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Streaming services dominate the 2018 Primetime Emmy awards

Los Angeles - On September 17, 2018, the 70th annual Primetime Emmy awards took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

The upward rise of Hulu and digital entertainment

Hulu has been one of the big commercial successes in the world of digital entertainment. This success comes with an increasing price. However, big media players are still prepared to pay for the video streaming company's products.

Chatting with Tetona Jackson: 'All Night' series regular on Hulu Special

Actress Tetona Jackson chatted with Digital Journal about her starring role in the Hulu web television series "All Night."

Netflix market value reaches $150 billion, exceeds Comcast

On Thursday, May 24, the streaming service Netflix ruled the entertainment world. The market value of Netflix soared over $150 billion.

Hulu surpasses 20 million subscribers in the United States

Hulu has a digital milestone to celebrate. The streaming service has surpassed 20 million subscribers in the United States.

'Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles' set for Hulu Theater at MSG

New York - "Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles" will be taking place at The Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden from May 3 to 6, 2018.

Disney reorganizing in line with its new growth initiatives

Burbank - The Disney Company announced on Wednesday, March 14 that it was reorganizing in keeping with its new growth initiatives, such as direct-to-consumer offerings.

Streaming services take over Golden Globes, become the new normal

On January 7, streaming services dominated the 75th annual Golden Globe awards, thus becoming the unremarkable new normal.

Why use new tools to tell tales? Special

Brooklyn - With new technology, storytelling is changing, allowing people to choose which plot lines to follow. But is the experience more satisfying than the traditional relationship between makers of content and its consumers?

Hulu is killing its free tier

Hulu will shut down its free service, according the The Hollywood Reporter. The free tier, which has been a big part of Hulu since the company's inception, has become a "low trafficked product," according to THR.

Hulu takes on Netflix with live TV streaming

Cable operators are winning the battle when it comes to offering TV shows and sporting events right on time. Hulu will now compete against these conventional providers with the idea of Live TV.

Hulu could produce a sixth season of 'Community'

NBC broke the hearts of many a fan when it cancelled 'Community' earlier this month. Now, reports show that Hulu is in talks to produce a final season of Dan Harmon's brainchild.

With ad budgets growing, new video advertising association formed

With Social Media Week in full swing, the formation of a new advertising organization was announced — with the intention of bringing more marketing dollars to digital video outlets on YouTube.

Chipotle to launch branded entertainment miniseries on Hulu

Chipotle Mexican Grill launches a branded entertainment miniseries on Hulu on February 17, satirizing modern industrial agricultural processing.

Hulu adds more than 130 titles with new BBC Worldwide deal

Los Angeles - The days of scouring the Internet in search of probably-illegal torrents of your favorite BBC shows have come to an end - as long as you are willing to pay, or watch ads.

Internet TV for the blind Special

Chicago - TV has become partially accessible to visually impaired people. Internet streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu continually refuse audio description for streamed content. A group of blind programmers set out to level the playing field.

With Tumblr acquired, Yahoo enters crowded bidding pool for Hulu

Coming off the heels of a $1.1 billion acquisition of popular social media blogging site Tumblr, Yahoo announced on Friday its entry into the bidding for digital video property Hulu.

Snoop Lion reboots 'One Life To Live' theme for Internet

Snoop Lion and JWoww are set to join the Internet reboot of the popular soap opera One Life To Live with a brand new hip hop theme song courtesy of the re branded and reincarnated Snoop Lion on Hulu. and ITunes April 29/13.

Op-Ed: Will TV become obsolete?

With the constantly growing technological world in which we live, one must question every form of technology and its potential demise, including television.

Nintendo Wii U's TVii service launches on December 20

On December 20, Nintendo Wii U owners in North America will be able to utilize Nintendo's TVii service which integrates your current cable, satellite, and on-demand services.

NY Post: Hulu Axing Free Streaming

Hulu could axe the free streaming service that made them such a popular online destination in a move to appease cable companies.

Missed a Sundance film? Watch it online

If you can't make it to check out the premieres at the Sundance Film Festival every January, you now can watch streaming versions of Sundance movies, new and old, via six online outlets.

Op-Ed: Kiefer Sutherland produced ‘The Confession’ CTV online TV show Special

Toronto - Just found a new show which is online only, on and it stars/produced by Kiefer Sutherland and the format is very lame. They show it in 10 minute segments with commercials. Is this how we will watch TV in the future?

Hulu launches new 'Ad Swap' that lets you choose the ad you watch

Los Angeles - Hulu, the video on demand website, is now putting you in control of online advertising. The NBC-Fox-Disney-ABC-owned company introduced "ad swap" a feature that lets you choose the commercial you want to watch.

Online ads reaching 50% of U.S. population via video

A report by ComScore has revealed 50 percent of the U.S. population have been reached by advertising through video content.

Yahoo to debut eight short-form Web series in fall

Los Angeles - It has been reported that Internet giant Yahoo is premiering eight short-form online series this October. The reality shows will feature Morgan Spurlock, Judy Greer and Niecy Nash. Each show will be aimed towards the sentimental type.

FOX Network to restrict access to online content Special

When TV web streaming was introduced to the public, affording millions of viewers with the opportunity to watch their favorite programs at their own convenience, it all seemed too good to be true. In less than three weeks' time--for some--it will be.

Op-Ed: Neighbourhood video rental store thrives in digital era Special

When I moved to Toronto almost four years ago, I had my pick of three stores to rent movies from in my neighbourhood: Blockbuster, Videoflicks and Plaza Video.

2010 sees significant decline in American TV owners

The image of family gathering together to observe news or other media has been symbolic of American culture for decades. First was the radio, then the television, then movie theatres, then movie rentals and more television.

First Game Console to Receive Hulu Support

Today the PS3 became the first game console to receive Hulu support available to all PSN plus members. How ever there are several strings attached.
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An eight-part miniseries is set to air in 2016 of Stephen King s novel  11/22/63.
An eight-part miniseries is set to air in 2016 of Stephen King's novel "11/22/63."
Screengrab from IGN report on Hulu s acquisition of  Seinfeld.
Screengrab from IGN report on Hulu's acquisition of "Seinfeld."
Title for  The Awesomes
Title for 'The Awesomes'
A Hulu booth at OSCON 2013
A Hulu booth at OSCON 2013
Garrett Heath (CC BY 2.0)
An eight-part miniseries is set to air in 2016 of Stephen King s novel  11/22/63.
An eight-part miniseries is set to air in 2016 of Stephen King's novel "11/22/63."
File photo of Toronto s Videoflicks store
File photo of Toronto's Videoflicks store