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Hyperinflation News

Mass migration from Venezuela largest in Latin American history

The number of Venezuelans who have fled the country's political and economic chaos has now topped 4 million — more than 12 percent of the population. It is one of the largest mass migrations in Latin American history, according to the United Nations.

IMF says Venezuela to see 1 mn percent inflation by year-end

Washington - Amid the financial and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, the country is expected to see hyperinflation reach epic proportions: a million percent a year by the end of 2018, the International Monetary Fund said Monday.

With no money to buy food, 82% of Venezuelans go without

Caracas - Venebarometro, a local firm, conducted a study in June that shed light on the economic, social and political environment in Venezuela today. The study found that almost 82 percent of those surveyed didn't have enough income to put food on the table.

Zimbabwe's new exchange rate: $5 for 175 quadrillion local ones

Zimbabwe has announced it will be phasing out its own local currency in favour of the US dollar. The Zimbabwean dollar has been subject to hyperinflation of up to 500,000,000,000 percent so that locals will get $5 USD for 175 quadrillion local dollars.

Norway: Half a billion reichsmarks found in organ in cathedral

Trondheim - A "time capsule" hidden within the organ in Nidaros Cathedral by its builder from Bavaria on January 8, 1930 has been found. It contained half a billion German reichsmarks together with a warning note.

Marc Faber delivers speech, takes on Paul Krugman

Economic forecaster of the current global financial crisis and publisher of Gloom Boom Doom Marc Faber delivered a speech in Hong Kong on Friday and took on nobel-prize winner Paul Krugman's latest article "How Did Economists Get it So Wrong?"

Senator warns of hyperinflation

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said on Tuesday that if the Federal Reserve does not control its monetary policy then the United States could see 1980s hyperinflation.

Peter Schiff: Hyperinflation Risk High, Stocks Will Crater

Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific President and author of Crash Proof, has forewarned Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation in the future.

Two loaves of bread cost $50 billion in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean central bank has now been forced to issue 50-billion Zimbabwean-dollar notes - just enough to buy two loaves of bread: if anyone can still find any bread. Minister Patrick Chinamasa announced the new bank note on Saturday.

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With inflation rising dramatically  Venezuelans face worsening food shortages.
With inflation rising dramatically, Venezuelans face worsening food shortages.
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