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Human News

DNA of unknown human species found in Pacific Islanders

By analyzing the DNA of Pacific Islanders, scientists have discovered clear evidence for the existence of a new, previously unknown human species – a discovery which could change our understanding of human evolution.

Detained Chinese lawyer wins Ludovic Trarieux rights prize

Atenas - Chinese lawyer Wang Yu, facing a possible life sentence in China, was on Saturday awarded the prestigious Ludovic Trarieux Prize for her work defending human rights, organisers announced in Athens on Saturday.

Neanderthal DNA redraws human out-of-Africa timeline

Paris - A group of modern humans that arrived in Eurasia far earlier than previously thought also had sex with Neanderthals, according to a study that redraws the migratory timeline for our species.

New human species found in S.African cave

Kuruman - The fossilised bones of 15 members of a previously unknown branch of the human family tree have been discovered in a cave in South Africa, scientists said Thursday, hailing the find as a breakthrough in evolution research.

For these 'cyborgs', keys are so yesterday

Berlin - Punching in security codes to deactivate the alarm at his store became a thing of the past for Jowan Oesterlund when he implanted a chip into his hand about 18 months ago.

Scientists grow first human brain in laboratory

Stunning but spooky – scientists have succeeded in growing the first human brain ever in a laboratory and the implications are mind-boggling.

Microsoft: Windows 10 is natural, human, intuitive and adaptable

Microsoft has kicked off its advertising campaign for Windows 10 with a series of new videos showing how some of the operating system's best new features will impact your children and the generations to come.

Russia says it can override European rights court rulings

Moscow - Russia declared Tuesday its laws take precedence over decisions by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), a claim lawyers said could let Moscow snub Europe's top rights tribunal.

Memristor circuit recreates the brain and carries out human tasks

Researchers have developed a new kind of neural circuit that uses memristor technology to replicate the complex human brain. The "intelligent" circuit was able to perform some human tasks that computers usually struggle at, such as image classification.

Human poop may contain gold in it

Denver - A new study has revealed that human feces contain microscopic nuggets of gold, as well as silver and other rare metals such as palladium.

Illinois town posts signs asking humans to stop pooping on paths

Hampton - A town in Illinois has decided to post signs that ask people to not poop on the bike paths. The signs are not aimed at animals.

Taiwanese fishermen may have found new human species

Fishermen in Taiwan may have found a new species of human beings after discovering a huge jawbone in their nets. Scientists are unable to match the fossil to any other humans known at the time.

Human waste on Everest is becoming a major problem

Officials in Nepal have warned that human waste building up on Mount Everest is becoming a major problem that could begin to spread disease on top of the world's highest mountain.

Goat with human face born in Argentina

Centro - A family is facing public accusations of bestality after one of their goats gave birth to a stillborn goat with a 'human' face.

Fish with human teeth caught in Russia

A fish with a full mouth of human teeth was caught in a river in Russia. The photo of the fish made its rounds on the internet earlier this week.

Op-Ed: Stem cell superheroes and the limits of our biology Special

Ever thought about having the powers or abilities of a superhero? We can improve our abilities by training and effort, but enhancing the human condition really has biological limits. What if we could exceed the constraints of our biology?

Chef creates burgers that taste like human flesh

James Thomlinson, a chef, got first-hand accounts of cannibalism in order to create a burger that tastes almost exactly like human flesh.

Review: Danielle Bradbery amazes on cover of Christina Perri's 'Human' Special

Country darling Danielle Bradbery, undertook a difficult challenge, to cover Christina Perri's hit song "Human," and she nailed it.

Some well-known human traits are now linked to creativity

Creativity is something that has always fascinated humanity — now scientists in those fields that typically deal with creativity have discovered a whole range of human traits which they believe indicate creativity in human beings.

U.S. MERS case 'did not' spread from human-to-human contact

Further blood tests indicate that an Illinois resident who came into close contact with an Indiana MERS patient did not contract the virus. This contradicts a previous announcement.

Humans and Neanderthals 'not so different'

Scientists have found very little evidence to suggest modern humans are superior to their Neanderthal ancestors. The research team argues that the stereotype of the primitive Neanderthal is now gradually eroding.

The first comprehensive atlas of human gene expression

Tokyo - A large international consortium has released the first comprehensive map of gene activity across the human body. It is hoped the findings can help to combat genetic diseases.

War in Central African Republic: The human side of the story Special

Bangui - In war-torn Central African Republic (CAR) the former Séléka rebels have been wreaking havoc up and down the country by looting and instituting a rule of terror and total chaos, resulting in the flight of entire populations.

Human bacteria used to make cheese that smells like body parts

An exhibit, dubbed 'Selfmade', in Dublin features eleven cheeses that were crafted with bacteria from toes and belly buttons

Dogs may really understand the human perspective

Portsmouth - Researchers have discovered that dogs may literally understand the human perspective, because they are more likely to steal food when they think nobody can see them doing it.

K-9 skull study may help children with craniofacial deformities

Bethesda - The family dog may be more than a fun and faithful companion; in fact, researchers believe dogs may help lead us to a better understanding of our heads.

Scientist Melba Ketchum claims Bigfoot DNA human-cryptid hybrid

According to a press release by DNA Diagnostics Inc., a study conducted by a team of experts, led by Dr. Melba Ketchum of Nacogdoches, TX., has confirmed that the semi-mythical Bigfoot is a relative of the human species that arose about 15,000 years ago.

Scientists discover elephants sing like humans do

A new study conducted on a dead elephant has demonstrated to researchers that elephants sing in the same way that humans do. The vocal sound is so low that it is inaudible to humans, but it is, nonetheless there.

Mars One: Human settlement on Mars in 2023

An ambitious new project has started. Mars One plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. Only one problem, you can't come back.

Music lessons help babies to develop

New research suggests that playing music to babies helps their brains to develop and leads them to become better communicators as they grow up.
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Human Image

Warner Bros
Lower jaw bone of a human (from left)
Lower jaw bone of a human (from left)
Wikimedia Commons
Ethnic Hungarians from around the world demonstrate for rights of the 1 5 million-strong Hungarian m...
Ethnic Hungarians from around the world demonstrate for rights of the 1,5 million-strong Hungarian minority in Rumania.
Hír TV
Major Hans Human  South Africa s longest serving paratrooper. His beret badge motto   Strenue   mean...
Major Hans Human, South Africa's longest serving paratrooper. His beret badge motto, "Strenue", means "Vigorously".
Communication is the key to understanding.
Communication is the key to understanding.
Large teeth of Pengh 1
Large teeth of Pengh 1
Dr. Yousuke Kaifu
The Mars Initiative
The Mars Initiative
The Mars Initiative
The Mars Initiative
The Mars Initiative
The Mars Initiative
These swords are from China s early Shang and Zhou Dynasties.
These swords are from China's early Shang and Zhou Dynasties.
Human Skull
Human Skull
American Museum of Natural History
Natural human hair
Natural human hair
Genetic information from Ethiopians and Egyptians point to a Northern exit out of Africa as the most...
Genetic information from Ethiopians and Egyptians point to a Northern exit out of Africa as the most likely route by the ancestors of all Eurasians. Image credit: Luca Pagani.
Luca Pagani
Homo erectus  Natural History Museum  Ann Arbor  Michigan
Homo erectus, Natural History Museum, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Homo erectus, Natural History Museum, Ann Arbor, Michigan
European Court of Human Rights  Strasbourg  France
European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France
marcella bona
Map of human migration out of Africa
Map of human migration out of Africa
Skull in Gough s Cage sculpted into a bowl
Skull in Gough's Cage sculpted into a bowl
The Trustees of the National History Museum, UK
The stem-cell-derived organoid (right) compared to a developing mouse brain (left)
The stem-cell-derived organoid (right) compared to a developing mouse brain (left)
Dr Lancaster and Marko Repic

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