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Ibadan News

Photo Essay: At a botanic garden — Reflexive visions in solitude Special

Ibadan - There is something in every city dweller that yearns for return to unspoiled nature. The world of concrete jungles in cities fosters a sense of alienation.The serenity of a park speaks to a vaguely defined yearning in us for the reflexive vision.

Photo Essay: Agodi Gardens — Metaphor of Inferno in Divine Comedy Special

This Digital Journal reporter visited the Agodi Gardens, Parliament Road, Ibadan, recently. The experience was hauntingly reminiscent of Dante Alighieri's "lost in the woods" metaphor in his Inferno, Divine Comedy.

Photo Essay: Agbeni Market — Ibadan's 'mother of markets' Special

Ibadan - Agbeni wholesalers market is the "mother of markets" in the city of Ibadan. The market specializes in wholesale distribution of processed household provisions and supplies produced by the light manufacturing industry in Lagos and Ibadan.

Photo Essay: Eleyele Dam — Painful memories of flood disasters Special

The Eleyele Dam is the source of drinking water for the parts of the city of Ibadan the Water Corporation of Oyo State's water pipe lines serve, and this is a dwindling section of the city whose growth has outpaced WCOS's extension of its water pipelines.

Photo Essay: Fun Factory, Ibadan, model children's amusement park Special

Ibadan - Ibadan has always lacked recreational facilities. When a visitor to Nigeria requests information about recreational centers, everyone recommends a trip to Lagos, a city with several tourist sites and tropical beaches in Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki.

Photo Essay: Hustle and bustle of the yuletide in Ibadan Special

Ibadan - The Christmas/New Year season—the yuletide—coincides with the harmattan or dry season in Nigeria, during which dusty and dry trans-Saharan trade winds blowing across the Gulf of Guinea in late November to December bring the rainy season to an end.

Photo Essay: A story of development — Ibadan wears a new look Special

Ibadan - This photo essay is sequel to an earlier (April, 2012) essay that documented the rehabilitation work-in-progress of the entire city's road network that began during the last two state administrations.

Photo Essay: Ibadan – 'Gege Oloorun,' challenges of urbanization Special

Ibadan - The major challenge of urban planning in the city of Ibadan springs from the fact that the city began as a refugee squatter camp. In the scramble for living space at the inception, every man simply grabbed a piece of the Earth for himself.

Photo essay: Bower's Tower, a colonial memorial of ambivalence Special

Ibadan - Bower's Tower is located on the summit of Oke-Are, the highest hill in Ibadan, from which one enjoys a commanding view of the city. Oke-Are ("The Army Chief's Hill") is the site central to Igbo-Agala (Agala Forest) in Sapati Area.

Rickety cabs and minibuses take over Ibadan roads Special

Ibadan - Nigerian state governments appear to have largely given up on efforts to control rickety vehicles on roads. Attempts that have been made to clear roads of ramshackle vehicles by issuing road worthiness certificates seem to have failed.

Saturday nightlife in Ibadan — Quiet, mellow and relaxing Special

Ibadan - Ibadan's nightlife does not aspire to compete with what major cities in the world offer night owls. Tourists seeking relatively risque night entertainment may find what the city offers rather tame.

Op-Ed: Benefits of bringing govt closer to people — Elewi Odo, Ibadan Special

Ibadan - The people of Ore-Ofe Estate, Elewi Odo recently had cause to rejoice. After decades of their suffering in silence the local authorities have finally opened up the neighborhood to the outside world with newly paved roads.

Photo essay: Skylines of Ibadan from Mapo Hill Special

Ibadan - Mapo Hill commands an all-encompassing view of Ibadan for miles around. Digital Journal reporter attempted to capture skylines of the city from Mapo Hill in several directions.

Big market scenes from Ibadan, Nigeria — Oja-Oba/Orita-Merin Special

Ibadan - The heart of the indigenous section of Ibadan originally settled by Oyo war refugees in the nineteenth century is today a massive sprawl of commodities market. Oja-Oba/Orita-Merin is as big as any commodities market you will find anywhere in the world.

Mapo Hall, Ibadan's municipal city hall monument Special

Ibadan - Mapo Hall, Ibadan's city hall, was built in 1929. The hall was first refurbished in 2008 after it had fallen into dilapidation. DJ reporter recently visited Mapo and captured images of the refurbished hilltop monument the people of Ibadan are proud of.

Iwo Road — Ibadan's legendary traffic monster Special

Several years ago in the my teens, while on a long road trip with my Dad, we decided to have a quiz competition to relieve the boredom of the monotonous stretch of road to Nigeria's steel plant at Ajaokuta.

The changing face of Ibadan — A tale of two cities Special

Ibadan - The city of Ibadan in Nigeria has recently undergone significant transformation. The last two state administrations have invested heavily in upgrading the city's road network and public buildings. But the story of Ibadan remains a tale of two cities.

The people of Ibadan welcome Keke Ajumose Special

Ibadan - Recently, the people of Ibadan noticed the appearance of tricycles nicknamed "Keke Ajumose" on city roads. People have accepted the new means of transportation as cheaper and safer than the commercial motorcycles popularly known as "okada."

Nigeria's University of Ibadan, then and now Special

Ibadan - I recently visited the campus of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria's first university. Being on the campus after many years was a nostalgic experience. The campus was where I spent my childhood. My earliest memories are closely tied to the environment.

Cocoa House: Tropical Africa's first skyscraper Special

Ibadan - The city of Ibadan in southwestern Nigeria is the site of Cocoa House, the first skyscraper in tropical Africa. The building is a modest 24 storey high-rise structure, property of Odu'a Investment Company Ltd. Cocoa House is a major landmark in Ibadan.

Photo essay: Typical Nigerian small market scenes from Ibadan Special

Ibadan - Ibadan, with a population of about 1.5 million, is a sprawling market city about 120 kilometers north of Lagos metropolis, Nigeria. Ibadan was until 1970, the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Ibadan Image

The houses are accessible only on foot. Note the mud wall house to the left. All the houses are buil...
The houses are accessible only on foot. Note the mud wall house to the left. All the houses are built from mud bricks plastered over
Fun Factory
Fun Factory
Iwo Road roundabout  after rush hour
Iwo Road roundabout, after rush hour
Onions  native condiments
Onions, native condiments
Ogunpa at Salami Estate area
Ogunpa at Salami Estate area
A tropical tree
A tropical tree
 Austin Boutique   Dugbe  Ibadan
"Austin Boutique," Dugbe, Ibadan
Fun Factory
Fun Factory
People make their way way over open drainage and sewers
People make their way way over open drainage and sewers
Eleyele  Ibadan
Eleyele, Ibadan
Christ Apostolic Church: Frontview
Christ Apostolic Church: Frontview
Gege  open sewer
Gege, open sewer
Mapo Hall  back-view from the left-side
Mapo Hall, back-view from the left-side
Administrative offices
Administrative offices
Bower s Tower
Bower's Tower
The stretch of road begins at the Gate terminus
The stretch of road begins at the Gate terminus
View of Ibadan descending Mapo Hill along the Oja-Oba mosque road
View of Ibadan descending Mapo Hill along the Oja-Oba mosque road
Communication masts at Oke-Are. But note the bushy groves  the remains of Igbo Agala  a ritual fores...
Communication masts at Oke-Are. But note the bushy groves, the remains of Igbo Agala, a ritual forest in pre-colonial times. These are now "sacred groves" where prophets and seers of the spiritual churches hold spiritual consultations.
Eleyele  Ibadan
Eleyele, Ibadan

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