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Horsemeat News

Frenchman gets 6-month prison term over horsemeat fraud

Paris - The former director of a French meat processing firm was sentenced Tuesday to six months in prison over a 2013 scandal which saw millions of meals withdrawn from European supermarkets after they were found to contain horsemeat instead of beef.

Four on trial in Paris over horsemeat scandal

Paris - Four people went on trial in Paris on Monday over a 2013 meat scandal in Europe that saw millions of meals withdrawn from supermarket shelves after they were found to contain horse instead of beef.

Evanger's admits horse-meat and euthanasia drug in dog food

In a new twist to the Evanger's dog food story today, it has been learned that horse-meat may have been the source of the barbiturate found in the company's Hunks of Beef canned dog food. Evanger's is blaming their supplier and strangely, the FDA.

Eight charged in France over horsemeat trafficking ring

Marseille - French authorities have charged eight people over their alleged role in a Europe-wide horsemeat trafficking ring dismantled last week, a judicial source said Thursday.

Europe's police crack massive horsemeat tracking ring

Den Haag - Police from seven European countries detained 26 people and seized hundreds of horse passports in a crackdown against a Europe-wide horsemeat trafficking ring, the EU's judicial agency Eurojust said Saturday.

U.K. to set up food crime unit

London - The British government is to establish a Food Crime Unit (FCU). The aim is to fight against the trade in fraudulent food and to protect British consumers.

French animal lobby uncovers 'unhealthy' horsemeat from Americas

Paris - Horses from the United States, Canada and other countries in the region whose meat is sold in France for human consumption pose a health risk and are often cruelly treated, a leading animal rights group said Thursday.L214, which derives its name from a...

EU plans more tests for horsemeat in food

Brussels - The EU will carry out a second round of tests to see if horsemeat is being passed off as beef, after a scandal last year rocked public confidence in food safety standards.The European Commission said Friday that experts had approved more DNA tests afte...

Dutch recall 11 tonnes of French horsemeat

The Hague - Dutch authorities said Tuesday they have recalled 11 tonnes of horsemeat that was trafficked from France last year.

Another horsemeat scandal rears its ugly head in Spain, France

The hits just keep on coming as yet another horsemeat scandal makes the headlines on Monday. It seems that horses, used for drug testing by a pharmaceutical company, have found their way into the food chain in Spain and France.

Horse meat used by 2 Swiss restaurants for steak tartare

Vaud - Just when you thought the whole horse meat scandal was over, two Swiss restaurants have been caught using horse meat instead of beef in their steak tartare dishes.

Greece: Horse drug bute detected in Nikas beef products

The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) has discovered the horse drug phenylbutazone (bute) in beef products produced by Nikas SA. The Nikas Moschari product has been withdrawn from sale.

Ikea hopes to sell horsemeat-tainted meatballs

Ikea is hoping to either sell or give away the stash of stored horsemeat-tainted meatballs withdrawn from sale in February. The company's other option is to use the meatballs as biogas.

Experts say it's likely human DNA could be found in meat

Cape Town - Just when you were getting used to the idea of horse DNA in your food, now South African experts are saying that there is a strong possibility of finding human DNA in meat products too.

50,000 tonnes of beef recalled by Dutch food safety authority

The Dutch food safety authority has recalled 50,000 tonnes of beef that they deem unfit for human consumption and that may contain horsemeat. The European horsemeat scandal continues.

Ikea recalls fecal matter-contaminated cakes in 23 countries

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea was found to include a special something to its culinary offerings. First it was horse-meat meatballs, now it is chocolate almond cake with coliform bacteria commonly found in fecal matter.

Ikea in Europe withdraws wiener sausages due to horsemeat

Recently Ikea in Europe withdrew its stock of Swedish meatballs, after tests found horsemeat content. Now it seems their wiener sausages are also suspect.

Horsemeat scandal widens as Ikea's meatballs test positive

While initially found in Ikea's meatballs in the Czech Republic, IKEA withdrew sales of meatballs in 14 European countries after tests found traces of horsemeat in a batch made in Sweden. Then there was the pasta and more "beef" burgers.

Review: 'What’s Really in our Food?' Special

Monday night the BBC ‘Panorama’ programme covered the ongoing horsemeat scandal. The good news is this is not really a contamination problem. There is bad news too however.

Horsemeat scandal: UK consumers reject frozen foods

The frozen food industry in the UK is huge. The frozen food section of large UK supermarkets is often the most profitable part of the store. Now, as the horsemeat scandal deepens, consumers are rejecting frozen foods.

UK: Horsemeat scandal romps home as police raid two meat plants

The scandal involving horsemeat in foodstuffs and ready-made meals was portrayed by the UK government as a fraud involving criminal gangs outside the UK but yesterday, events took a new turn as food inspectors and police raided two UK based meat plants.

UK: Some frozen lasagne may have contained '100% horsemeat'

The UK’s horsemeat in food scandal took a new twist last night as a government body, Britain’s Food Standards Agency, the FSA, reported that tests on Findus brand frozen beef lasagne ready meals showed they may have contained 100 per cent horsemeat.

Disturbing video: Extreme cruelty revealed in UK abattoir

Nantwich - The video is part of an undercover investigation which exposes shocking cruelty to horses at a British abattoir. Two slaughter-men have lost their jobs after their abhorrent cruelty was revealed. The RSPCA and Food Standards Agency may prosecute.

Horse meat found in Tesco supermarket beef burgers

London - Beef burgers sold by Tesco PLC and other supermarkets in the UK and Ireland have been found to be contaminated with horse meat. Tests on beef burger products from four chains showed that a third were contaminated with horse meat.

Is the Canadian Horse Meat Export Industry Expanding?

Canada's fledgling horse meat industry may be expanding. A new horse abattoir is opening in Saskatchewan to supply horse meat for the export market. Horse meat is a delicacy in China and other countries.

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This is basashi - horsemeat. Apparently the Japanese eat this stuff raw.
This is basashi - horsemeat. Apparently the Japanese eat this stuff raw.
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