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Human body News

Humans are resilient, but how much heat can the body stand?

A research paper on the potential for a catastrophic cyclone-heatwave combo in the global south has prompted a discussion by various media outlets over the unfolding heatwaves in Europe and North America and climate change.

New found 'organ' in humans found by advanced visualizing anatomy

New York - Researchers have reported that a new 'organ' has been found in people; the organ had been missed by standard methods for visualizing anatomy. The new organ is called the interstitium.

New organ discovered in the human body

Part of the human digestive system has been reclassified — and, as part of the process, a new organ has been declared. This means the human body now has 79 organs.

Body Talk: A body imaging technology based on word commands

Researchers have developed a technological platform that uses word commands to turn two dimensional images into three dimensional ones. The platform is called Body Talk.

Do our bodies really have more microbes than human cells?

Pick up a text book on microbiology or human physiology. Chances are you’ll stumble across a reference to the number of microorganisms in the human body exceeding the number of cells ten-fold. But is this correct?

Illustrating the human body with 'Microcartography'

Artist Sonja Bäumel has explored the human skin microbiome in her project 'Cartography of the Human Body'. To illustrate the diversity of the bacteria and fungi on the skin, she cultured isolates from her own body to create an innovative art project.

Too much vitamin D can be harmful

Health shops often have vitamin supplements for sale. However, with vitamin D research suggests that very high blood levels of vitamin D confer no additional benefit and could, in fact, be potentially harmful.

New unbreakable passwords hiding in the human body

Technology is being developed that will change digital security forever, starting with an unbreakable password that hides within the human body.

In Thailand, creepy bees suck on human tears

Consider yourself warned: if you start crying on the streets of Thailand, you might just find a swarm of bees landing on your face.

Human Body Parts Trade Could Increase Before Soccer World Cup

The author of a new report on the trafficking of human body parts in Southern Africa says a rise can be expected in so-called human ”muti” (medicine) trafficking ahead of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup.

American doctor claims to have cloned human embryos

Doctor Panayiotis Zavos attempted to clone the world's first human baby. He says he cloned 14 embryos and then transferred 11 of those into four women. None of the attempts resulted into a viable pregnancy.

Mapping the Human Body

At ideaCity04, one presenter was so overflowing with info that host Moses Znaimer had to enter stage right and patiently sit beside him, a silent reminder to wrap it up. But you couldn’t ask Alexander Tsiaras to gloss over the wonders of the human body.

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Scientists are also developing an Atlas of Gene Expression by Human Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells...
Scientists are also developing an Atlas of Gene Expression by Human Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells.
University of Rochester Medical Center
A digital representation of the small and large intestines and the mesentery.
A digital representation of the small and large intestines and the mesentery.
Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology

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