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Review: Toronto 'Tartuffe' has good moments, odd directorial choices Special

Toronto - It's a tricky business, trying to make an old theatre warhorse seem fresh and new. Bold or eccentric choices can spark new life into a classic, or they can massacre it. Soulpepper's new mounting of “Tartuffe” tastes both ends of the lollipop.

Op-Ed: West may face charge of hypocrisy in blaming Russia for Flight 17

The U.S. is suggesting that Russia bears some responsibility for the alleged Ukrainian separatist missile strike that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. But when it comes to debates over who provided which weapons to whom, hypocrisy abounds...

Op-Ed: When criminals are the police

What happens when the world's criminal elite double as its police force? Recent events have provided a good opportunity to observe.

Op-Ed: Outrage over Zimmerman trial drowns more meaningful discussion

While social media is saturated with misguided consternation over the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, a more sinister trial with more important implications is proceeding under an umbrella of media silence.

Op-Ed: Nevada conservatives OK with whorehouses, not same sex marriage

Las Vegas - A recent Public Policy Poll (PPP) finds a agreement between Republicans and Democrats in Nevada. If we may quote directly from the poll results themselves... "There's one thing Nevada voters across party lines can agree on: they love them some brothels."

Op-Ed: Ann Romney thanks Hilary Rosen for 'early birthday present'

Palm Beach - Forget the faux outrage you heard last week. Ann Romney "loved it" when Hilary Rosen made the comments she made about Ann's "work history."

Op-Ed: Rick Santorum disagrees with Pope Benedict XVI on health care

Tulsa - Just like most hypocrites who cherry pick the parts of the Bible they like and disregard the parts that don't mesh with their narrow world view, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum now finds himself at odds with the Pope on the issue of health care.

Op-Ed: The parties are over - The Republicans took Congress... now what?

While there will be celebrations, parties and much elation, it won't be time to sing "happy days are here again" and then go back to sleep; instead, it will be time to do the HARD work.

Vatican enforces strict dress-code, no naked shoulders or knees

Rome - Travellers, tourists and local Romans who visit Vatican City are in for a surprise: Swiss Guard officers will turn away women with bare shoulders or wearing a mini skirt, or anyone wearing shorts. At the Vatican, too much skin is taboo.

Study: Given power, people cheat more yet judge more harshly

Based upon a recent study, researchers from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University have concluded that power inspires moral hypocrisy.

Op-Ed: ​You can't have it both ways

The idea that when government steps in to protect you from yourself is repugnant and oversteps its boundaries. This level of government intervention doesn't fit with support in individual's lives.

Op-Ed: How the Sexual Hypocrisy of Politicians Hurts Everyone

The "moral majority" in the U.S. took over the Republican Party and dominated government for years. Under a values banner, torture was excused, aggressive war applauded, and opposing views condemned. Sexual hypocrisy was wrapped in those values.

Sen. Ensign’s Adultery Called Hypocrisy with Demands He Resign

In another scandal reflecting what some people call hypocrisy in politicians, Republican John Ensign of Nevada has admitted to an extra marital affair. This time he hasn't been criticized just by the liberal press but by conservatives as well.

Popular 'Oprah' Catholic Priest Involved in Sex Sandal

Discussions about hypocrisy often occur when there is news about discrepancy between preaching and practice. No more is that better seen than in the area of sex, where now a priest is involved in a sex scandal.

Op-Ed: Is there hypocrisy regarding lobbyists in the White House?

With politicians abroad being called hypocrites for going back on their devout promises to "not" do something that others have done, should we expect any less from our Commander In Chief? "Just say no" to lobbyists in the White House now means what?

Op-Ed: Obama suppresses information from own site

Obama places security measures on in an attempt to stop the hemorrhaging of his own information. The hypocrisy of a leader of change.

OP/ED: The Hypocrisy of War Claims

Do politicians support war? Do they not support war? Is their disapproval of the current situation in Iraq just political posturing? This past week we have gotten a glimpse of what two Presidential Candidates think.

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