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Honey bee News

Artificial intelligence used to help save bee colonies

Machine learning and related types of Artificial Intelligence(AI) are used to work to help solve various problems but it still seems surprising that it could be used to help stop the alarming decline in bee populations across the globe.

Op-Ed: Bees need water too. Here is a simple way to provide water Special

As summer continues with intensely sunny days and warm moonlit nights, a thoughtful custom that many people in some towns (like Sonoma) do is to provide water set out for pets, along merchant corridors.

Researchers discover key antibiotic power of honey bee bacteria

Lund - A budding discovery courtesy of research teams at Lund University in Sweeden may open the door to defeating deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Researchers create honey bee semen bank to fight colony collapse

Pullman - With no known remedy to combat the rapid decline in honey bee populations, researchers are attempting to create a honey bee sperm bank to enable genetic crossbreeding that will produce stronger, more resilient bee populations.

Canadian government announces $244,000 honey bee initiative

Sarnia - The government of Canada has announced that it will provide the Ontario Beekeepers Association a $244,000 investment. The initiative is to create a new plan to respond to the dramatic decline in honey bee colonies.

Report: World bee decline signals ‘sixth major extinction’

Geneva - A new report on honey bee and pollinator decline indicates a “sixth major extinction” of biological diversity is currently underway, caused by habitat loss, pollution, pest invasion, and disease, leading to ecosystem havoc vital to human livelihood.

Honey Bee Genome Holds Clues To Social Behavior

There's lot's left to be learned from these "Little Critters"...

Honey Remedy Could Save Limbs

Way to go Honey Bees!!!!... Nice to see nature still providing for us lowly humans... hehehe

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Honey bee Image

A hive of unknown variety of bees or wasps.
A hive of unknown variety of bees or wasps.
Honey bee extracting nectar.
Honey bee extracting nectar.
John Severnjc
A honey bee consumes flower nectar and carries pollen along; many food crops depend upon honey bees ...
A honey bee consumes flower nectar and carries pollen along; many food crops depend upon honey bees for pollination.
Jon Mitchell / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Honey bee on mustard flower
Honey bee on mustard flower
A bee
A bee
By Bob Peterson from North Palm Beach, Florida, Planet Earth! creativecommons
A bee pollinating a plant  at The Grove  Watford  Hertfordshire  U.K. July 2018.
A bee pollinating a plant, at The Grove, Watford, Hertfordshire, U.K. July 2018.

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