improvement for the company. It brings IBM a step closer to creating quantum computers with more power than the very fastest traditional PCs.

IBM wants to protect seniors by tracking nearly their every move

Baby boomers aren't getting any younger, and IBM knows it. Over the last several years, the computing giant has spent much of its time researching ways to keep America's second-largest generation happy and healthy in old age.

IBM to start building 'universal' quantum computers this decade

IBM has announced it will begin manufacturing mainstream quantum computers within the next few years. The commercial first will see 50-qubit machines go on sale this decade with performance millions of times greater than current desktops.

IBM awarded 'stupid' patent for 'out-of-office' email alerts

IBM has been granted a patent for out-of-office email alerts, despite the messages having existed in email programs for three decades. The filing has been ridiculed by digital rights groups and IBM has since promised it will never use it against a rival.

IBM's Watson assists with cancer screening

Jupiter Medical Center in Florida has adopted IBM's supercomputer Watson for its oncology service, becoming the first hospital to so. The artificial intelligence platform will aid in cancer treatment decisions by providing doctors with data insights.

IBM produces nanoscale thermometer

To assist with the building of a new generation of electronic devices, including future cognitive computers, physicists have developed the world's first thermometer capable of measuring tiny temperature fluctuations at the nano-scale.

IBM sets its sights on cloud video with Ustream acquisition

IBM confirmed Thursday its acquisition of video conferencing service Ustream. It will join three other IBM acquisitions to form the company's new cloud video unit.

Op-Ed: Easy decision day; EIA crude oil inventories rise

Many Fed policymakers have been saying they will raise interest rates since March, but there are also doves among the Fed, arguing against rate hikes.

Op-Ed: Black Monday's 28th anniversary

Twenty-eight years ago Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed; a one day loss of 508 points, or 22.6 percent, down to 1,738 on what is now referred to as Black Monday. It was by far the largest one-day percentage drop in US stock market history.

Op-Ed: Africa's Problems can be solved by Africa's Innovators

What can save Africa from its grinding poverty, corrupt bureaucrats, incompetent governments and dire infrastructure? The best hope might lie with the innovations of its home grown entrepreneurs.
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Ibm Image

Leader of IBM s Green Horizon initiative: Dr. Jin Dong  Distinguished Engineer & Member of IBM Indus...
Leader of IBM's Green Horizon initiative: Dr. Jin Dong, Distinguished Engineer & Member of IBM Industry Academy, Associate Director, IBM Research - China.
Watson has had an impressive career so far and IBM has more plans for it.
Watson has had an impressive career so far and IBM has more plans for it.
Atomic Taco
Logo for Watson (computer).
Logo for Watson (computer).
MIT President  Dr. L Rafael Reif (on left) and IBM Senior Vice President  Cognitive Solutions and Re...
MIT President, Dr. L Rafael Reif (on left) and IBM Senior Vice President, Cognitive Solutions and Research, Dr. John Kelly III (on right), reach a 10-year, $240 million agreement to establish the MIT and IBM Watson AI Lab where fundamental joint research in AI hardware and software will be conducted to propel scientific breakthroughs that will unlock the potential of AI.
MIT and IBM Watson AI Research Lab
IBM Watson in a vehicle  infotainment  system
IBM Watson in a vehicle "infotainment" system
Photograph of Watson s avatar on IBM s Jeopardy set.
Photograph of Watson's avatar on IBM's Jeopardy set.
CIMON — the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion — is programmed to interact astronauts on the Inte...
CIMON — the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion — is programmed to interact astronauts on the International Space Station.
IBM/ Business Insider
Samuel J. Palmisano and Virginia M.  Ginni  Rometty at IBM s corporate headquarters in Armonk  N.Y. ...
Samuel J. Palmisano and Virginia M. "Ginni" Rometty at IBM's corporate headquarters in Armonk, N.Y. Rometty, an IBM senior vice president, was elected by the IBM board of directors to become the company's president and ninth CEO on January 1, 2012.
Jon Iwata / IBM
IBM POWER9 processor
IBM POWER9 processor
IBM s Watson will appear on Jeopardy! between February 14 and February 16
IBM's Watson will appear on Jeopardy! between February 14 and February 16
IBM Smarter Planet
The MIT campus (Photo: AboveSummit with Christopher Harting)
The MIT campus (Photo: AboveSummit with Christopher Harting)
IBM Security instructors at the company’s security business headquarters  simulate cyber attacks i...
IBM Security instructors at the company’s security business headquarters, simulate cyber attacks in the world’s first commercial cyber range at the IBM X-Force Command Center in Cambridge, Mass.
MIT and IBM Watson AI Research Lab
SKA: Artist s impression of a 100m diameter low frequency Sparse Aperture Array.
SKA: Artist's impression of a 100m diameter low frequency Sparse Aperture Array.
SKA Project Development Office and Swinburne Astronomy Productions
Harriet Green  General Manager Watson IoT  Customer Engagement and Education  IBM; and Guido Jouret ...
Harriet Green, General Manager Watson IoT, Customer Engagement and Education, IBM; and Guido Jouret, Chief Digital Officer, ABB, discuss the future of cognitive and industrial machines.
office suite
office suite
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping
IBM and Maersk have formed a joint venture for blockchain shipping
A prototype robot that could assist senior citizens by detecting vital signs  on demo at IBM s lab i...
A prototype robot that could assist senior citizens by detecting vital signs, on demo at IBM's lab in Austin, Texas.
IBM Research