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Honor killing News

Pakistani girls shot in honor killing over dancing in rain video

Two teenage Pakistani girls, Noor Basra, 15, and Noor Sheza, 16, have been shot dead in what police suspect was honor killing following a widely circulated video showing them running, laughing and dancing in the rain.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus

A new 'honor' killing in India

Another honor killing incident took place at Kearha village in the northern Indian province of Kaimur, situated at around 95 miles west of the state capital Patna.
In the Media by Raluca Besliu - 2 comments

Parents found guilty of 'honor ' killing

London - The parents of a 17-year old girl will serve at least 25 years in a British prison for killing their daughter over her choice to live a "Westernized" lifestyle and become a lawyer, CNN reports.
In the Media by Layne Weiss - 1 comment

Parents allegedly murdered teenage daughter 'for dating boys'

A couple is accused of murdering their teenage daughter for trying to go on dates with boys, an act her parents say brought shame on them, making her into a daughter they could never be proud of, a court has heard.
In the Media by Yukio Strachan - 5 comments

Operational in America — Sharia influence in schools

The growing influence of Islamic teaching in U.S. public schools is causing concern in several different states such as Massachusetts and Virginia.
In the Media by Christopher Wager - 15 comments

'Honor killing' gang killed wrong people in England

Four men in London planned to burn down the house of a man who was having an affair with one of their sisters, but they targeted the wrong house, and killed an innocent couple.
In the Media by Laura Trowbridge - 10 comments

Turkish teenager buried alive because she spoke to boys

The body of a 16-year-old girl, reportedly buried alive simply because she spoke to boys, has been recovered by police in Southeastern Turkey.
In the Media by Chris Dade - 11 comments

Left For Dead: Surviving a Murder in the Name of Honor Special

Disgracing her family by leaving an abusive husband while with child, Fellah* was meant to die. After her brother mistakenly thought she was dead, dropping her body in a field, fate would have it she would escape the Southern Syrian village alive.
Digital Journal Report by Amanda Mueller - 7 comments

Pakistani girl, 17, mauled by dogs, shot to death in honor killing

It is another gruesome honor killing in Pakistan: this time it is a 17-year-old girl was killed after she was mauled by dogs and shot to death in front of her father.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 3 comments

It’s a man’s world: 'honor killings' continue in Pakistan

Recently, three teenage girls were buried alive by their own relatives after their parents refused to give them permission to marry their boyfriends, who belonged to another tribe. Women in Pakistan say it is a man’s world.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 8 comments

Pakistani lawmaker defends honor killings of burying women alive

A lawmaker in Pakistan defended the tribesman, who buried five women alive recently for wanting to choose their own husbands in Baluchistan province. He said they have a right to follow centuries-old traditions.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 14 comments

Op-Ed: Killing your child in the name of 'honor'

It seems to be a growing trend outside of the Middle East that has crossed over into Western culture with the migration of Islam. If your children disgrace you, kill them.
In the Media by Mr Garibaldi - 15 comments

Honor Killing Takes 16 Year Old

Another honor killing, this time in Hamburg, Germany again brings the question of Muslim immigration to the forefront..
In the Media by Gar Swaffar - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Another Subhuman 'Honor Killing,' OIC Starts 'Islamophobia Observatory'

A 22-year-old Jordanian man shot his 20-year-old pregnant married sister three times in the head to 'cleanse his family's honor'. Meanwhile, the OIC has started the 'Islamophobia Observatory' Project to eliminate fears about Islam. Good luck with that.
In the Media by Johnny Simpson - 12 comments

Jordanian women call for more rights as honor killings continue

In Jordan, honor killings are still tolerated.
In the Media by kurtrat - 1 comment

Miss Israel finalist withdraws after honor-killing plot

A Miss Israel finalist, the first Druze to compete in the pageant, was allegedly threatened with death by two uncles and other men from her village.
In the Media by kurtrat - 2 comments

Pakistani Men Arrested In 'Honor' Slayings

Two men, who were uncles of the two girls who were killed, are accused of hacking the two to death.
In the Media by Carolyn E. Price - 5 comments

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Muafia Bibi s family  seen here in the back of a police van  turned themselves in to police after mu...
Radha H
Muafia Bibi's family, seen here in the back of a police van, turned themselves in to police after murdering the newlywed and her husband.
Pakistani girls  honor killing victims?
Pakistani girls, honor killing victims?
Shafilea Ahmed murdered because she wanted to date boys
Screenshot via YouTube
Shafilea Ahmed murdered because she wanted to date boys

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