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Parents fall off cliff while taking selfie, leave children behind

According to reports a couple was taking photos near a cliff while on vacation with their children. While taking a "selfie" with their children they slipped and fell off the edge.

After almost 62 years a married couple passes away together

Bakersfield - Don and Maxine Simpson had what anyone would call a lasting relationship. After 61 years and a few months of marriage both passed away together, within four hours of each other.

Boy with cancer receives more mail than entire town

Foxboro - Five-year-old Danny Nickerson wanted cards for his birthday, which is today. He got it in spades, or perhaps avalanches, as 30,000 cards and 3,000 gifts flooded in and more were coming.

Ozil donates World Cup winnings to help 'Brazilian kids'

Mesut Ozil decided to donate a decent chunk of his World Cup winnings to operations for 23 children in Brazil. Reports say the midfielder for Germany spent all of his winnings but have conflicting views on where the total sum ended up.

A Mouse that Roars: Report on Georgia-Russia War Three Years On Special

A strategically located speck, Georgia engaged Russia in combat in 2008. Tiny Georgia continues with American and European assistance to annoy its powerful neighbor. Borders remain uncertain; trade continues; a new movie captures, continuing, the saga.

Peter Cottontail, Move Over: Hero Bunny in Town

Once upon a time, a sweet little bunny saved the life of its owners by warning them of a potentially lethal gas leak. Hooray for Bunny, and just in time for Easter and eggs and bonnets and spring. Read on, but don’t…hop.

Foul-Mouthed Parrot Toy Has Four-Lettered Mind of Its Own

A mother in Brighton, England, lodged a complaint against a store after she bought a toy parrot for her 11-month old daughter. The foul-mouthed toy was really meant for “salty” adults. Read her ribald tale below.

Some Bizarre Breeds of Chickens

Although chickens have been domesticated for thousands of years and are found throughout the world, most of us picture them looking only one way.

Cast Offs: Reality TV Goes Beyond Art Imitating Life

A true Superman named Christopher Reeve took his disability and transformed it into an art form, inspiring the dreams of the disabled everywhere. Meet the crew of a new reality show called Cast Offs, and learn a thing or two about true nobility.

World's Oldest Joke Book Found: George Burns Lives

In keeping with that which truly sustains life; namely, the ability to laugh at it, a Cambridge academic has uncovered what is believed to be the world's oldest joke book. Read on and be…amused.

Unique Shakespearean Portrait Unveiled In London

Believed to be the only authentic image of Shakespeare rendered during his lifetime, a 300-year-old portrait has been uncovered by a London heritage group. Read on, dear Horatio, and wonder not what the literary master really looketh like.

The Latest in Fashion: Wearing Bread Like a Hat

If clothing fads are all thrown into a giant barrel only to come back much later, will everything be stale when sporting a loaf of bread on your head leaves and then returns? Learn more about a fashion show definitely meant only for the upper crust.

All Members of Italian Football Team Have Same Surname

What really is in a name? And what about all that Elizabethan ado about a rose by any other name? One football team doesn’t score too many points for originality, as all of the members have the same last name. Read on, but avoid telephone directories.

Friends, Romans, Job Applicants: Show Me Your Ears

An ancient Roman spoke similar words on the steps of the forum, and they sort of ring true today in China, where one company requires job applicants to show their ears along with their resumes during interviews. Read on but…don’t shoot the messenger.

Austrian Scientist Solves Mystery of Belly Button Fluff

After studying 503 pieces of fluff from his own belly button in a three year study, a chemist has discovered a type of body hair that traps pieces of lint and draws them into the navel. Why he did this is anyone’s guess, but read on and…contemplate.

Mahjong Marathon Causes Face Paralysis

What happens when you play mahjong too much? Well, usually nothing, but one man suffered facial paralysis after an all-night game in Shenzhen, China. Read his harrowing and rather stiff tale.

Octopus Floods Tank at Aquarium: All Await Her Next Act

An inquisitive octopus some now call Flo managed to disassemble a valve at the top of her tank at the Santa Monica Aquarium, flooding the place with some 200 gallons of seawater. Read on for more about her wet and very weird tale.

Missing Mobile Found Inside Giant Cod

An English businessman got the surprise of his life when a mobile phone he lost on a beach suddenly turned up in the belly of a giant cod. Read his amazing tale but don’t call. You’ll get a busy signal.

Student Pays Tuition In Oranges

One resourceful, cash-strapped, Chinese college student paid his course fees and living expenses with five tons of oranges, demonstrating through living example that when life gives you lemons, sometimes you need to make…orange juice!

Woman’s Wardrobe Made of Her Own Hair

A Romanian woman has used her own hair to weave herself an entire wardrobe! Are the people at Guinness listening? What human byproduct is next in line for the season’s ensembles? Read on, but hang onto clip those nail clippings, just in case.

The Wolf Who Cried Dog

One man in China was really surprised when he learned that the pet dog he had raised from a pup was actually a wolf. Read on, but watch out for that toothy grin!

Bra Saves Woman’s Life: Talk About Support

Apparently even a cheap bra can be a lifesaver as one Atlanta woman discovered this past New Years Eve. The bra strap on her left shoulder halted a bullet fired in the air that otherwise might have killed her. Read on for some uplifting details.

Blind Mechanic Never In The Dark

A Dutch mechanic has repaired cars for thirty years, despite being totally blind. Read all about how he diagnoses problems by using his hearing and sense of touch.

Cologne Crook Loses Pants: Police Nab After Chilly Pursuit

German police apprehended a robber after he escaped but lost his shirt (not to mention his pants) in his haste to flee. Read the chilly and half naked details below.

Hang From Tree and Live Longer: New Fitness Plan

Huang Fugui, 64, of Chengdu, China has devised a new way to stay fit; if one can live through the regimen, that is. He created his own gymnastic program using only a rope and a tree (and a few prayers).

Psychic Claims Communion Between Owners and Dead Pets

One psychic claims that she can help people communicate with their departed pets. If you believe that, there is also a website where her clients can read both the owners’ messages and their pet’s replies! Read on, but don’t shoot the messenger.

Dutch City Misplaces Pornography Archive

No one in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden seems to know what happened to the municipal pornography archive. One day it was there and the next, it was gone. Read on for some bare details.

Louvre Museum Presents The 'Funeral of Mona Lisa'

As part of a project on behalf of the Louvre, contemporary art is brought face to face with the masterpieces of old. Meet Franco-Chinese artist, Yan Pei-Ming, and his controversial centerpiece for the exhibition.

Chinese Hen Helps Dog Raise Puppies

In an odd twist of nature, a hen in Anqian village in Fuqing China has moved into a dog’s kennel shortly after it gave birth last month and is helping the dog to raise its puppies. Read on and learn more about this fascinating anomaly.

Student Sues University Over Lizard Poo

A student from Leeds University who spent several years collecting lizard excrement for his PhD thesis is suing the university for throwing it all away. Read on for details.
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Don and Maxine passed on together.
Don and Maxine passed on together.
YouTube, 23ABC News

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