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Hydraulic fracturing News

Study shows energy firms set off quakes miles from waste dumps

A study of earthquakes induced by energy companies injecting fluids deep underground has revealed surprising patterns, suggesting that current recommendations for hydraulic fracturing, wastewater disposal and geothermal wells may need to be revised.

B.C. government wants to move forward with LNG Canada project

Kitimat - The proposed liquid natural gas export terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia is back in the news, with Premier John Horgan announcing plans to move forward with tax breaks for the proposed LNG project, even though it will create more pollution.

Invasive plants follow fracking into Marcellus shale forests

Invasive, non-native plant species have been making significant inroads into Pennsylvania's forests along with unconventional natural gas fracking, a long-term study by researchers has found.

Oil companies fracking dangerously close to water sources

According to a new study performed by researches at Stanford University, oil and gas companies are fracking much closer to underground water sources than previously thought.

Fracking: Methane levels 1000 higher than EPA stats at some wells

West Lafayette - The furor over fracking took a further twist this week as levels of the greenhouse gas methane were found above drilling wells, in some cases, 1,000 times greater than previous Environmental Protection Agency estimates.

Op-Ed: Is fracking dangerous to human health? Special

Four states — Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas — have confirmed that hydraulic fracturing, also called "fracking," has caused water pollution near oil and gas wells.

Yoko Ono awarded prestigious German peace prize

Berlin - "For her lasting artistic and peace-promoting political work," Yoko Ono, Japanese artist and widow of John Lennon, has won a prestigious German peace prize — the Theodor Wanner Lifetime Achievement Award.

U.S. surpasses Saudi Arabia as world’s top energy producer

U.S. oil and natural gas production surged past Saudi Arabia in 2013, making the United States the world’s largest oil-producing state.

Pennsylvania family gagged from speaking on fracking (video)

Mount Pleasant - Back in 2011, the Hallowich family sued a major oil and gas drilling company for contaminating their 10-acre farm property and drinking water and for the ensuing illness of the family. A hefty settlement was paid, along with a life-time gag order.

Sussex police defend Balcombe fracking arrests

Balcombe - The superintendent overseeing the policing operation in West Sussex has defended the arrests of those trying to prevent an oil-exploitation company from exploratory drilling in Balcombe.

Pres. Obama announces executive orders to curb greenhouse gases

Washington - President Obama outlined sweeping measures on Tuesday designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants and help local communities better prepare for devastating storms, fires, and drought.

German brewers warn Merkel against gas ventures/fracking

German industry is being pressured to explore the possibility of extracting the country's natural gas reserves. Beer makers have warned Chancellor Angela Merkel that this could damage Germany's legendary beer industry by polluting the water.

Op-Ed: Once fracking commences, is there any going back?

The battle over whether or not hydraulic fracturing is a beneficial way to access natural gas trapped beneath the Earth's surface is ongoing. The issue is a divisive one that pits fuel and jobs needs vs. environmental and health ones.

Fracking given the green light by UK government

The controversial hydraulic fracturing process has been approved in the U.K. following an earlier suspension of drilling. As a result, the process, often referred to as 'fracking', will resume.

Future of fracking still uncertain in New York State

It appears the State of New York is likely to miss a deadline to establish hydraulic fracturing regulations, and if so, this will significantly delay a determination of whether or not the controversial fuel-extraction process will be allowed in the state.

Thousands head to Capitol Hill to protest fracking Special

Washington - On Saturday, thousands were expected to arrive on Capitol Hill to protest the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or perhaps more commonly known as, fracking.

Alberta fracking may have led to Innisfail oil spill

Calgary - Hydraulic fracturing’s impact on the environment received another mark this week when an oil well blowout occurred on a farm located about a kilometer away from a fracking well in Alberta, Canada.

Canada fracking creates ‘test tube’ residents in B.C., Alberta

Calgary - Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Canada is taking its controversial operation to new levels with reports surfacing of the largest fracking job ever undertaken having occurred in northern British Columbia in 2010, using 259 million gallons of water.

Protesters arrested after hanging banner on Blackpool Tower

Blackpool - Two men were arrested for hanging banners on Blackpool Tower protesting the practice of fracking (hydraulic fracturing).

Susquehanna River named most endangered in US due to fracking

Washington - Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has led to the naming of the Susquehanna River as America’s most endangered river in an annual report listing the top ten rivers in the country at environmental risk from factors such as coal, uranium and sewage.

Study shows frack wells cause methane-contaminated drinking water

Durham - A new scientific study has, for the first time, found a pattern linking hydraulic fracturing and natural gas drilling with methane contamination of drinking water, with some contamination levels so high that faucet taps can be set on fire.

Op-Ed: Chemical-laden fracking wastewater breakthrough, says DOE, maybe

Washington - After a recently released Congressional report revealed companies involved in the controversial hydraulic fracturing process are using toxic and carcinogenic agents, the Department of Energy states a “novel” water cleaning technology is in the works.

Frack gas well blowout in northern Pennsylvania, stream tainted

Canton - A natural gas well has blown out in rural northern Pennsylvania, with reports of thousands of gallons of fracking fluid having spilled, with some fluids reaching a small stream in the area.

Study: Shale gas by fracking more dangerous than conventional gas

Ithaca - A new study released this week reveals that shale gas, the product of a highly controversial extraction method called hydraulic fracturing, brings with it a greater greenhouse gas impact than conventional oil, gas, and coal over a 20-year period.

4.7 earthquake hits Arkansas, gas well operators suspend fracking

Fort Smith - Around 800 recent earthquakes in central Arkansas, including Monday’s 4.7 tremor, and a unanimous vote by the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission (AOGC), has led to a temporary suspension of injection well operations by two natural gas companies.

Oil & natural gas fracking has a price tag for human health

North Fork - Colorado-based physician Dr. Theo Colborn, along with three colleagues, completed research on hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking,' concluding the form of accessing difficult-to-reach crude oil and natural gas poses a human health hazard.

Oil and gas bloodsport ruining Louisiana

An oil spill streams into the Gulf at more than 40,000 gallons daily. Tomorrow it might be reported as more, since earlier authorities had claimed the number at 1000 barrels and growing. What has the bloodsport for oil and gas meant for Louisiana?

La. resident fears dangers from gas exploration, drilling Special

Dolores Blalock has 50 acres of land in Sabine, Louisiana, estimated worth a lot of money for oil and natural gas, but Blalock is standing up and saying no to pollution of family land, a remarkable stance for anyone who could perhaps make millions.

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Japanese stiltgrass  or Microstegium  is one of the most common invasive plants in Pennsylvania  and...
Japanese stiltgrass, or Microstegium, is one of the most common invasive plants in Pennsylvania, and is often seen around shale gas well pads and access roads. It establishes dense stands in forest understory and chokes out native vegetation.
David Mortensen, professor of weed and applied plant ecology at Penn State.
The invasive grass Phragmites  or common reed  can be seen growing on the edges of many gas well pad...
The invasive grass Phragmites, or common reed, can be seen growing on the edges of many gas well pads in Pennsylvania.
David Mortensen, professor of weed and applied plant ecology at Penn State.
Fracking the Bakken Formation in North Dakot
Fracking the Bakken Formation in North Dakot
Joshua Doubek (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Fracking the Bakken Formation in North Dakota.
Fracking the Bakken Formation in North Dakota.
Joshua Doubek (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Lead researcher Kathryn Barlow  a doctoral student in ecology  conducts a plant survey on the edge o...
Lead researcher Kathryn Barlow, a doctoral student in ecology, conducts a plant survey on the edge of a Marcellus shale natural gas well pad.
David Mortensen, professor of weed and applied plant ecology at Penn State.
Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Pennsylvania  USA
Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Pennsylvania, USA

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