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UK PM hopefuls slam Trump tweets, but refuse to call them racist

London - The two candidates vying to become Britain's next prime minister both condemned on Monday US President Donald Trump's xenophobic tweets about progressive Democrat congresswomen as "totally offensive" and "totally unacceptable".

Britain's top diplomat under fire over EU-USSR comparison

Birmingham - Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt came under fire on Monday after comparing the EU's attitude to Brexit to that of the Soviet Union.

Shoot-to-kill: India hunts serial killer elephant

New Delhi - India's top hunter on Friday led a shoot-to-kill pursuit of an elephant whose murderous rampage through villages has left 15 people dead.

Leopard hunt banned in South Africa

For the first time in decades, hunters will not be able to participate in the leopard hunt for the 2016 season due to South African's ban.

Canada spending millions on uneconomical seal hunt

A newly released government document says the Canadian government is spending $2.5 million to monitor the annual commercial seal hunt, the largest marine mammal cull on the planet, which had an export value of only $500,000.

Japan ousted by world body over bloody Taiji dolphin hunt

Taiji - Responding to pressure from conservationists, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has suspended its Japanese member because it is involved in the controversial dolphin hunts that take place each year in Taiji.

Fear, paranoia in wooded area where Paris attack suspects hunted

Corcy - Fear gripped residents in a wooded region of northern France Thursday where security forces hunted two brothers suspected of waging a Paris magazine massacre.

Idaho game management killing elk after killing wolves

Boise - Ranchers in Idaho are asking the state government to help eliminate some of the state's elk population. The state is halfway through the wolf season, which was said to have been introduced to stop the wolves from attacking elk.

Yellowstone wolves possibly among those killed in Wyoming

Recent kills by hunters in an area bordering Yellowstone National Park have biologists and wolf-watchers worried that the Lamar Canyon Pack has again been hit by wolf hunters in the area just outside the park.

Video: Britain First on the hunt for Anjem Choudary

Walthamstow - The patriotic protest group, Britain First, increases the pressure on anti-British Muslim extremists as it conducts door-to-door search for Anjem Choudary.

Op-Ed: A wolf hunter's perspective and the solution to the debate Special

As the controversy surrounding Montana’s wolves continues to rage, Jason Maxwell took the time to answer questions and provide a hunter’s viewpoint on the issue.

625 wolves left in Montana, over 6000 permits to hunt them issued

Conservation groups are in an uproar over Montana’s decision to issue over 6000 permits to hunt the last 625 remaining wolves in the state. In addition to 6000 permits, the state loosened regulations governing the hunting of the animals.

Rumors of hidden cash in building rubble get people digging

Lleida - A building began collapsing in the city center of Lleida, Spain on June 17. Two weeks ago, it finally completely gave way. This week rumors started that there was a pile of cash hidden in the pile of rubble and that's when people started digging.

Amnesty International: U.S. must not hunt Snowden down

Amnesty International claims that whistleblower Edward Snowden should not be hunted down for disclosing top-secret information with regard to NSA's spying activities.

Massive hunt for missing planes after S.African air show Special

Tzaneen - A massive air and ground search is underway for two medium-sized aircraft that went missing after taking part in an air show in the northern town of Tzaneen, each carrying six people at the time they disappeared.

L Cool J, Linda & Chris will knock you out with 'NCIS: LA' disc Special

Linda Hunt, Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J talk about the chemistry that makes 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (now on Blu-ray/DVD) such a success. Also out this week: FlashForward, Parenthood, House, Vampire Diaries, Marmaduke, The Middle and much more.

Seal hunt opens amid protests and poor ice conditions

The annual Canadian seal hunt has started amidst protests, poor ice conditions and ongoing hostility from the European Union. This year the season opened on Thursday, April 8

Hunt for new, old species of lizards is on in Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles County Natural History Museum is conducting a hunt for the “Lost Lizards of Los Angeles," which they describe as “an unusual wildlife safari” to be conducted in backyards across the county.

Football Hooligan Bites A Chunk Off Victim's Ear

Police are searching for a football hooligan that bit off part of a man's ear at a football match earlier this year. An innocent victim tried to help a woman who was being bullied by a man.

Idaho issues wolf-hunting licenses in wake of growing population

In the coming fall and winter, licensed hunters are allowed to walk into any licensed vendor in Idaho to buy a tag which allows them to kill a gray wolf roaming around in the area.

Hunt for dog-eating croc

A hunt is being carried out for a dog-snatching croc that is picking off pets on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia’s far north Queensland.

Cheney Loves to Shoot Tame, Pen-Raised Birds

Vice President Dick Cheney's shootings don't stop at elderly attorneys. It seems he has a bloodthirsty hobby, shooting scads of tame, pen-raised birds which have no way to escape.

Police Scrutinize CCTV Images For The UK's Most Wanted Men

As this year's terror attack on London in the UK becomes more a reality in the passing moments, police step up man power on the streets whilst anti-terrorism officers launch one of the biggest man hunts for decades for the two men who planted the bomb

Cop dog on hunt for beer guzzler

Barrie police are searching for a man who broke into a home and drank the home owners beer.

Bilingual Rapist Who Has Fooled UK Police Is Still On The Run

A rapist is still on the run after jumping bail in the UK eight months ago. Police think he is in Europe

The Hunt For Insurgents

The Hunt For Insurgents.

860 seals killed in first phase of Canada hunt

Number thousands fewer than usual; official says herd depleted by warming

The Hunt is On: Canadian Officials Hope to Kill 270,000 Harp Seals

Seal hunting season opened today in Canada, but the seals are unusually scarce due to warmer temperatures and melting ice.

CCTV footage in Japan murder hunt

CCTV images showing British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker with the man suspected of killing her have been broadcast on Japanese television

Police hunt for a lewd predator

Police are on the lookout for a man who committed lewd acts infront of children.
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