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Humanity News

Essential Science: Can smiling a lot really make you feel better?

The coronavirus era may not give us too much to smile about, but being happy and walking around with a smile on your face does appear to pay dividends according to some new research from the University of South Australia.

Q&A: Globant pledges to 'Be Kind' with 2020 initiative Special

Globant (a digitally-native tech services company) has announced its Be Kind initiative to make the world a better place by transforming both organizations and people’s lives.

Review: What does it mean to be human? New London exhibit reveals all Special

London - What can an urban spaceman tells us about the human condition? These are some of the unusual objects on display at a new exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London.

New institute to look at human and AI interactions

Stamford - Stanford University has launched a new technological learning center called the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. The new institute will look at guiding artificial intelligence to benefit humanity.

The incredible 10,000-year history humanity shares with cannabis

Today, as more countries change their laws and relax the legal restrictions surrounding the use of marijuana, one thing is missing from the discussion - the incredible 10,000-year history that cannabis shares with humankind.

Exploring AI and what it means to be human

Salve Regina University is hosting the 40th Annual Humanities and Technology Association conference that will consider various ways in which technology and crisis interrelate.

Elon Musk publishes outline of plan to colonize Mars

In September, the tech mogul Elon Musk walked onto a stage in Guadalajara, Mexico, and laid out his vision to colonize Mars with his company SpaceX.

Humans will find soon that 'we're not alone in the universe'

NASA said in a recent press conference that they are closer than ever to finding alien life on other planets that that it may happen in the next 20 years.

Rapper Dan Bull takes us through 5,000 years of human achievement

Dan Bull, with all the grace of a hardcore poet, releases another awing installation of his Epic Rap series with his new song, "Civilization."

Scientists give likely explanation of human monogamy's origins

British scientists have recently explained why, unlike most mammals, humans mostly practice monogamous relationships. Why humans became monogamous was a question that plagued scientists for years.

Op-Ed: Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you

The title is a quote by Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961). Were his words meant tongue in cheek, or did he want to tell us that there is no way to define human sanity? A very different approach to this is being taken by Canadian author Stefan Verstappen.

The Ongoing Evolution of Humanity

Evolution is an ongoing process, changing and causing change in all animals in the natural world. Culturally we have come to believe that humans are no longer evolving, in fact we are and perhaps at a more rapid rate than ever before.

Luke Rudkowski: Message to humanity (video)

Luke Rudkowski of We are Change had one wish for his birthday. He asked everyone on Twitter and Facebook to make videos of themselves, saying their one message to the world.

Study: Meat-eating contributed to human conquering, domination

Stockholm - It seems if we were herbivores then we wouldn't be as advanced as we are today, at least according to a new study out of Sweden. The research found that carnivory contributed to human success and population growth.

Op-Ed: Copenhagen- Cursing is not enough

The gravestone of humanity will read “Died of stupidity”. We’ve had communism, capitalism, and now we have a new creed- Ineffectualism. If Copenhagen defines how the world intends facing its encyclopedia of disasters, start planning the wake.

Former RUF Leaders Found Guilty of War Crimes

Three former leaders of Sierra Leone’s rebel Revolutionary United Front were found guilty today of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the country’s decade-long civil war.

Biofuels 'crime against humanity'

UN is worried about the growing trend of using crops to produce biofuels as a replacement for petrol and believe this will lead to severe food shortages for the poor and cause more hunger.

United Nations Expert Says Biofuels Are Crime Against Humanity

A United Nations food expert has referred to the conversion of agricultural land to the growing of crops for fuel rather than food, a crime against humanity. He has suugested a five year ban.

Celtic art forms, ancient ideas, and pan-cultural symbolism

It’s often tough being a Celt and having to strain your heritage through interpreters. Fortunately, I can usually recognize what’s “mine” in the ongoing accumulation of deposits of information. It’s like watching sandstone form, layer by layer.

Op/Ed: Is World Population Growth Creating a Planet on the Verge of Crisis?

As of July 2007 the world population is considered to have exceeded 6.6 billion people. Our planet has immense potential and is a tough old rock, but does it have enough resources to support a population that could grow to 9.4 billion by 2050?

Op/Ed The Evolution Of Humanity

From the dawn of time we came, changing throughout the ages. Where will evolution take humanity next?

The Stars My Destination...

The Space race and the need for a new frontier.

How Do We Manage Our World?

Where is our World Going? Have We Missed the Mark?

Aim of Conference is to Help Child Soldiers

A quarter of a million children bear arms in conflicts worldwide.the situation "really is a crime against humanity ... it has to be stopped."

10 former Nazi SS members Convicted in Italty

The ten are convicted for the worst civilian massacre in Italy during World War II

Former Argentine president arrested by Spanish Police

Former Argentine President Isabel Ms. Peron was briefly detained Friday in Madrid as part of investigations into the South American country's past human rights abuses, police said.

Digital revolution tightens its grip on humanity

The growth in the use of devices that link up to global digital networks is far outstripping any other communications medium in history, according to the International Telecommunications Union's "Internet Report 2006: Digital.Life."

A Future Timeline of Humanity and the Universe

What does the future have in store for humanity? For anyone interested in Brian Holtz's theories, here are some excerpts. Do you agree with his timeline?

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Transparent woman  by an unknown artist  at the Wellcome Collection in London - the aim is to presen...
Transparent woman, by an unknown artist, at the Wellcome Collection in London - the aim is to present the human body in a different way.
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