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Hot dogs News

Betty White credits vodka and hot dogs as keys to her longevity

On January 17, iconic American actress and comedian Betty White will be celebrating her 96th birthday. She holds the record as the female with the longest television career.

Human DNA was discovered in hot dogs

Recently, Clear Food, an online food guide, released a report, which found that some hot dogs contained traces of human DNA.

Ikea in Europe withdraws wiener sausages due to horsemeat

Recently Ikea in Europe withdrew its stock of Swedish meatballs, after tests found horsemeat content. Now it seems their wiener sausages are also suspect.

Nicole Anderson downs 12 dogs in 10 minutes to win Canadian title

Calgary - Calgary woman Nicole Anderson is off to the Big Apple to take a bite out of an international hot dog eating contest after winning the women's side of the Canadian Hotdog Eating Championships by gulping down 12 hotdogs in 10 minutes.

Pizza Hut introduces hot dog-stuffed crust

Move over, "double down" fried-chicken-as -sandwich-bread, now there's hot dog-stuffed crust pizza. Why decide between pizza or a hot dog when Pizza Hut in the UK will give you both.

What did that Vancouver restaurant put in its $100 hot dog?

Vancouver - In the latest example of gourmet dining one-upsmanship, a Vancouver eatery now offers a gourmet hot dog that will set you back $100.

Soccer: Red meat products off the menu at Forest Green Rovers

Nailsworth - For some English football fans, indulging in a meat pie, burger or hot dog is often more exciting than the action of the pitch. Unfortunately for fans of Forest Green Rovers, they no longer have the option of purchasing any red meat products.

Op-Ed: Take my wallet out at the ball game Special

Toronto - At Roger Centre where the Toronto Blue Jays play hot dogs are a hit. Each year there's enough hot dogs to cover the distance of 3,241 stolen bases if they were lined up. The cost of those dogs could come close to feeding a third world country.

Doctors say hot dogs as bad for your health as cigarettes

Washington - A Washington, D.C. medical group is so concerned about the negative health effects of hot dogs that it paid for a billboard near the Indianapolis Speedway Monday featuring a picture of hot dogs in a cigarette pack sporting a skull and crossbones.

'The Best Wurst In Town' claim investigated Special

Fayetteville - A local television station did a segment on a street vendor claiming to serve "the best wurst in town," which prompted the need for further investigation of Hog Brats.

The truth behind what's inside hot dogs Special

Hamburg - Whether you call it a frankfurter, hot dog or wiener it's a cooked sausage and a year-round favorite. They can be made from beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or a combination- the label must state which. But does it always? What exactly is the ingredient MSM?

Processed meat should come with warning labels, lawsuit urges Special

Imagine seeing this label on hot dogs: "Warning: Consuming hot dogs and other processed meats increases the risk of cancer." That's the label a vegan advocacy group wants to slap on processed meat products in New Jersey.

Processed meats are carcinogens so where's the outrage?

The World Cancer Research Fund announced that eating just one sausage a day increases the chances of developing bowel cancer by 20 percent. Worldwide, the broad consumption of animal flesh across a society’s population is considered a luxury.

Alabama Firm Recalls Hot Dog Products For Possible Listeria Contamination

R. L. Zeigler Co., Inc., a Selma, Ala., firm, is recalling approximately 28,610 pounds of hot dog products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Bacon Dogs Outlawed in LA

The Department of Public Health in Los Angelas has recently banned the selling of bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Ah, the sweet, salty, taste of health regulation.

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Bacon-wrapped hot dogs
Bacon-wrapped hot dogs
the queen of subtle
Hot Dog picture from American Cancer Institute
Hot Dog picture from American Cancer Institute
Hot dogs
Hot dogs
Hot dog vendor in Amsterdam
Hot dog vendor in Amsterdam
The El Nino: Fresh homemade guacamole  cheese  grilled bell peppers  jalapenos  with an optional hot...
The El Nino: Fresh homemade guacamole, cheese, grilled bell peppers, jalapenos, with an optional hot sauce.
Courtesy of Hog Brats
Hog Brats:   The Best Wurst In Town.   Fayetteville  Ark.
Hog Brats: "The Best Wurst In Town." Fayetteville, Ark.
Hog Brats

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