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Honey bees News

South Carolina kills millions of bees while spraying for Zika

Summerville - A heartbreaking incident in South Carolina this past week highlights the delicate balance that exists between protecting the environment and vector control to protect our health.

White House to the rescue: Will aid honey bees with new policy

The White House is wading into yet another battle, but this time it's not the Islamic State, a combative Congress, or any of the other usual suspects that find themselves in the cross hairs of POTUS. Instead, Obama is taking up the cause of honey bees.

Kitchener, Ont. family shocked at sharing home with 50,000 bees

Kitchener - A family in Kitchener, Ont., Canada had absolutely no idea what was sharing their home, until one family member was stung by a bee. Turns out there were thousands of honeybees living in their walls.

Bee losses may be economically unsustainable

Honey Bee losses over recent winters may be economically unsustainable according to reports by the USDA. Although corporations assert that it is not as a result of their products, other studies say otherwise.

Honey bees may be able to detect cancer on patients' breath

Inscentinel, a UK firm that specializes in researching insects, performed some research that concluded that honey bees may be able to be trained to detect certain early-stage cancers in people.

Mass extinction event wiped out bees as well as dinosaurs

Manchester - Fossil records show dinosaurs suffered mass extinction about 65 million years ago. Scientists have long suspected bees underwent a similar fate but they’ve only now documented a mass extinction event affecting bees.

These bees aren't members of the Mile-High-Club

Being a member of the mile high club can be as prestigious as having lunch with sensational pop star Miley Cyrus – at least, in some circles. But not so for bees, particularly those among entomologist Sue Cobey’s brood on Whidbey Island.

Fight against honeybee infections

Scientists have modeled an outbreak of the bee infection American foulbrood , using a technique which could be applied to other honeybee diseases.Tthe method also allows scientists to simulate disease control strategies in order to measure their efficacy.

Gold miners all a-buzz after honey bees give go-ahead for mining

Tapia De Casariego - A gold company has determined that their mine in northern Spain can be re-opened, after an analysis of the pollen and nectar collected from two colonies of 40,000 honey bees has proved it to be safe.

Swarming honey bees wreak havoc on Stockholm streets

Like a scene from a horror movie, thousands of honey bees descended on downtown Stockholm on Friday the 13th, creating panic among people in the area. Some experts are blaming the incident on unskilled beekeepers.

Infected bees 'self-medicate' with anti-fungal pollen

Entomologists studying the behavior of bees have noted that honey bees seem to know when a hive is infected with fungi and they know which plant resins are able to treat the disease, and at times of threat the bees work hard to protect the hive.

Study: New bee viruses found; normal colonies also infected

During a ten-month study of healthy honey bees, scientists identified four new viruses and established a baseline for studying bee colony collapse, revealing that all the bacteria and viruses previously linked to the disorder also live in normal colonies.

Op-Ed: The end is nigh, you better believe it

Washington - FamilyRadio, an American-based Christian radio station, has predicted the world will end May 21, 2011. This article argues their chronology is wrong, but probably by less than a hundred years.

Report: World bee decline signals ‘sixth major extinction’

Geneva - A new report on honey bee and pollinator decline indicates a “sixth major extinction” of biological diversity is currently underway, caused by habitat loss, pollution, pest invasion, and disease, leading to ecosystem havoc vital to human livelihood.

Killer honey bees cause elderly Georgia man's death

Albany - The Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner has issued a statement confirming the death of a 73-year-old Doughtery County man, who was operating construction equipment, was the result of an attack by a swarm of Africanized 'killer honey bees.'

Vanishing Bees May Mean Still Higher Food Prices

If the attempts to find out why the honey bees have disappear fail it is possible that rising food prices will climb higher still.

Transport Truck Carrying 12 Million Honeybees Overturns in New Brunswick

A transport truck carrying bee hives that contained approximately 12 million honey bees overturned on the Trans-Canada Highway in Northern New Brunswick.

Bees Not Getting Stronger, More Hive Deaths Reported

A survey of the health of honey bees released on Tuesday revealed how the insect's numbers dwindled and crops were in danger in the past year.

Honey Bees Improve Internet Server Efficiency

Let nature be your inspiration is the guiding phrase when it comes to the work of two researchers who studied the honey bee dance in order to improve the efficiency of Internet servers.

Will The Honeybees Return?

That's the question local area farmers are asking these days. Since so many crops were lost last year due to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of honeybees, some are anxiously awaiting to see what the next month or two brings.

Honey Bees Being Trained to Find Landmines

Croatia is developing new technique to find unexploded land mines

Honey bee disaster

Across North America honey bees are dying. Researchers are making a concentrated effort to find out why. Honey bees are essential pollinators and their loss will mean food shortages.

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Air pollution and global warming are seen as contributors to the growing issue of bee colony collaps...
Air pollution and global warming are seen as contributors to the growing issue of bee colony collapse across the globe.
Uwe Hermann/Wikimedia Commons
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