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Hot dog News

Can hot dogs be made healthier?

When it comes to drawing up lists of healthy food, the ever popular hot dog is unlikely to make the final cut. Can this popular street food be made healthier? Chemists think they have the answer.

Introducing a hot dog bun made entirely out of bacon

Soon it will be International Bacon Day, and someone has created the perfect dish for the occasion. Grillocracy created what is known as the Ultimate All Bacon Hot Dog Bun.

Black hot dog is a Japanese delicacy

Tokyo - Known as Tokyo's legendary hot dog, this hot dog may look like it has been left in the grill for too long. In reality, it is actually becoming a Japanese delicacy.

Popular teacher chokes on hot dog and dies at Chicago Cubs game

Chicago - Maureen Oleskiewicz, a 28-year-old teacher and huge sports fan, died after choking on a hot dog while at the Chicago Cubs game last Sunday.

Woman unhappy with Dairy Queen's response to moldy hot dog bun

Ponoka - A Canadian woman is upset with Dairy Queen. She says the company has not adequately responded to her complaint after her daughter was given a rancid hot dog which came inside of a moldy bun.

You can have the world's most expensive hot dog for just $69

New York - Big food is one thing. But big, expensive food made with the finest ingredients is another. It's the stuff that pops up in the Guinness World Records book. And one New York restaurateur is busy setting records.

Betty White is in the pink at Pink’s with hot dog named for her

The spicy actress has a new honor to add to her scrapbook. Pink's in Los Angeles named a hot dog for Betty White: The Naked Dog!

Op-Ed: The Hot Dog, An American Metaphor

Today, nothing screams American patriotism more loudly than Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, the man who just won that Nathan's Famous July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Rodent Found In A Package Of Hot Dog Buns; Company Asks Man To Mail Them Back

A North Carolina man shows his buns, hot dog buns that is. And baked right into one bun is what appears to be a mouse with ears, snout, tail and all. The buns were purchased at a local wholesale club, where the company asked him not to return the product.

U.S. champion retains hot dog eating title

Defending champ Joey Chestnut, from the U.S., won the annual Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest on Friday by eating 64 weiners.

Child Discovers Animal Foot in Hot Dog

Eight-year-old Maiken Kroghdal was enjoying the dinner meal of hot dogs with her family when she suddenly spotted something gray in the midst of her meat.

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Hot dog with mustard
Hot dog with mustard
National Cancer Institute
Hot dogs
Hot dogs
A young girl eating a hot dog
A young girl eating a hot dog
Supplied by JT's Law
Artsfest - Nathan s Chicago-style hot dog (minus pepper and relish) prepared for yours truly.  Bento...
Artsfest - Nathan's Chicago-style hot dog (minus pepper and relish) prepared for yours truly. Bentonville, Ark. June 10, 2011
The hot dog bacon bun courtesy Grillocracy
The hot dog bacon bun courtesy Grillocracy
Via Grillocracy
The new KFC Double Down Dog  a hot dog drizzled with cheese sauce  wrapped in a piece of fried chick...
The new KFC Double Down Dog, a hot dog drizzled with cheese sauce, wrapped in a piece of fried chicken
KFC Philippines Twitter

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