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Human genome News

Undergrads create historic chromosone

Students at John Hopkins University created a particular yeast chromosome for the first time ever. The creation of chromosome 3 marks the first time we have created a singular gene in such a complex organism.

Op-Ed: Does 'junk' DNA really exist?

When James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the DNA structure in the 1950s, they triggered a science revolution. Their findings, contributed to the human genome sequencing completion in 2003. Today geneticists realize that there is no junk in DNA.

Op-Ed: Recent science discoveries confirm Neanderthal humanity

For many years, Neanderthal people were falsely portrayed as brutish and primitive ape-men, but with every new science discovery, anthropologists learn that Neanderthals were completely human.

New form of DNA discovered in humans

A new type of DNA has been discovered in human brain cells. The DNA, called 'microDNA', has implications of the scope of the human genome project and may offer new clues for research into genetic diseases.

Munich Researchers Discover Key Allergy Gene

Researchers have pinpointed a major gene for allergic diseases. The gene was localized using cutting edge technologies for examining the whole human genome at the Helmholtz Zentrum München.

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