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Op-Ed: Anti-Israel RFE/RL Facebook message may inspire terrorists

U.S. taxpayer-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) posted an anti-Israel Facebook message which may inspire terrorists to violence against innocent civilians.

France becoming a hostile environment for Jews

Paris - Bigots and anti-Semites aside, it’s not difficult to understand why Jews in France wonder if their people are in the early stages of the next Holocaust. The latest example is the murder of Alain Ghozland, a city councilor in Créteil, a suburb of Paris.

Op-Ed: Experts needed to face ISIL

New York - Imagine living on the back end of 150 years of ever-declining respect for scientific knowledge. Imagine living in a time when people who hold scientific views were looked down on as superstitious.

Egyptian TV host mistakes video game for Russian attacks in Syria

Cairo - The controversial Egyptian TV host, Ahmed Moussa, made an embarrassing gaffe recently after mistaking grainy video game footage for Russian airstrikes on ISIL in Syria.

Op-Ed: Walter Isaacson on U.S. media and public diplomacy

American writer Walter Isaacson, in a Broadcasting Board of Governors conversation about U.S. public diplomacy and news outreach abroad, did not get web and social media coverage from Voice of America.

Op-Ed: ISIS and Apocalyptic Islam — The threat and how to overcome it

The non-Muslim world, approximately 6 billion of us, is facing a challenge from fatalistic voices and actions born of Apocalyptic Islam — and we need to take action against this challenge.

Op-Ed: Why aren’t Islamic State terrorists Islamic terrorists?

The White House Summit on Combating Violent Extremism ended last week with much politically correct discussion, but no definite plan on how to combat violent extremism, and certainly no willingness to define it.

Op-Ed: Problems with ISIL? Just Nuke 'em says Republican Senator

Bigelow - Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert has the solution for putting ISIL in its place: Nuke the jihad out of them! Rapert fired off this salvo on his Facebook page by trotting out the idea that "God is love."

Islamic State marauders release 200 captives

Irbil - Scores of Yazidis being held captive by Islamic State were released Saturday in the Iraqi city of Irbil, Kurdish military officials reported.

Op-Ed: Anonymous vs jihadi terror? Anonymous declares war

Sydney - In a major development, online activists Anonymous have vowed vengeance for the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. This is a true game changer. ISIL and other jihadi groups have grown a worldwide presence for dissemination of propaganda online.

Australia will help Iraq smash ISIL: Abbott

Australia will step up its efforts to fight extremism in the Middle East, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott committing to “do everything we reasonably can” to help “knock off ISIL” during a surprise diplomatic mission to Baghdad.

Top 10 most pressing worldwide issues in 2015 Special

The predictions are not based on gazing into a crystal ball. Instead, research and insights from experts make the most urgent issues facing the world in 2015 crystal clear.

ISIS and Al Qaeda strike up alliance in Syria

A report from Associated Press sources says that after a year or more of fighting each other, Al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, the Jabhat al-Nusra Front and ISIS have reached an agreement to stop hostilities and work together.

Jihadists using tourist cruise ships to reach Syria

Interpol has announced that jihadists are using ever more imaginative ways to get to Syria. There is evidence that some of the militants are now posing as tourists and booking on cruise ships in the Mediterranean which dock on the Middle East coast.

Op-Ed: Why ISIS is not as strong as it appears

The myth of ISIS has been created by ignorance, sensationalism and fear. Its strengths are exaggerated and its weaknesses are underestimated — some of the worst mistakes you can make when facing an enemy.

Despite Middle East turmoil Turkey is still a tourist destination

The terror treat from the Middle East may be expected to have had a negative impact on tourism in the area but reports from tourist boards show this isn't true for neighbouring Turkey as 42 million are expected to visit the country by the end of the year.

IS militants capture, train to fly Syrian fighter jets

Aleppo - A British aid group reports that Islamic State (IS) militants have captured three fully operational Syrian fighter jets and are being trained on how to pilot them by former Iraqi military pilots.

Op-Ed: U.S. coalition risks being unwitting accomplice in Syrian carnage

In Syria lack of a long-term strategy will eventually make the United States and its coalition allies unwitting accomplices in that country's destruction.

Thousands of Indians volunteer to aid Iraq against IS

New Delhi - One day after an Islamic extremist group pledged to support IS, officials at a New Delhi mosque announce as many as 200,000 Indians have registered to volunteer against the jihadist terror group in Iraq.

Female Kurdish fighter kills IS forces in suicide bomb attack

As Islamic State (IS) forces continue to advance towards the Syrian town of Kobane, a female Kurdish fighter launched a suicide bomb attack against IS fighters.

Op-Ed: Turkey reneging on promise to confront IS

Ankara - Instead of launching tanks to hit ISIS targets 10 miles away, Turkey President Recep Tayyap Erdogan has gotten into an argument with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Australia approves airstrikes, special forces deployment in Iraq

Canberra - Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced his country will join U.S. led coalition airstrikes against ISIL, as well as send special forces units to Iraq.

Op-Ed: Turkey approves attacking ISIS

Ankara - The Turkish parliament approved attacking ISIS terrorists in a vote Thursday night. It was unclear when tanks would begin rolling but it was only a few miles to the city of Kobani, surrounded by jihadists who had already decapitated ten people.

U.S. campaign against Islamic State to likely reach $1 billion

A recent report released by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, based in Washington D.C., says the campaign against the Islamic State is going likely cost the United States at least $1 billion.

Op-Ed: Turkey on brink of attacking ISIS and ISIL

The entire equation of the already complicated fight with Islamic terrorists in the Middle East could change by the end of the week.

Op-Ed: Boehner - U.S. may have 'no choice' on combat troops fighting ISIL

Washington - House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) appeared Sunday on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and said that the United States may have no other choice than to send combat ground troops to fight the war against ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Op-Ed: Bush/Cheney foster ISIS-ISIL

Once again former President George W. Bush and his careless gun-handling vice president, Dick Cheney, are getting off the hook. Let's blame the black guy.

Op-Ed: IS blows up Saladin shrine, shrine of martyrs

Tikrit - The “Islamic State” continues to destroy every vestige of Islamic greatness it finds. In a recent act of vandalism, they destroyed the shrine to Saladin in his home birthplace, Tikrit.

Op-Ed: IS flagwaver stabs police, shot dead in Melbourne, more incidents

Melbourne - Within two days of the “Islamic State’s” call for attacks on Westerners, an 18-year-old man referred to as a terror suspect has been shot by police after attacking police officers. One of the officers was seriously injured.

Op-Ed: ISIL calls for attacks on Coalition citizens ‘in any manner’

Sydney - In a continuation of previous messages, the “Islamic State” has called for Muslims to attack Americans, Europeans, Canadians and Australians. The threat refers to “disbelievers” from nations engaged in military action against ISIL.
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A file image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on August 23  2013 allegedly shows a member...
A file image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on August 23, 2013 allegedly shows a member of Ussud Al-Anbar (Anbar Lions), a group affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), holding up the black and white Islamist flag
, YouTube/AFP/File
PALACE: Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein built one of his presidential palaces in Mosul  which ...
PALACE: Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein built one of his presidential palaces in Mosul, which was used by the US Army following the 2003 invasion.
Jim Gordon-US Army Corps of Engineers/Wikimedia Commons
Members of Islamic State march through streets in Iraq
Members of Islamic State march through streets in Iraq
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ISIL militants killing Syrian civilians
ISIL militants killing Syrian civilians
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ISIS fighters
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