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Human trafficking News

Obama accepts Malaysia slavery in order to seal TPP deal

Washington - The Obama administration is set to remove Malaysia from its list of the world's worst human trafficking offenders despite the existence of pervasive forced labor and sex slavery in the Southeast Asian nation.

Niger's desert is as deadly as the Mediterranean sea for migrants

Men and women coming from West and East African countries traveling through Niger's vast desert wastelands to reach Northern Africa and eventually Europe are dying in numbers equal to those who have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

Thailand promises reform after mass graves found

At least 50 Thai police officers have been punished due to suspected participation in human trafficking. The move comes after some 32 bodies were found at an alleged trafficking camp near the Malaysian border.

King of Morocco mistaken for people smuggler off Ceuta shores

Ceuta - In a rather embarrassing incident, Spain's Civil Guard apprehended King Mohammed VI of Morocco while he was enjoying a summer boat trip in waters more commonly used by drug smugglers and human traffickers. Faces were red and apologies have been made.

Acquittal for farmers who shot 28 migrant workers sparks outrage

Athens - Two hundred immigrant farmers asked for their back pay for work in the strawberry fields. Bosses responded by blasting them with illegal firearms, wounding 28 of them. Now those involved are free prompting outrage from Greek and migrant communities.

Parents sell children to fund video-gaming habit

A couple in China allegedly sell their two young sons into human trafficking and use the money to purchase in-game virtual items for online gaming services.

Traffickers left migrants to die 'like beasts': Survivors

Rome - Horrific accounts emerged Tuesday of how 30 migrants were left to die, bolted by traffickers into the suffocating hull of an overcrowded fishing boat, as their bodies were brought to Sicily for burial."There were too many of us.

NC man charged with human trafficking, holding woman captive

Zebulon - A North Carolina man has been charged with human trafficking after allegedly holding a German woman against her will in a secret room located in a warehouse in Zebulon, North Carolina.

Op-Ed: On Sr. Rosemary's request to the media to not sugar-coat evil Special

South San Francisco - While watching Charlie Rose on PBS earlier this month, this reporter was moved by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe of Uganda asking the media to not let the subject of human trafficking become "old news" something to be forgotten.

More than 100 immigrants found in alleged Houston stash house

Houston - After receiving a tip, Houston police raided a house and found more than 100 immigrants inside, believed to have entered the U.S. illegally and held against their will. Five arrests were made.

Op-Ed: Women and Children Under Siege

The women and children of America are under siege. Domestic violence, sexual assault, child trafficking and pornography are virulent epidemics. This is not a position piece on Roe v. Wade - it is a call to action against this war on our women and children

A child trafficking network in Guinea-Bissau dismantled

On Friday, November 15, a caravan of child traffickers en route to Gambia was intercepted by police in the small West African country of Guinea-Bissau.

B.C. man sentenced to 18 months for human trafficking of nanny

Vancouver - Franco Orr became the first person in Canada to be sentenced for human trafficking under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act rather than the Criminal Code.

Asian crime groups smuggle people into Mexico border towns

Tijuana - Organized crime groups from China, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are quietly moving drugs, exotic animals and other contraband across the U.S. Mexico border. But their main products are human beings forced into prostitution.

Fresno pimp out of control in court before guilty verdict

Fresno - A California pimp who showed up in court dressed only in his underwear erupted in a wild outburst on Friday before a jury found him guilty of child sex trafficking.

France, Spain bust alleged human trafficking ring; 75 arrested

French and Spanish authorities busted an alleged human trafficking ring, arresting 75 people in connection with the smuggling of migrants from China into Europe and the United States.

Tourists fuel surge in Goa sex trafficking

Vasco Da Gama - A recently-released United Nations report blames increased tourism for a surge in sex trafficking in the Indian state of Goa.

FBI: 150 arrests, 105 children saved in child prostitution sweep

Updated: The FBI announced 150 arrests and 105 children rescued as part of a three day sweep of child prostitution and other human trafficking rings in 76 cities nationwide.

Human trafficking in suburbia? Hubby caught, wife still at large Special

South San Francisco - "Little boxes, Little boxes," as the 1962 song goes written by Malvina Reynolds, describes a life that day to day can be much the same for a suburb on the outskirts of any city.

Three men charged in Calgary human trafficking investigation

Calgary - Three Montreal men face numerous charges after a sting operation uncovered allegations of a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old woman selling sex through online ads.

Ottawa girls accused of forced pimping of teens plead not guilty

Ottawa - A former Canadian class valedictorian and two of her teen girlfriends have pleaded not guilty to forcing girls as young as 13 into prostitution after pretending to be their friends.

UK, France, Belgium agents raid suspected people smuggling gangs

London - Agents with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) have raided 35 locations in England and Scotland in an effort to put a halt to a major people-smuggling network. Forty additional raids are being carried out in Belgium and France.

Super Bowl is largest sex trafficking, prostitution event in US

Media reports are focusing attention on a statement credited to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot in 2011 about the Super Bowl. As his state prepared to host the event, he said the Super Bowl is "the single largest human trafficking incident in the US."

Rapper Talib Kweli partners with mtvU to fight human trafficking

Rapper Talib Kweli will be lending his voice to an interactive anti-human trafficking campaign launched by MTV's college network, mtvU.

Op-Ed: We can free victims of human trafficking Special

The average age of girls being trafficked in Canada is 13. “Choice” is a word that is often misused; the right word should be “prostituted”, since nobody chooses to enter the sex trade at the age of 13.

Judge says anti-sex trafficking law violates 1st Amendment

Nashville - A Federal judge has ruled a Tennessee law aimed at preventing child sex trafficking violates the First Amendment, issuing a restraining order which prevents the state from enforcing the new law.

Egyptian hospital staff arrested for baby selling operation

Cairo - Egyptian police officials have announced the arrest of five individuals who were involved in a baby selling operation at a Cairo hospital.

Op-Ed: 'Men against sexual trafficking' organize walk in Ontario

Hamilton - A walk across Ontario is being organized to raise awareness on sexual trafficking. A Facebook Group has also been set up.

Northern Ireland wants to outlaw paying for sex

Paying for sex may soon become illegal in Northern Ireland if proposed law changes are introduced. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are just a few of the reasons prostitution crackdown measures will soon be in draft legislation.

'Taken' a film based on lies yet sex-traffickers remain very real

The movie "Taken" starring Liam Neeson was based on the tragic events in the life of William Hillar. It turns out Hillar’s story was a complete fabrication. “Taken” is based on lies and not on facts at all.
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Human trafficking

Human trafficking Image

Human trafficking suspects arrested in Spain.
Human trafficking suspects arrested in Spain.
Spanish National Police
Tamar Schwatz represents and receives award for the organisation  Mesilah.
Tamar Schwatz represents and receives award for the organisation 'Mesilah.'
the(?) via
Nomi Levenkron receives presidential award.
Nomi Levenkron receives presidential award.
This young woman  shown somewhat at a distance  stands on a street in the slums of Portland  her dre...
This young woman, shown somewhat at a distance, stands on a street in the slums of Portland, her dress covering fish-net stockings, her face heavily made up.
Here are teens living on the streets of Portland in the slum area  a place that is known for human t...
Here are teens living on the streets of Portland in the slum area, a place that is known for human trafficking
Shimon Peres
Shimon Peres
This is one of the areas where kids hang out on the streets and where some become part of the trade ...
This is one of the areas where kids hang out on the streets and where some become part of the trade in drugs and human trafficking
Franco Orr  and his wife  Nicole  going to court during trial on immigration charges.
Franco Orr, and his wife, Nicole, going to court during trial on immigration charges.
Screen capture from CBC News
Police found more than 100 immigrants  believed to have entered the U.S. illegally in a Houston hous...
Police found more than 100 immigrants, believed to have entered the U.S. illegally in a Houston house.
Screen capture from Click2Houston
FBI agents arrest a suspected pimp during an Operation Cross Country VIII sting in Jackson  Mississi...
FBI agents arrest a suspected pimp during an Operation Cross Country VIII sting in Jackson, Mississippi.
Benyamin Netanyahu
Benyamin Netanyahu
A creative photo depicting human trafficking
A creative photo depicting human trafficking
Shoshana Strauss receives presidential award.
Shoshana Strauss receives presidential award.