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Horse News

Macron bets on horse diplomacy in China

Xian - In a response to panda power, French President Emmanuel Macron is betting on equine diplomacy during his first state visit to China -- presenting his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping with a horse as a gift.

Once extinct, world's last wild horse returns to Russian steppes

Moscow - If the world's only surviving wild horses had a say in the matter, they might opt for a cosy stable and fresh daily oats, scientists studying them joke.

Inside Florida's horse industry Special

“Horses built America.” ~Kathy Brown, Founder of Martin County Horse Council, Martin County, Florida In 1776, General George Washington developed the first American Cavalry, used to patrol the Atlantic coast during the American Revolution.

Video catches US deputies beating suspect in horse pursuit

Los Angeles - Deputy sheriffs in southern California were under investigation Friday after a TV news helicopter caught them on video kicking and beating a suspect who was fleeing on horseback.

German horse caught on speed camera stops fine for driver

Eppstein - It happened in Eppstein in Hesse, central Germany. A horse was caught on a speed camera, in a 50km/h zone (31mph). However, it turns out the animal is not the next champion racehorse.

Hunt for horseman in brazen Argentina robbery

Buenos Aires - Argentine police are hunting for a man who whipped two passersby while riding a horse in the middle of a busy city street and attempted to rob them, before galloping off.

Drunk German man crawls into a stable, falls asleep on a horse

Landsberg - A 26-year-old unnamed man, a little the worse for wear from too much alcohol, was making his way home from a party in Bavaria on Saturday night, when he spotted a good place for a snooze.

Iron age horse found in Norway as glacier recedes

Lillehammer - As global warming melts ice sheets and glaciers in the world, more and more discoveries are being made. In this case the remains of an iron age horse have been found 2,000 meters up in the mountains of Norway.

Oldest ever genome sequenced: a Canadian horse

Yukon - Scientists have sequenced the so far oldest genome from a prehistoric creature: a prehistoric horse found in Canada. The research shows that the horse was a common ancestor to the horses of today.

Blind Journalist published in disability anthology

Chicago - The creative works of Chicago-based writer, Robert Kingett, is in the newest literary anthology published by Behind Our Eyes, Inc., a 501C-three nonprofit organization.

Pythagoras, Parxiteles, Anthemius — Performance by Lauren Brincat Special

Sydney - Ten women on horseback rode along Art Gallery Road to their final destination in front of the bronze statues of men on horseback guarding the Art Gallery of NSW, in a symbolic standoff with the two statues of males on horseback.

Turkmenistan president falls off horse

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov narrowly escaped injuries after falling from a horse during a national horse racing event Sunday.

Enzymes from horse feces may help with biofuel production

Finding the magic catalyst for biofuel production is a major industrial aim. Scientists have outlined the discovery of a potential range of suitable enzymes in fungi thriving in the feces and intestinal tracts of horses.

Horsemeat scandal widens as Ikea's meatballs test positive

While initially found in Ikea's meatballs in the Czech Republic, IKEA withdrew sales of meatballs in 14 European countries after tests found traces of horsemeat in a batch made in Sweden. Then there was the pasta and more "beef" burgers.

'Houdini Horse' video goes viral

Midland - The YouTube video detailing the escapades of Mariska the "Houdini Horse", an accomplished escape artist, has gone viral.

Disturbing video: Extreme cruelty revealed in UK abattoir

Nantwich - The video is part of an undercover investigation which exposes shocking cruelty to horses at a British abattoir. Two slaughter-men have lost their jobs after their abhorrent cruelty was revealed. The RSPCA and Food Standards Agency may prosecute.

Horse rescued, unharmed after landing upside down in 6 ft. ditch

Conway - After escaping into a neighbor's field, Wesley the horse quickly learned the grass isn't always greener on the other side, especially when you fall backwards into a hole.

Review: Odysseo - Spectacular, and spectacularly hollow Special

Toronto - Odysseo is Cirque du Soleil for the horsie set. It’s the latest creation from the people behind the 2003 hit Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human And Horse, that ran to popular acclaim in Toronto’s Distillery District.

Atlantic Horse Fair thrills horse lovers of all ages Special

Visitors had the opportunity to see beautiful horses, learn to ride and understand horses better, shop for a variety of items, and even ride a mechanical bull when they took in the Atlantic Horse Fair in Nova Scotia.

Largest horse in the UK training to take part in Queen's Jubilee

Digger, a Clydesdale who had been cared for by a charity and believed to be the largest horse in the UK, is now training to become a drum horse with the Household Cavalry, and it is hoped he will be able to participate in the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

Australian woman's battle to save horse

An Australian woman spent three hours struggling to save her beloved horse 'Astro' after the pair got stuck in mud following an afternoon ride along the beach near Geelong.

Video: Lifeboat rescues horse after fall from cliffs

Wales - Volunteers from the Cardigan Lifeboat station rescued a horse which had fallen from a cliff in Wales onto a rocky cove. The rescuers led the frightened animal through the rough waters of Ceibwr Bay to a nearby beach where it was reunited with its owner.

Bag of chips and nothing for my horse

Steamboat Springs - I'll take a grande cappuccino and my horse would like an oatmeal cookie. Three riders go for snacks at Starbucks in a Safeway store.

Show jumping horse Monopoly dies at the age of 32

Monopoly, a horse who had been one of the top show jumpers in Canada for several years, with Beth Underhill riding, died on Nov. 16, at the age of 32.

Olympic champion horse Hickstead dies during competition

Verona - Hickstead, the horse Eric Lamaze rode to win individual and team medals at the 2008 Olympics, collapsed and died as he was leaving the ring during a World Cup event in Italy.

Horse bites off girl's finger

A four-year-old girl, who is from London, went on a field trip to a farm and ended up losing part of her finger when a horse bit it.

Horse sculptures vandalised before unveiling

Cheltenham - Two of the 10 life-sized horse sculptures erected in Cheltenham, UK to mark the 100th anniversary of the area's National Hunt Festival, were damaged by vandals before the unveiling took place.

Horse wins annual race against man

Llanwrtyd Wells - A horse has won the 31st annual Man versus Horse race in Wales, which covers 22 miles, with the first four-legged competitor coming in 17 minutes ahead of the top finishing human.

Artist joins in call for end to horse-drawn carriages

New York - New York artist Peter Max has added his voice to those would like to see an end to horse-drawn carriages because of the suffering endured by the animals.

Animal Kingdom wins Kentucky Derby

Louisville - Animal Kingdom, a longshot, surprised race fans by charging down the centre of the track to win the 137th Kentucky Derby on Saturday.
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Horse Image

The mustang roundup planned  would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
The mustang roundup planned would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
In Defense of Animals
Churchhill Downs - Louisville  Kentucky
Churchhill Downs - Louisville, Kentucky
Kentucky Derby
Some scandal-free horses
Some scandal-free horses
Karsun Designs
Les voyageurs VI / The Travelers VI
Les voyageurs VI / The Travelers VI
François Bergeron
Danny Boy  a standardbred  showed the versatility of his breed during the show.
Danny Boy, a standardbred, showed the versatility of his breed during the show.
This horse  wearing an eye-catching hood  was ready to take part in competition during the show.
This horse, wearing an eye-catching hood, was ready to take part in competition during the show.
Ian T
Kathy Brown on Moonpie
Kathy Brown on Moonpie
A large horse
A large horse
By RayD8_photos
Getting ready for the standardbred under saddle class.
Getting ready for the standardbred under saddle class.
A horse stands majestic at Willows Farm
A horse stands majestic at Willows Farm
Waterside Cheer
Waterside Cheer
Mustang advocates say that using helicopters is inhumane because some of the animals are traumatized...
Mustang advocates say that using helicopters is inhumane because some of the animals are traumatized, injured or killed during the roundup and roping.
Bureau of Land Management
Neptune Collanges winning Grand National 2012 (screenshot from Racing UK TV)
Neptune Collanges winning Grand National 2012 (screenshot from Racing UK TV)
Pile of horse manure
Pile of horse manure
The Run for the Roses at Churchhill Downs
The Run for the Roses at Churchhill Downs
Kentucky Derby
George G. Meade s horse Old Baldy
George G. Meade's horse Old Baldy
Nov 26th.  Note that half of his hind foot is sinking into the feces and urine soaked floor.  This s...
Nov 26th. Note that half of his hind foot is sinking into the feces and urine soaked floor. This shows a “stall” that has not been cleaned in many, many days.
permission by Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
An on-duty mountie.
An on-duty mountie.
Photo by Sam Cogan
A horse grazes quietly  waiting for its next lesson.
A horse grazes quietly, waiting for its next lesson.