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Man allegedly left his elderly mother in hot truck for hours

A man is because charged with neglect after he was accused of leaving his elderly mother inside a hot car for almost five hours.

Dog dies in hot car after woman spends 13 hours in Walmart

Last Thursday a woman in Crestview, Florida, left her dog Waldo unattended in a hot car while she was inside a Walmart store for more than 10 hours.

Cameco shares jump on uranium mine start-up, China outlook

Canadian uranium producer Cameco Corp <CCO.TO><CCJ.N> said on Thursday it has begun producing ore at its oft-delayed Cigar Lake mine in northern Saskatchewan, contributing to a spike in the company's s...

Heatwaves linked to increases in bowel diseases

The recent run of higher temperatures in many parts of the world have been associated with an increase in inflammatory bowel disease-related hospital admissions.

Robot bartenders to serve your favorites 30,000 miles in the air

What would you like to drink today? Don't tell me, tell it to the droid that's serving it to you! Thanks to the latest technological advancements, robots are projected to serve drinks on planes.

Outrage over police dog left in hot vehicle for hours

People in the area were outraged, and a probe has now been launched, after a 10-month-old police dog was left inside a vehicle for hours on a hot day in British Columbia.

Toddler forgotten in hot car dies, organs save others

Ancona - A 22-month-old Italian girl, whose father forgot her in a hot car, died on the weekend, but her organs were donated to save other children.

Two-year-old boy dies in hot vehicle in Texas

A two-year-old Canadian boy died after he was left in an SUV parked in the driveway of a home in Dentwood, Texas. The temperature inside the vehicle had gone up to 50C (122F).

Man devours 54 hot dogs to retain competitive eating title (video)

New York - While people across America are celebrating the birth of a nation, competitive food eating contestants were slamming down hot dogs by the handful today in Nathan's famous Coney dog-eating competition. The winner ate 54 hot dog to retain his title.

Oscar Mayer wienermobile is on ebay

Kraft foods has announced the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is now available on ebay. The national winners will be riding "shotbun' for the day if they win the bid for the giant Wiener ride, which is currently at $1111.11 and run through June 4.

Is that person hot? Men agree, women don’t

In a new study addressing what attributes makes men and women attractive, men were found to agree a lot more while women, however, couldn’t agree.

Summer heat has arrived and so has Maxim's Hot 100

Its almost here, the hot days and steamy nights of summer. This year's list of "Hot 100" women help kick off the mercury rising event with no cooling in sight.

Study: Drinking hot tea can increase risk of throat cancer

Researchers from Iran have found that drinking hot tea at temperatures of 70 degrees C (158 degrees F) or more can raise the risk of throat cancer.

The Sun Will Eventually Engulf Earth

The Sun will expand to a size that will overlap Earth’s orbit and shine 3,000 times brighter in 7.6 billion years. This will spell doom for many planets including the Earth in our Solar system.

Hottest Curry vie for Guinness World Record

A London restaurant is serving up what it claims to be the hottest lamb curry on the planet and the Guinness officials are invited to the taste test.

Op-Ed: Is Bill Clinton Losing His Cool or Was He Always This Hot?

The recent tempestuous version of ex-President Clinton is a far cry from the smooth operator who charmed his way to the Oval Office through two brutal campaigns. The question is, are we seeing the real Bill Clinton for the first time?

Hot, frozen liquid planet found

A planet the size of Neptune, made mostly of hot, solid water, has been discovered not far from Earth and offers evidence other planets may be covered with oceans.

Female teacher accused of sex with student

Another case of a semi-hot female teacher and a student. You know the drill. Parents and administrators are shocked.

The Brits Welcome Unusual Warm Weather For Easter

For the very first time in many years, the UK is set to have sunny, warm weather for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend meaning caravans have hit the roads and barbecue kits are being sold by the dozen

Funny video: Hillary Clinton is Hot!

I was following some other posts and found this cute and funny video. It lightens up all the negative ads surrounding the campaign.

Paris hilton - Nothing In This World

Nothing In This World Video

Kelis ~ Bossy

Not really by kelis but its funny to see those girls HEHE

Beasts with brains...

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl's, a gloomy survival among the ruins of world's most famous nuclear plant has been an enthralling idea, here's five reasons why that journey has been an apocalyptic joy.

Hot drinks used in convenience store robberies

Innovative robbers have come up with the latest in thievery ... "Splash and Grab"

Speed control campaign


Camaro and Challenger being offered by Hot Wheels in limited edition

I can't wait that long, and I'm guessing neither can you. Hot Wheels has come to the rescue with two pairs of limited edition miniature motors.

Ancients cook like its hot

"Who says food fads can't last? Thousands of years before the advent of Tex-Mex, ancient Americans were spicing up stew with red hot chili peppers. New fossil evidence shows prehistoric people from southern Peru up to the Bahamas were cultivating vari...

Sex scenes left us wondering

Sex scenes in Siennas Milllers new film have left people wondering as to whether they were real or not, the scenes between Jude Law’s ex and hunky Hayden Christensen were so realistic An insider on the set of Sienna Miller’s new film Factory Girl c...
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Crash scene of top NHRA veteran driver Neal Parker.
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