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Hydro News

Ontario cancels $3.8 billion in energy contracts

The Ontario government announced Tuesday that they are cancelling the next round of renewable energy contracts for the province. They hope to save $3.8 billion in energy costs, in order to lighten the load on hydro customers.

Op-Ed: IBM accidentally discovers new family of polymers, changes world?

San Jose - Maybe the invention of fire was a good idea, after all. A missed step in a process of polymerization has discovered a super tough type of polymer. These polymers are as tough as bones, and can be made tougher.

Ontario funds new study on waterpower potential Special

The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) has announce that it will undertake an analysis and evaluation of waterpower potential in Northern Ontario. This is part of the Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) and Aboriginal community-led economic development.

Op-Ed: Ontario Energy Board tightens grip on ratepayers pocketbooks

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has changed its policies to strengthen its grip on Ontario ratepayers’ wallets by guaranteeing the continued extraction of income taxes and HST from hydro users.

Annual rate increase time for Ontario electricity distributors

North Bay - As local electricity distributors throughout Ontario file their annual rate increase applications with the Ontario Energy Board, ratepayers will begin seeing higher hydro bills.

In Patagonia, controversial dam project gets environmental OK

Santiago - A $7 billion dam project in Chile’s Patagonia that would dam two of the world’ last remaining wild rivers gained environmental approval from the Chilean government late Monday, despite protests and a growing wave of opposition.

Nova Scotia signs historic hydro power deal

Halifax - Nova Scotia families and businesses will benefit from 35 years of clean energy and more predictable, stable prices under an agreement announced yesterday, Nov. 18, by Premier Darrell Dexter.

Toronto Hydro customers may pay late charges even if not late

Toronto - The Toronto Star recently reported that Toronto Hydro is applying to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to allow it to collect from customers its portion of a $17 million lawsuit for charging excessive late payments during the 1980's and 90's.

Ontario Power Authority suggests new price for micro generators Special

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has decided it wants to revise downward the price it is prepared to pay for new grid-tied ground-based micro electricity generation, opening negotiations with a new suggested price of 58.8 cents per kWh.

Op-Ed: North Bay, Ontario, Hydro customers face 13.4% rate increase

North Bay - Over the past five years, North Bay Hydro customers' wallets are noticeably lighter after $12 million was siphoned from their pockets with the blessing of the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and North Bay City council.

CD Howe Institute: Ontario's new 'green fee' might not be legal

Toronto - Recently the Government of Ontario announced it would be sharing the costs of developing alternative green energy by charging Ontarian's with a 'green energy fee.'

Town in Angola goes without electricity for 2 months

A power outage that has lasted for two months for a village in Angola is still ongoing as attempts to repair the problem are defeating authorities. The little story about Quipeio, Angola, is serving to draw world attention to oil-rich Angola once again.

Toronto Hydro Hits the Streets to Inspect Every Handwell Covers

The crews along Queens Quay were moving at a fairly fast pace. They quickly went from one handwell cover to the next. Handwell plates cover electrical equipment and wiring in the area.

Hydro bosses top Sunshine list

"Energy sector bosses topped the annual list of Ontario civil servants and public sector workers who earned over $100,000 last year, which jumped a whopping 24 per cent over 2005."

How much do we pay for bureaucrat's salaries? We'll know later today

Taxpayers in Ontario will learn today which Ontario bureaucrats they pay the most.

Hydro One recalls seasonal LED lights

Hydro One recalls seasonal LED lights after discovering a flaw.

Joint US-Canadian Task Force To Investigate Blackout

Canada and The U.S. say they will set up a joint task force to determine the cause of the worst blackout in North American history. The task force was announced late Friday by both the White House and the office of Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chret...

President Bush to Order Review of US Power System

SAN DIEGO (voa) - President Bush says he plans to order a review of Thursday's massive power blackout in the northeast United States and Canada. Mr. Bush, speaking from California Thursday, said he suspects the U.S. electrical power system will need...

Power Coming Back Slowly in US, Canada

NEW YORK, N.Y. - TORONTO, ONT. (voa) - Power is slowly being restored Friday, across the northeastern United States and Canada, where a huge power grid failure cut electricity service to 50 million people from New York to Toronto to Detroit. Reports...

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