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COVID-19 surge in Virginia threatens to overwhelm hospitals

Swamped emergency rooms and ICUs have now become a common sight in the Old Dominion, as the Virginia Department of Health reported 3,876 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing the total number of cases to 306,848.

Examining coronavirus spread in the healthcare setting

How coronavirus is distributed within the indoor environment setting continues to be an important focus for scientists trying to understand the dynamics of viral particle deposition. A new hospital study sheds some light.

Ransomware targets several U.S. hospitals Special

Ransomware is a large and growing problem with attacks occurring once every 11 seconds. The latest target by hackers using this form of attack is the U.S. healthcare system. This is according to warnings issued by several government agencies and the FBI.

'Exhausted' Swiss doctors reel as second virus wave hits

La Chaux-de-fonds - No more room. Patients with severe Covid-19 infections fill all the 10 enclosed beds in the intensive care unit at this small Swiss hospital, but more keep coming."This morning, I was asked to take one more patient...

As Paris hospitals near Covid saturation, all eyes on Macron

Paris - Intensive care units at Paris hospitals will be packed with Covid-19 patients as soon as next week, the system's chief warned Tuesday, ratcheting up expectations that President Emmanuel Macron is preparing tougher measures to slow the surge in cases.

For Iraqi mothers-to-be, hospitals are pandemic no-go zones

Kut - Iraqi midwife Umm Mariam used to help bring three babies into the world per day. But with mothers-to-be avoiding pandemic-hit hospitals, she now delivers twice that number in her makeshift home clinic.

Prevelance of coronavirus in hospital air handling settings

A study of hospital air handling systems has shown that around a quarter have recovered coronavirus RNA. These findings suggest that viral particles can be readily distributed around a typical healthcare setting.

Spain health workers protest at virus shortages

Madrid - Spanish health workers on the front line of the fight against coronavirus gathered on Monday outside hospitals in the Madrid region to rally against shortages of protective equipment.

'No gloves, no masks': Romania medical workers fear for lives in virus fight

Bucharest - "We don't have gloves, masks, anything," says one of the medical team at southeastern Romania's Ramnicu Sarat hospital, one of those designated to treat COVID-19 patients.

Germany bets on S. Korean model in virus fightback

Berlin - In the race against the coronavirus, Germany is betting on widespread testing and quarantining to break the infection chain, a strategy borrowed from South Korea whose success in slowing the outbreak has become the envy of the world.

Maintaining data security as hospitals partner with Big Tech Special

With hospitals increasingly partnering with big tech to both collect and analyze patient data the security environment of health data is transforming. This produces new risks for medical data, which need to be considered.

Hospital disinfectants struggling to kill C. diff bacteria

One of the key aspects for maintaining healthcare hygiene is the application of cleaning agents followed by disinfectants. This is part of the on-going battle against hospital acquired infections. But just how good are the disinfectants?

Russia bombed four Syria hospitals in 12 hours: report

Washington - Russian warplanes bombed four hospitals in rebel-held territory in Syria over a period of just 12 hours earlier this year, The New York Times reported on Sunday.

How many pathogens are lurking in hospital washing machines?

Microbiologists have found that many washing machines in hospital setting as are reservoirs of multidrug-resistant bacteria. In one case study pathogens, were transmitted regularly to newborns in a neonatal intensive care unit at a children's hospital.

Chaos as machines fail, patients die, in Venezuela blackout

Caracas - Venezuela's nationwide blackout left large areas of the country in chaos on Friday, crippling day-to-day functioning of hospitals and other public services.

Air raids force hospitals to shut in south Syria: monitor

Beirut - Air strikes on rebel-held parts of southern Syria put three hospitals out of service overnight as the government pressed a Russian-backed offensive to retake territory, a monitor said on Wednesday.

Air strikes force hospital closures in northwest Syria: MSF

Geneva - A surge in bombing raids has forced hospitals to close in northwestern Syria, medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said Friday.

Zara founder's cancer donation stirs controversy in Spain

Madrid - The billionaire founder of clothing giant Zara is donating 320 million euros ($361 million) in cutting-edge cancer-fighting equipment to hospitals in Spain, an act that has raised stinging criticism -- to the dismay and incredulity of patients.

Essential Science: Year-long survey tracks microbes in hospitals

Understanding the types of microorganisms found in a typical hospital and whether they are pathogens is an important part of good governance. Such investigations need to go further and understand changes over time.

Syrian hospital saves lives by going solar

Birut - Neo-natal wards and emergency rooms in a northern Syrian hospital will from Tuesday have uninterrupted electricity for the first time in years thanks to new solar panels, a charity said.

Hospitals in the U.K. to limit sales of sugary drinks

London - The major retailers who operate stores in Britain's biggest hospitals have agreed to 'scale back' (but not to stop completely) the sale of sugary drinks.

No more working hospitals in eastern Aleppo: UN

Geneva - There are no more functioning hospitals in the rebel-held eastern part of Syria's Aleppo, where more than 250,000 people are living under siege and many need urgent medical care, the UN has said.

New survey examines spread of hospital pathogens

The rooms in which patients are in, be they wards, waiting rooms, or operating theaters, are a source of pathogens, according to a new study. The findings could have implications for patient management.

New process aims for germ free computer keyboards

Some people are aghast at the idea of sharing computers, due to the risk of pathogenic germs being found on keyboards. A new treatment aims to render keyboards 99 percent bacteria free.

MSF evacuates staff from 6 Yemen hospitals after air strike

Paris - Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on Thursday said it was evacuating its staff from six hospitals in northern Yemen after 19 people were killed in an air strike on one of its facilities earlier this week.

Hospital shower hoses harbor potentially harmful bacteria

Atlanta - A study published on Friday describes the microbial communities living in shower hoses at a major metropolitan hospital in the U.S.

Syria ceasefire brings respite to overworked medics

Aleppo - In Syria's second city Aleppo, rescue workers have been taking advantage of the quiet to play football outside. For the first time in years, they have no one to save.

Israel helping wounded Syrians

As the carnage continues in Syria, Israel is taking in wounded along it's border. The humanitarian effort continues, regardless of the factions patients belong to.

Which are the safest hospitals in the U.S.?

Washington - We live in a world where decision making is dominated by league tables, from consumers goods to education. Rightly or wrongly, healthcare is no exception. A new study examines the U.S. hospital sector.

Sharna Burgess launches T-Shirt for children's hospitals networks

Professional dancer Sharna Burgess from the hit ABC reality dancing competition, "Dancing with the Stars" is lending a helping hand for a good cause.
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Criminals are attaching scamming devices like this to ATMs at Toronto hospital s ATM machines
Criminals are attaching scamming devices like this to ATMs at Toronto hospital's ATM machines
Scott Mills
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital complex
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital complex
Katy Walters
Criminals are attaching scamming devices like this pinhole camera to ATMs at Toronto hospital s ATM ...
Criminals are attaching scamming devices like this pinhole camera to ATMs at Toronto hospital's ATM machines
Scott Mills
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A hospital bed.

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