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Hygiene News

Study: Oral microbiome equals good dental health

Regular dental visits, plus a regimented brushing regime coupled with flossing are recommended by dentists. A new study, looking at the microbiome of the mouth, provides support for such regimes for overall health.

Role of the environment in C. diff transmission

San Josecito - A new review of how readily the hospital associated pathogen Clostridium difficile has been published. The review adds further evidence to the importance of contamination control in the hospital setting.

Significant decline in food safety inspections

London - In the U.K. the number of food safety inspections conducted at places where food is served to the public have declined by 15 percent, due to government cuts. Is this placing consumers at greater risk?

Farm exposure at a young age helps with disease resistance

As part of the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ philosophy, some medical researchers argue that young children should visit farms and become exposed to animals in order to build up resistance.

Five startling hygiene facts

Health and hygiene are important issues and often need to go hand-in-hand in order to minimize the risk of infection. Have you ever wondered what the top five stomach churning hygiene facts might be?

How long can Ebola survive for?

Pitsburg - The Ebola virus is adept at moving from from person to person via direct contact with infected body fluids. However, how long can the virus survive outside of the body? New research seeks an answer.

Five things cleaner than your smartphone

Smartphone are known for carrying germs. However, did you know that there are five other common items that are “cleaner” than the cellular device? Digital Journal takes a look.

What do people get up to in washrooms?

According to a new survey, based on people in the U.S., washrooms are used for a lot of different activities (beyond the obvious).

Study: Jet-driers spread 27 times more germs than paper towels

Leeds - A new study by UK researchers has discovered that hand-driers are much more prone to spreading germs than good old fashioned paper towels.

Visitors to Minnesota State Fair warned to wash hands regularly

Visitors to this year's Minnesota State Fair are being warned by organisers to wash their hands regularly to prevent outbreaks of disease, contracted from the abundance of farm animals at the event.

Confusion over best way to brush your teeth

London - According to a study from University College London, advice on the best way to brush teeth for adults and children is confusing and inconsistent.

Forget the handshake — The fist-bump is healthier

There was a time when you could take the measure of a man’s character by the firmness of his handshake. But that ancient form of greeting may soon be a thing of the past, pushed aside by the new kid on the block, the fist-bump.

Does too much hygiene cause diabetes?

The incidence of auto-immune diseases like type 1 diabetes and allergies has risen dramatically in developed countries over the past 50 years. Some medics think that the cause is linked to the "hygiene hypothesis."

Hunchback King Richard III infected with worms

London - Researchers have found that King Richard III was likely infected with parasitic worms that grew to be as large as a foot in length.

Likely to use deodorant? It's all in the genes

People who carrying a certain gene variant, that determines that they have fresher underarms than others, are less likely to purchase antiperspirants or deodorants.

Op-Ed: Toronto Transit Commission Needs to Literally Clean Their Act

For decades, Torontonians have had to deal with the TTC's fiasco but we never get anything in return. Not even a streetcar nor a bus to be clean and hygienic.

Slumdog team contribution to help slum children in Mumbai

The ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ team has recently announced a commitment of £500,000 in a 5-year program to improve the lives of slum children in Central Mumbai, India.

Check Your Website for URL Hygiene

If you have a website or are planning to start one in the near future, then you should have a clean and concise URL. Having a long name makes it difficult for users to remember, and may drive away potential customers.

Half A Million Britons Change Their Underwear Once A Month

Over a third of Britons do not wash every day, almost as many eat food from the floor and one in ten doesn't wash their hands after going to the toilet. That is what a survey revealed about our British friends.

OP-ED: Men and Movies - Do They Really Have to Tuck it Away in Public?

The other night I was clearly disturbed, perturbed, and grossed out when I was at the local Silvercity theaters to see the new movie 1408. No, the movie didn't freak me out and leave me with nightmares - quite honestly, I really didn't care for the movie.

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Washington: Occupy D.C. camp at McPherson Square
Washington: Occupy D.C. camp at McPherson Square
The infographic shows a comparison of air in a toilet washroom after hand-drying by different method...
The infographic shows a comparison of air in a toilet washroom after hand-drying by different methods.
University of Leeds

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