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Howard Stern News

Lady Gaga tells Howard Stern she was raped 9 years ago

New York - Lady Gaga was sexually assaulted at the outset of her music career, the grammy-award winning artist revealed Tuesday in an interview with Howard Stern.

Cassadee Pope and One Direction to sing on 'America's Got Talent'

On August 28, country singer Cassadee Pope is going to perform on the results show of the NBC reality talent competition “America’s Got Talent.”

Artie Lange shows odd behavior during recent broadcast

New York - Artie Lange was looking like his old self again during a recent broadcast of DirecTV's "The Artie Lange Show," and not in a good way.

'The Real Alex Jones' Revealed

If you think screaming and ranting about the New World Order agenda, the push for globalism and gun control, and the UN is as deep as Alex Jones goes, you're sadly mistaken.

Artie Lange and Jackie Martling talk Howard Stern Show glory days

New York - Artie Lange interviewed his Howard Stern Show predecessor Jackie Martling on Friday's "Artie Lange Show," where the two discussed their two very different demises in the same job.

Howard Stern's cross country 'AGT' taping scheduled revealed

Howard Stern headed to New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday to judge hopefuls for the new season of "America's Got Talent".

Howard Stern surprised by choice of Mel B as new 'AGT' judge

New York - Howard Stern admitted Monday that he was initially taken aback by the choice of Mel B aka "Scary Spice" as the new judge of "America's Got Talent".

Howard Stern returning to 'America's Got Talent'

Howard Stern announced on his SiriusXM radio show that he will be returning as a judge on the next season of America's Got Talent.

Shock jock Howard Stern peppers Matt Lauer with wet kisses

Matt Lauer seemed a tad uncomfortable as radio legend and popular shock jock Howard Stern laid smooches on him Thursday.

Howard Stern calls Twitter followers while drunk

Some fans who follow Howard Stern on Twitter had the chance to get a phone call from the king of media on New Year’s Eve.

TopFinds: Sex on the subway, Howard Stern's return to NBC

A Toronto couple is caught having sex on the transit subway train and later on the platform. Howard Stern will be a judge on America's Got Talent on NBC. The latest on the mysterious "God particle." These are the top stories on

America's Got Talent signs Howard Stern as new judge

New York - It's official, Sirus/XM satellite radio host Howard Stern will replace judge Piers Morgan on this summer's America's Got Talent. For the sake of Stern, the show will be moved from Los Angeles to New York.

Occupy Wall Street protesters snowed in and found by Howard Stern

New York - With the Occupy Wall Street movement calling for winter gear in the wake of Saturday's blast of snow fall, a new string of interviews by The Howard Stern Show highlights the humorous lack of focus that remains among the protesters.

CNN live shot interrupted by David Arquette fan

New York - CNN reporter Maggie Lake was broadcasting live in downtown Manhattan on the release of the Steve Jobs biography, when she was interrupted by a David Arquette fan who wanted viewers to vote for the actor on the weekly episode of Dancing With The Stars.

Howard Stern dissects Occupy Wall Street crowd

New York - Comedic radio talk show host Howard Stern featured excerpts on Monday from interviews with select Occupy Wall Street protesters, highlighting the movement's lack of focus.

Casey Anthony Tops List of Most Hated People in America

The Florida woman, acquitted last month of murdering her two year-old daughter, is America's most hated person, according to a poll.

LA Jury reaches verdict in Anna Nicole Smith trial

Los Angeles - The boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith was found guilty of helping to funnel prescription medications to the former Playboy Playmate. The jury convicted Howard K. Stern, 41, on two counts of conspiracy. He was acquitted on seven other charges.

Report: American Idol wants Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell

The producers of American Idol are hoping Howard Stern will fill Simon Cowell's shoes as a judge on American Idol, the New York Post reports. A deal has yet to be inked.

Op-Ed: 5 Reasons to Stop Hating Jay Leno’s Guts

NBC screwed up late night. Ratings tanked, Conan's out of a job, Bill Carter's working on another Late Shift best seller and everybody's blaming Jay Leno. Come on now. Is that fair?

Howard Stern co-host Artie Lange stabs self in suicide attempt

Artie Lange is in hospital after a botched suicide attempt. The Howard Stern sidekick stabbed himself nine times, according to the police.

Mr. Media Radio: Mary McCormack, star, 'In Plain Sight' Special

On June 13, 2008, my wife twisted my arm into seeing a Broadway play while we would be in New York celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.

Liberty Media to invest in Sirius XM Radio

Liberty Media has signed a deal with Sirius XM Radio in which Liberty will invest $530 million into the satellite radio provider saving the company from declaring bankruptcy.

Op-Ed: Are Voters Really Knowledgeable About U.S. Presidential Candidates?

In a video that's come to light, Howard Stern had people in Harlem interviewed about Obama, changing Obama's platform with McCain's, as well as changing Palin for Biden as the VP. The audio clips were played by Stern on his radio show on Sunday.

Mr. Media Interview: Roger Bennett, 'Camp Camp,' 'Disco Bar Mitzvah' author

My parents never sent me away to summer camp. I don’t blame them; as a kid, I was afraid of my own shadow, easily got car sick, and was not well adjusted, socially.

Anna Nicole's TV funeral

The Anna Nicole Smith story just got a little crazier!

Howard Stern Awarded $83M Bonus by Sirius

Stern earned the bonus for surpassing subscriber projections for the year 2006. He had already turned heads with a contract signed in 2004 which included $500 million in compensation.

Howard Stern to Interview Martha Stewart on Sirius Satellite Radio

In what can only be described as a disaster waiting to happen, Sirius Satellite Radio has announced that Howard Stern will interview Martha Stewart for the first time later this week.


During a recent interview on Sirius Satelite Radio, Roger Daltrey accused Howard Stern of "sniffing dirty underpants."

Pete Townshend Blows Off Howard Stern

Townshend walks out before interview.

Howard Stern and His New Audience.

Howard Stern is Heading for something newer and bigger and hopefully for a better audience.

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The Howard Stern Show is only on Sirius XM.
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