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Op-Ed: Memo: Trump is just the messenger of deeper, darker messages

Memo To: Politicians, Pundits, and Fellow Journalists From: Me Re: Don’t shoot the messenger I’ll try to keep this brief, because, after all, that’s what a memo should be. The subject line almost says it all: Don’t shoot the messenger.

Op-Ed: Major global move — Big funds divest fossil fuels investments

Paris - Maybe killing the planet and hundreds of thousands of people with respiratory problems per year isn’t as much fun as the financial gerbils say it is. Major funds are giving the boot to a massive level of investment in fossil fuels.

Verizon buys AOL for $4.4 billion

Verizon, the largest wireless carrier in the U.S., announced Tuesday it will be acquiring AOL in a landmark $4.4 billion deal.

Subway singer arrested for singing during legal performance

New York - Most of us don't expect to be arrested while doing something that's perfectly legal, but that's what happened to a musician playing his guitar on a subway platform in New York.

Scientists: Cockatoos learn to use tools by watching fellow birds

Vienna - If someone calls you a bird-brain, you may wish to consider that a compliment. Many birds, especially parrots, are very intelligent. One cockatoo in particular — the Goffin's cockatoo — has shown scientists that it can use tools to obtain food.

Dinosaur track site in Utah soon to be opened to the public

Moab - 125 million years ago, in what is now Moab Utah, dinosaurs, crocodiles, and ancient birds walked through squelchy mud, leaving footprints behind to become immortalized in a trackway that will soon be open to the public.

Ferguson police storm McDonald's, arrest reporters

Ferguson - Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, stormed a McDonald's and arrested two journalists who were recharging their phones and working on stories about the protests over the shooting deaths of two young black men.

Op-Ed: Anti-abortionists freak out over Planned Parenthood ice cream

Portland - When an ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon dedicated a flavor to Planned Parenthood, the anti-abortion crowd decided to bring the crazy.

Mammoth love: babies Lyuba and Khroma charm scientists

Detroit - These two baby mammoths may have died 40,000 years ago, but to scientists involved in a study at the University of Michigan, they are just as beautiful as the day they were born.

Bill Clinton voices his support of medical marijuana

Denver - Former president Bill Clinton has come out in favor of allowing individual states to decide whether or not to legalize marijuana, noting that there's increasing evidence that shows that medical marijuana can be beneficial for patients who are ill.

Baby rhino scared to sleep alone after mother killed by poachers

After witnessing the brutal death of his mother, Gertjie the baby rhino cried inconsolably and was unable to sleep. Not quite four months old, he is too young to fend for himself.

Open Carry Tx, Moms Demand Action spar over loaded gun in Target

Dallas - An employee inside a Target store in South Carolina found a loaded handgun in the toy aisle just a few days before activists from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched a petition demanding that the store ban people from wearing guns inside.

Op-Ed: 'Girls just want to have fun'

Warning *** Video not suitable for minors*** In truth, there is probably no further explanation required for the video. With that in mind, I have provided none.

Animal rights groups offer over $23,000 reward in NY cat killings Special

Yonkers - PETA, ASPCA and several other animal rights organizations are offering a reward of more than $23,000 to find the person who killed 25 cats and hung their bodies from a tree in a Yonkers Neighborhood.

Climate Change reaches another unpleasant milestone Special

Notch up more bad news about climate change. For the entire month of April, carbon dioxide levels have remained higher than 400 ppm. One scientist says if we act now, we can still prevent devastating climate change.

Woman finds a lizard head in her Kale Salad in Manhattan diner

After consuming over a dozen forkfuls of her salad, a woman having lunch at a Manhattan restaurant says she made a rather gruesome discovery — the head of a lizard. Not surprisingly she immediately sent the salad back and got a full refund.

Futurists leave humanity behind, focus on transhuman future

Sydney - In case you were wondering what happened to the future, it’s been moved elsewhere. Futurists now believe in a departure from the human form to a cyber version of humanity. There are a few bugs in this vision.

Op-Ed: What do The New York Times' losses tell us about good journalism?

The New York Times just posted its 12th consecutive quarterly advertising revenue decline, claiming a "complex and fragmented" market is to blame — but is it something else?

Kanye West's 'Gone' hits charts 8 years after its release

Eight years after its release, Kanye West's song "Gone" (featuring Cam'Ron and Consequence) has hit the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 18.

Op-Ed: Minimum wage debate accidentally stimulates real thinking

Sydney - The American minimum wage would be considered an atrocity in most Western countries. It’s an insult. It’s a disgrace to American history. It’s also, to the surprise of many, generating some actual thought.

Huffington Post gets new CEO

The Huffington Post will have a new person to oversee the day-to-day business of the company because it has named a new CEO.

Hurricane Sandy: Huffington Post, Gawker, Buzzfeed websites down

The Huffington Post news website is currently experiencing an outage due to power cuts after Hurricane Sandy made landfall on Monday. Readers attempting to access the website are directed to a "status page" with a message.

Op-Ed: Barack Obama at the first debate

The first 2012 US Presidential debate is in the history books. Much has been made of the President's performance, I take a slightly more personal look at what I saw.

I quit Twitter because I was branded a terrorist, says 1D's Zayn

Zayn Malik of the teen heartthrob boy band One Direction has revealed that the reason he quit Twitter earlier this year was that he’d been branded a terrorist.

Op-Ed: Beating Spam? Try beating an apathetic Internet culture first

Sydney - Global spam is now sending 94 billion messages per day that nobody wants or needs. It's truly ridiculous. It’s also absurd, when you consider possible fixes. Spam is actually a dangerous form of assault on people, businesses and everything in general.

'Fit to Print' co-producer Nancy Wolfe talks about the new film Special

Featured in articles by Digital Journal, Politico, Huffington Post and more, the new documentary film "Fit to Print" is starting to generate more and more buzz around the news-media world.

BuzzFeed builds business on predicting what content will go viral Special

Machines can learn what memes will go viral, but only humans can aggregate the content effectively to create a truly social Web experience, according to Jonah Peretti, the co-founder of BuzzFeed, a meme-focused aggregator site.

Huffington Post and New York Times fight over blog name

New York - The influential New York Times is suing Huffington Post over its new section called “Parentlode,” which sounds similar to the three-year old blog in the New York Times called the “Motherlode.”

AOL's Huffington Post launches four new sites

Major online news publisher and content aggregating blog, The Huffington Post, announced on Monday the launch of four new sections targeted mainly at teenagers, gay and transgender communities, baby boomers and married individuals.

Do not treat online news like ‘stepchild,' says Huffington

Quebec - Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post, told an audience of Canadian media executives they should expand their digital presence, rather than treat it “as a stepchild,” a move which has been detrimental to US media organizations in the past.
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