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Amazon drops New York headquarters plan amid protests

New York - Amazon abandoned plans for a new headquarters in New York City on Thursday, blaming opposition from community leaders angry at the huge subsidies being offered to one of the world's most successful companies.

Amazon drops plan for New York headquarters

New York - Amazon announced Thursday it was abandoning plans for a new headquarters site in New York City, citing opposition from local politicians angry at the huge subsidies being offered to one of the world's most successful companies.

Trumps orders government to prioritize artificial intelligence

Washington - President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the US administration to give greater priority to artificial intelligence, a move seen as firing up a battle for leadership with China.

Modest praise for US reform of visa program for skilled workers

Washington - The Trump administration's new rules for a US visa program widely used for technology workers are getting cautious praise from Silicon Valley amid surging demand for high-skill employees.

Australia using new decryption powers even before planned review

Canberra - Australian security agencies have begun using sweeping new powers to access encrypted communications even before a promised review meant to address concerns from the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook.

Australia wields vast decryption powers before planned review

Canberra - Australian security agencies have begun using sweeping new powers to access encrypted communications, even before a promised review to address concerns from the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook.

Emerging economies catching up in smartphone adoption: survey

Washington - Smartphone use has become the norm in most developed nations, while many emerging economies are showing sharp gains, a global survey showed Tuesday.

Facebook at 15: a titan with grown-up woes

San Francisco - Fifteen years after its founding, Facebook has made strides toward Mark Zuckerberg's goal of connecting the world. But it has also made some huge missteps that have turned some of its cheerleaders into vocal detractors.

Facebook takes down vast Iran-led manipulation campaign

San Francisco - Facebook said Thursday it took down hundreds of accounts from Iran that were part of a vast manipulation campaign operating in more than 20 countries.

Misinformation woes could multiply with 'deepfake' videos

Washington - If you see a video of a politician speaking words he never would utter, or a Hollywood star improbably appearing in a cheap adult movie, don't adjust your television set -- you may just be witnessing the future of "fake news.

WhatsApp limits message forwarding to fight 'fake news'

San Francisco - Facebook-owned mobile messaging platform WhatsApp announced Monday it was restricting how many times any given message can be forwarded in an effort to boost privacy and security.

Russian watchdog launches 'administrative proceedings' against Facebook, Twitter

Moscow - Russia's media watchdog Roskomnadzor launched "administrative proceedings" Monday against US social media giants Facebook and Twitter, accusing them of not complying with Russian law, news agencies reported.

Chips are down for online gamblers as US moves toward new ban

Washington - US authorities have begun an effort to ban all forms of internet gambling, reversing course from a 2011 decision and imperiling a burgeoning online wagering sector in several American states.

US startup eyes next generation of burgers with relish

Las Vegas - Can a "high-tech" burger help save the planet?In one sense, it's just a patty made from plant protein.

Instagram blames 'bug' for design change that prompted backlash

Washington - Instagram said Thursday it accidentally rolled out a design change to a large number of users and quickly ended the test after complaints from users of the Facebook-owned social network.

Lawsuit adds to Facebook woes on data protection

Washington - Facebook's woes mounted Wednesday as it faced a lawsuit alleging privacy violations related to data leaked to a consultancy working on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, and as a new report suggested it shared more data with partners than it has acknowledge...

China court bans iPhone sales in patent dispute: Qualcomm

Washington - A Chinese court ordered a ban in the country on iPhone sales in a patent dispute between US chipmaker Qualcomm and Apple, according to a Qualcomm statement Monday.

Google moves to curb gender bias in translation

Washington - Google said Thursday it was tweaking its translation application with the goal of reducing gender bias.The move comes amid criticism that Google Translate often defaulted to masculine names when it converted text to another language.

Australia passes cyber snooping laws with global implications

Sydney - Australia Thursday passed controversial laws allowing spies and police to snoop on the encrypted communications of suspected terrorists and criminals, as experts warned the "unprecedented powers" had far-reaching implications for global cybersecurity.

Australia set to pass sweeping cyber laws despite tech giant fears

Sydney - Australia's two main parties struck a deal Tuesday to pass sweeping cyber laws requiring tech giants to help government agencies get around encrypted communications used by suspected criminals and terrorists.

Attack of the small screens: Africa eyes mobile gaming boom

Cape Town - An army of humans laid waste to an alien colony as South African video game maker Simon Spreckley enthusiastically controlled the action using his phone's touch screen."The penetration of mobile devices in Africa is huge.

Latest Facebook controversy puts heat on number two Sandberg

Washington - Facebook's number two executive Sheryl Sandberg, long seen as the "adult" at the youthfully-managed firm, has found herself the center of controversy over her role in pushing back at a growing chorus of criticism of the social media giant.

Facebook expands 'local news' to 400 US cities

San Francisco - Facebook announced Wednesday it was expanding its offerings of local news alerts to 400 US cities, and is now testing the feature in Australia.

New tech regulation 'inevitable,' Apple CEO says

Washington - Apple CEO Tim Cook predicts that new regulations of tech companies and social networks to protect personal data are "inevitable.

Airbnb says quarterly revenue topped $1 bn

San Francisco - Airbnb said Friday it took in more than a billion dollars in revenue in the past three months, calling it the best quarter ever for the home-sharing giant as it readies a stock market offering.

Facebook to launch independent body for calls on content

San Francisco - Facebook announced Thursday it is creating an independent body to make potentially precedent-setting calls on what content should be yanked from the social network.

Facebook shuts more accounts aimed at political meddling

San Francisco - Facebook on Tuesday said it shut down more accounts aimed at influencing the US midterm election and that it is exploring a possible link to Russia.

Cheers, fears as Amazon unveils HQ plan

Arlington - It's exciting for some, worrisome for others: The arrival of a massive headquarters of technology giant Amazon in two East Coast communities is certain to bring huge changes.

Despite restrictions, digital spending hits record in US midterms

Washington - Even as online platforms tightened rules for political ads, digital spending set new records in the 2018 US midterm elections and appears poised for further growth in 2020.Digital media campaign spending rose 2,400 percent from the 2014 midterms to $1....

Dating apps use artificial intelligence to help search for love

Lisbon - Forget swiping through endless profiles. Dating apps are using artificial intelligence to suggest where to go on a first date, recommend what to say and even find a partner who looks like your favourite celebrity.
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