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Op-Ed: WHO announces withdrawal from some Houthi-controlled Yemen areas

The World Health Organization(WHO) announced over the weekend that they are withdrawing from the parts of Yemen in the north controlled by the Houthi rebels. The Houthis are supported by Iran.

UN Security Council backs UN call for Yemen cease fire

The United Nations Security Council has supported a call by Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres asking for all sides in Yemen to agree to an immediate ceasefire in order to concentrate on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yemen warring parties agree to UN call for a ceasefire

Five years after the Saudi-led invasion and bombing of Yemen, a ceasefire appears likely as the major warring parties have offered their support for a UN call for an immediate ceasefire which is being called because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Op-Ed: Houthis take northern Yemen province and now move south

Yemen's rebel Houthi movement reported on Tuesday that they had taken control of almost the whole of Jawf Province a northern province that borders Saudi Arabia. The advance marks one of the largest gains for the group in months.

Op-Ed: Medical flights begin from Houthi-controlled Sanaa in Yemen

On Monday flights from the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital of Sanaa began carrying patients needing urgent medical care to Amman Jordan. This is a welcome step said the World Health Organization (WHO).

Saudi shelling of Yemen marketplace claimed to kill at least 17

Shelling from Saudi Arabia forces directed at a popular marketplace across the border in Yemen has killed at least 17 people according to local sources. Indications are all killed were civilians. Saudis have not said why they attacked.

Saudi Arabia and Houthis hold secret peace talks on Yemen

Secret talks between Saudi Arabia and the Yemen Houthi movement appear to be making progress. Prisoners were released, medical patients have been evacuated and the number of attacks are down significantly.

Saudis deny Houthi claims about capture of Saudi troops

Spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, Col. Turki al Malki, that is fighting against the Houthis who control the north of the country says that the Houthi claims that thousands of Saudi troops were captured were "misleading"

Op-Ed: In Yemen US engages in direct peace talks with the Houthi rebels

US officials confirmed that they are in direct talks with the Houthis who control much of northern Yemen including the capital Sanaa. Assistant US Secretary of State David Schneker confirmed the talks to reporters in Saudi Arabia.

Op-Ed: Israel said to be planning attacks on Houthis in Yemen

As reported in the Jerusalem Post, the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida quotes sources familiar with the matter as saying that Israel is planning to start attacking targets in the Shi-ite Houthi-controlled area of northern Yemen.

Houthis claim to have taken 20 military sites in Saudi Arabia

The Houthis in Yemen have claimed that its forces crossed the border into southern Saudi Arabia taking control of more than twenty positions. Saudi Arabia is leading a military coalition against the Houthis to try and restore the previous government.

Op-Ed: U.S. may increase involvement to help Saudis in Yemen war

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis met on Wednesday with Saudi officials. American officials suggested as the meeting took place that the U.S. might provide additional military and intelligence assistance to the Saudis.

Yemeni protesters call for an end to civil war

Sanaa - Yemenis took to the streets on Friday demanding the fighting in Yemen come to an end. Although there are peace talks in Kuwait that appeared to be making progress they are now reported to have been suspended.

UN to hold Yemen peace talks on May 28

Geneva - The UN has set May 28 to begin Yemen peace talks in Geneva but only one party to the conflict may attend. The Hadi government based in Saudi Arabia demands that the rebel Houthis give up some of the territory they have taken as a condition of taking part.

Op-Ed: Saudi-led coalition to cease bombing in Yemen

Riyad - "Operation Decisive Storm" a Saudi-led bombing operation targeting Houthi rebels who control much of Yemen will be ended after nearly a month.

Op-Ed: UN imposes sanctions on Houthis but Yemen conflict continues

Sanaa - In a sign that the Saudi-led bombing campaign and offensive against Houthi rebels is not going well, the newly minted vice-president appointed by the internationally recognized president Mansour Hadi has urged the Houthi fighters to end their offensive.

Shia-Sunni bloodbath brings humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Sanaa - Yemen’s civil war is turning into a catastrophe. Russia and the United Nations have appealed for a halt in Saudi-led airstrikes to facilitate humanitarian assistance.

Op-Ed: Saudi violence continues unabated

Sanaa - Mansour Hadi was feted as the legitimate Yemen president by members of the Arab League. He resigned in January, but after managing to flee house arrest in the capital Sanaa, he sought refuge in the south in Aden where he declared he was president again.

Op-Ed: Last U.S. Special Forces evacuated from Yemen

Sanaa - Houthi fighters along with troops loyal to former president Saleh have taken control of the airport at the southern city of Taiz and also parts of the city, setting up checkpoints at entrance points. Taiz is the third largest city in Yemen.

Houthis try to extend their areas of control in Yemen

Sanaa - Houthi rebels who have taken control of the government in Yemen have extended their control into areas where they now face resistance from well-armed Sunni tribesmen as well as the Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP).

Embassies close, chaos and anarchy spread in Yemen

Sanaa - Deteriorating security and political instability in Yemen is forcing closure of foreign embassies. Saudi Arabia, Germany and Italy withdraw embassy staff from Yemen on Friday. France, Britain, the Netherlands have already closed their embassies.

Op-Ed: US closes Yemen embassy as Al Qaeda group seize military base

Sanaa - Both the US and UK close their embassies in Yemen as security deteriorates after Houthi rebels took over government. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP) took control of an army base in the south.

Op-Ed: Yemen crisis continues as Houthis control Yemen government

Sanaa - Yemen's Houthi rebels announced that they had taken over the government on Friday. Several cities saw rallies opposing the decision. The Houthis are a Shiite group while the majority of Yemenis are Sunni.

Yemen unstable as conflict spreads

Sanaa - The National Dialogue Conference(NDC) in Yemen was held between March 18, 2013 and January 24, 2014. The Conference was a transitional dialogue sponsored by the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) subsequent to former president Saleh yielding power.

Conflict continues in Yemen as new government sworn in

Sanaa - Within the last two days clashes between Houthi Shia fighters from the north attempting to extend their control over more territory and Sunni tribes in the Qifa area of al-Baydah province have killed at least 33 people.

Op-Ed: US drone strikes kill 20 in Yemen

Sanaa - On Monday night drone strikes targeting Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula(AQAP) positions near the central town of Rada killed 20 suspected militants, according to both tribal sources and witnesses.

Second ceasefire in Yemen between rebels and Sunni tribes

Sanaa - In Yemen's Ibb province rebel Shia Houthi fighters have signed a second ceasefire agreement Saturday after an earlier agreement was breached.

Houthi rebels sign UN-brokered peace deal in Yemen

Sanaa - The Houthi rebels in Yemen accepted a UN-brokered peace deal after capturing much of the capital Sanaa. The deal will require disarmament and withdrawal from areas they seized recently.

Yemen unrest continues in spite of UN-brokered cease fire

Sanaa - Just one day after the UN managed to broker a peace deal between the government and Houthi rebels, the latter raided the houses of Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar an adviser on security and defense to president Al Hadi.

Op-Ed: Likely over 50 dead in Houthi and Sunni clashes in north Yemen

Sanaa - Usually the Shia Houthis are in conflict with the central government forces as they are seeking greater autonomy however of late they are fighting with a rival Sunni Salafist clan in their northern area.
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