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Housing market News

After a hot 2017, Toronto housing market cools off

Toronto - After starting out 2017 on a red-hot streak, Toronto's housing market has screeched to a halt, and it's not because of the weather.

Canada’s housing market continues to strengthen

As concern grows over the amount of capital that banks are holding to use for mortgage lending, Canadian financial officials want to monitor the situation to watch for signs of a real estate bubble occurring.

Op-Ed: Reform needed — Study finds college debt costs housing market $83B

A new study finds that America's college debt burden is hurting the housing a tune of $83 BILLION annually. Finally putting a price tag on the student debt bubble should shock politicians into reforming higher education funding.

Is generation rent threatening the American dream?

Home-owning is an inalienable part of the American dream, or at least that’s what we've thought for the last 60 years. Since World War II, home ownership has formed the cornerstone of upward mobile aspiration.

A surge in the U.S. housing market brings economic hope

With a nation eagerly waiting for any indication of an upturn in the economy, critics are hailing a recent upsurge in home sales as a promising sign of hope.

Op-Ed: QE III: Pushing On A String

Initially, the stock market interprets inflation as a positive, as price increases on goods sold fall to the bottom line. Subsequently, rising costs wipes out all benefits of inflation to companies.

Canadian housing market may be unattainable for young adults

According to a new study by RBC Bank, the Canadian housing market could be facing some major challenges in 2013 if interest rates begin to rise. For young adults these rates and the overall costs may be a factor for living with mom and dad.

Cash-strapped couple turn double-decker bus into 2-bedroom home

A young Canterbury couple who could not afford a deposit for a house spent four months turning a neglected double-decker bus into their first home.

Housing Predictor Poll Shows Mortgage Rescue Plan to Fail

A new opinion poll developed to provide consumers with housing forecasts shows the housing rescue plan by the Obama administration to aid real estate markets will fail.

Housing Slump has Some Real Estate Agents Hitting the Highway

While some states are reporting a steady housing market, the current real estate market condition in Connecticut has agents packing their bags and hitting the road.

US Median Home Prices See Decline

Economists say that the 1 to 2 percent drop in median home prices in the US may continue into 2008 and even 2009. One of the biggest factors here is that many in the government said that this decline in pricing could not happen. . .

The Top Ten Cities for Foreclosures

With the housing market so bad all over which cities have the most foreclosures? Because of the amount of homes that were sold in certain areas in the early-to-mid-2000s these markets are really taking a fall.

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